Gang Stalking, MKULTRA, Scientiology are “Zionazi” (Luciferian-Illuminati-Jewish-Masonic-German-Soviet-Nazi-UK-US-Israeli) “Psycho-Political Warfare”/”Psycho-Terrorism”/”Intelligence Operations” (From Story (2006)) – 9/11 New World Order (2024)

CHAPTER 4: The Hex of Himmler


From Christopher Story’s (2002) “The New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism, Dark Actors Playing Games, The Global Fantasies of the Geomasonic Illuminati,” Edward Harle Ltd., 740 pp. (This book can be purchased on for $299 to $805- what does that tell you?- and from Lulu for about $100.)

“And that great dragon was cast out, called the devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Revelation, 12:9.

ETK Introductory Question: Has the United States of America adopted so many characteristics of the Luciferian Scientology intelligence cult that it is now a mind-controlled, Luciferian intelligence cult? Before answering, read the following chapter from Cambridge-educated economic journalist, Christopher Story’s (real name: Edward Harle) “The New Underworld Order.”

According to the ‘Encyclopedia Americana’ editions accessible from the 1960s, geopolitics was defined as follows: ‘For this university of education… modem Germany – The Third Reich – is primarily responsible. The war which blocked Germany’s initial drive for world dominion (WWI), and the revolution which put into power the Nazis who were to launch the second drive, gave us geopolitics. German GEOPOLITIK is the logical product of a materialistic and deterministic school of thought which, through more than two centuries, has progressively gained sway over the German mind until it reduced man to the status of a biochemical entity. Geopolitics, in its quest for an invincible brand of power politics, has taken unto itself such varied fields as economics, jurisprudence, the social sciences, medicine, psychology and military strategy’.

The accuracy of this assessment – complete with the realisation by the author that the Second World War represented a further drive for world domination, implying that the drive had by no means been abandoned – is unique for the period.

The ‘American Encyclopedic Dictionary’, also dating from the 1960s, described geopolitics specifically as ‘a doctrine of Nazi Germany, advocating aggressive expansion’. And in his address to American students attending Lenin University in the 1930s for indoctrination (incorporated as a preface to ‘Brainwashing’, the version of The Communist Manual of Instructions on Psychopolitical Warfare’, which was used in the United States in the 1930s for the training of Communist cadres in the United States, the deep covert German Abwehr operative and long-term German penetration agent, Lavrentii Beria, who headed Stalin’s repressive NKVD (Interior Ministry and a predecessor of the KGB) asserted:

‘Psychopolitics is an important if less known, division of geopolitics’.

So Beria presided over the implementation of the pan-German (Nan) tradition and methodology of geopolitics in the Soviet Union, which he integrated into the curriculum for the training of Soviet and external Communist cadres.

It is hard to imagine a more absolute confirmation of the fundamental identity of National Socialism (Nazism) with International Socialism (Communism), which the llluminati manipulated dialectically then, and are continuing to manipulate today, in furtherance of their global hegemony agenda. Lenin himself was a German Abwehr agent, who consolidated the breakthrough achieved by his fellow German agent – the psychopolitical operative, Rasputin, whose infiltration into the inner sanctum of the confused, superstitious and semi-deranged Russian Imperial Family, procured the disintegration of Tsarist power. Other German or German-tradition psychopolitical operatives who performed a similar function have included [see also page 173]:

• Mrs. Wallis Simpson, the sinister German Abwehr agent who, using her occult female powers, bewitched her target Edward VIII as part of an elaborate German operation which was intended to keep the British out of the wars that the occult Illuminist Adolf Hitler and his Black Illuminati colleagues were planning.

• Susie Orbach, a US West Coast ‘psychoanalyst’ practising in London, who may have been instrumental in converting her target Princess Diana from being a sweet, semi-innocent Princess into a hard-bitten and embittered divorcee, bent on revenge.

The Author has been informed that German occult Black intelligence is particularly keen on this form of subversion, which involves placing a ‘healer’ adjacent to the targeted individual, for subversion purposes. There was no difference at all between this methodology and that promulgated by the odious Lavrentii Beria, who wrote:

‘Psychopolitics is a solemn charge. With it you can erase our enemies as insects. You can cripple the efficiency of leaders by striking insanity into their families through the use of drugs…. You can change their loyalties by psychopolitics…. By psychopolitics create chaos, leave a nation leaderless”.

And the ‘Manual’, based on the occultic German methodology that Beria used, advocated ‘creating a greed for drugs, sexual misbehaviour and uncontrolled freedom…. By making readily available drugs of various kinds, by giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices as taught at the Sexpol, the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness…’ needed to facilitate the attainment of hegemonic objectives. GO-2, a ‘Black’ intelligence cadre located inside MI6, is engaged in precisely such subversive drug-distribution operations on behalf of the Illuminati. It should be closed down immediately.

Dunblane mass murders on 13th March 1996, were also hoarded at Catterick. This arms dump – over and above a consignment of 17,500 Heckler and Koch and 22,500 pump action shot guns bought up by the authorities for police use – is the British Government’s back-up resource, for use in the event that the population fails to meet official subservience expectations, and such weapons are needed to contain the popular insurrection when it wakes up to the reality of the UK ‘coup d’etat by instalments’.


Before following Mark Phillips’ (co-author, with Cathy O’Brien, of “Trance Formation of America”) activities somewhat further, various connections which illustrate how far infra-governmental research into mass and individual behaviour modification has developed since 1921, and since Himmler’s experiments using such ogres as Dr Mengele, are worth reviewing here – as governments compete among themselves to find or perfect psychopolitical tools to control their own and ‘enemy’ populations. Some of these references may seem unconnected, but that conclusion would be inaccurate. Subliminal mind-control research in the United States was pioneered inter alia by a Dr. Milton Erickson. A ‘classic’ work called ‘Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis’ by Dr William S. Kroger, has been in use for many years. The leading US scientist specialising in dissociative disorders in the 1990s was Dr Bennet Braun, of German extraction. Such experts deal in activities like ‘revivification’, which is a technique for painless, non-abreactive memory recovery. A clinical technique called hyno-sleep has been developed which programmes a mind-controlled slave to die. Such slaves are used for various nefarious intelligence purposes, including suborning and seducing Presidents, senior officials and diplomats, or for acting as ‘lone-wolf’ assassins. In the United States, many ‘mental health care technologies’ have been held back from public use – for the usual reason: national security. Likewise effective therapy regimes for dissociative disorders have never been released for general application, in order to protect nefarious secrets concerning classified mind-control research. Under the National Security Act of 1947, amended in 1986 and probably subsumed by the National Intelligence Reform Act, which President G. W. Bush signed into law on 17th December 2004 (one-third of which, recall, is secret), the US Government can now censor or cover up anything they choose.

Scientology, a demonic cult, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, who was friendly with Jack Parsons, head of the Californian chapter of the ultra-Satanic Ordo Templi Orientis, exploits subliminal mind-control techniques acquired during Hubbard’s military service with US Navy Intelligence: hence this appallingly demonic cult was a product of one of the most lethal US intelligence services, the Office of Naval intelligence (ONI). Mr Hubbard invented a fake ‘science’ which he called ‘Dianetics’, a mind-control technique which he named after his first wife Diane. At the Chicago BookExpo America event in June 2004, the Author observed a very large area devoted to Scientology, and was approached by several witches who evidently thought he would be appropriate material for indoctrination. Considering that the very smallest display area, just a few feet square, costs $4,000 just for the area on which a display stand is to be erected alone, it was evident that this operation has sizable funds at its disposal – an impression reinforced by anyone who has visited, for instance, Scientology’s establishment at East Grinstead, Sussex. The Author has separately established that a number of well-known sects in the United States are in fact covers for money-laundering operations and are run by US intelligence officers.

Scientology appears to fit this profile, and remains an operation connected to the Luciferian official behaviour modification apparatus.



Notwithstanding that Himmler was a primary originator of psycho-manipulation techniques such as those developed and elaborated by Scientology, the German authorities concluded that Scientology is a seditious totalitarian ‘psycho-terror’ organisation intent upon mind-control, global dominion and criminal operations, and which is engaged in money-laundering and financial crimes.

Figure 33: How the Scientology fraud is initiated: This and the next four diagrams [Figures 34-37] show how the fraud against innocent targets is initiated, prosecuted and ‘protected’ by fraud and deception.

Scientology, which is totally fake, is a corrupt money-making machine that preys upon vulnerable young people, especially if they have money. As an outgrowth of the fashion for Luciferian mind-control and personality-manipulation abominations developed in the Himmlerian tradition – and as a consequence of the evil activities of the British Tavistock Institute which, as we have seen, was influenced, if not ‘taken over’ by, an operative (‘psychopolitician’) of German Jewish extraction, and which built its most heinous aberrations upon the work of Freud (who moved to Britain from Vienna) – its activities can be examined in considerable detail, thanks to the brave exposures of some of its victims who have managed to regain their right minds and their emotional and intellectual stability. All the statements in what follows are fair comment and alleged.

Like many of these operations, including Moral Re-Armament (MRA) [see page 199], this organisation seems to have vast financial resources – which does not inhibit it in any way from seeking by allegedly foul means to maximise its finances (a common feature of all ‘fake’ religions and sects). It is in fact one of the most heinous manifestations of the Works of Darkness spawned by UK and US intelligence, which have paralleled, competed with, and been modelled on, the manic mind and psyche experiments conducted by Himmler’s scientists. A brief study of how it operates will therefore reveal the depths of depravity to which these Luciferian Illuminati ‘scientists’ typically descend, as they seek to drag innocent human beings into the pit along with their own deluded, mad operatives. Scientology is nothing less than a form of institutionalised sorcery using mental programming techniques developed in accordance with the odious traditions of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA programme, and its multiple Luciferian offshoots and variations, such as MONARCH (the programme to create high-level sex slaves who are used to convey secrets among targeted members of the global leadership elite), BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MK-DELTA and MK-NAOMI.

Large numbers of Nazi mind-control experts who had been working for Himmler were exfiltrated from Germany, mainly after the War, and were put to work inter alia (but mainly) in the United States, where they continued to elaborate the manipulative occult-oriented techniques they had developed or been working on under Himmler, in the institutes affiliated with Britain’s Tavistock Institute, originally set up by the British Army Institute of Psychological Warfare. Ron Hubbard first surfaced from the Black intelligence world when he published a work called ‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health’ in 1950. He then steered straight for ‘church’ status, establishing the first Church of Scientology in Los Angeles on 18th February 1954. Thereafter, Hubbard expounded his demented ‘beliefs’ and sorceries in over 40 books and 2,500 taped lectures. These days, the Church of Scientology claims to have more than 8 million members in 3,200 churches in some 54 countries, with a deluded UK membership alone, of 100,000 victims. However credible critics say that worldwide membership of the Church of Scientology is closer to 50,000, with British membership no higher than 1,500.

In conformity with the pack of lies and fabrications on which this abomination is based, Scientology has taken very good care to substitute its own morality for Christianity. Its flavour is encapsulated in the cult’s concept of ‘acceptable truth’, which of course begs the question: ‘acceptable to whom?’ Those who fall for this false ‘religion’ gain nothing and, as is typical with such organisations, are allegedly bled financially throughout their troubled memberships. Investigation of Scientology’s dark activities is precluded by its ‘charitable’ (in the United States) status, and further by its status as a ‘church’. In reality, this appears to be a typical criminal intelligence organisation, using familiar intelligence community scamming and deception methodology, and steeped in Himmlerian mind-control and personality-manipulation techniques. At the very apex of its headquarters building is a ‘Christian’ cross augmented by a four-pointed star.

The former Scientology victim who developed the charts [Figures 33-37] shown on these pages distilled in them the fruits of many years of dark existence in this collective, unknowingly helping to run the scam – followed by many years trying to recover from those sterile and wasted years, and millions of dollars and ten years of litigation fighting these evil people, who have raised aggressive and malicious litigation to the status of an art form. Litigation is a primary means by which Scientology seeks to defend its reputation, oblivious to the reality that to anyone with even basic information about this sect, it simply stinks. Like the intelligence community generally, its evil activities are so promiscuous that it is forever engaged in cover-up operations. The Author experienced this fact at first hand when, many years ago, he made the mistake of travelling to East Grinstead, East Sussex, where he had been summoned by a print buyer who wanted to place a print order. On asking the local taxi driver to take him to the magnificent Saint Hill HQ of Scientology, an ancient castle, he immediately sensed that the driver hated the place, since he fell silent and refused even to say thank you when paid. The Author removed himself at high speed from East Grinstead, perceiving the error of his ways, after sensing the pitch-dark atmosphere there.



At Stage 2, Scientology programmers, knowing that their fraudulent activity will in due course be discovered by the targets themselves, embark upon steps to extend the time before duped adherents (‘shills’, formerly ‘raw meat or ‘wogs’) see the light, while reprogramming the minds of their dupes to believe anything, through the use of hypnotic techniques augmented by subliminal electric shock.

Figure 34: These summaries seek to explain by means of graphics how Scientology applies its initiation levels, false techniques, electric shock, isolation policy in concentration camps, and degradation abominations.

Scientology smells of filthy lucre. Its multiple critics have estimated that Scientology makes about $300 million annually from its operations worldwide. Enquiries in recent years
have led the Author to conclude that a substantial number of weird cults and sects are in reality money-laundering operations – a fact that was separately confirmed to the Author by
the respected US-Israeli drug money expert, Ms. Rachel Ehrenfeld, in 1999. Certain very well known ‘cults’, and new elaborations thereof, which deserve extensive exposure, are just that. To mask such activities, they also preside over ruthlessly efficient scamming mechanisms for making money – like constant circulars requesting resources to fund litigation, or money to construct spectacular cathedrals or premises – and charge through the nose for all their services, indoctrination, training etc.


Those victims, members and staff who ‘connect the dots’ and ‘discover the fact’ of the fraud, are liable to be subjected to any of the nefarious assaults and oppressions shown in the diagram below.

Figure 35: This graphic explains how victims, members and staff who ‘connect the dots’ and ‘discover the fact’ of the fraud are subjected to diabolical methods of attack, including litigation and false witness.

Confused youths who may make the serious initial mistake of entering the surprisingly shabby London base of Scientology called London Org., may find themselves filling in a 200-part questionnaire called the ‘Oxford Capacity Analysis’ test, as a result of which they are very liable to be ‘scientifically’ diagnosed as depressed, unstable, nervous, shy, at a loss, etc, etc, etc – that is to say, afflicted with a general condition for which Scientology possesses all of the answers. Naive newcomers are shown a film about ‘mind
technology which eulogises the extremely dead L. Ron Hubbard, whose revolutionary [sic!] ideas could of course change the person’s life, and eventually the whole world.

Naturally, the movie fails to to describe what the world would be like after the undefined ‘changes’ advertised.


Standard intelligence community fraudulent practice, trickery, bait and switch and similar techniques are used to create maximum confusion. Litigation pressure is exerted ruthlessly and without mercy. Decades of such activity have not dimmed the ‘seething powers of Lucifer’ which drive this dreadful US counterintelligence menace, condemned abroad as a ‘psycho-terrorist’ organisation.

Figure 36: Scientology, like all US intelligence-related scamming organisations, does not refrain from using its ‘seething powers of Lucifer’ to coerce, mislead and undermine the structures of authority themselves.

At an introductory course, for which they must pay, candidates are told that their inability to ‘understand’ issues is attributable to ‘mental blocks’ called ‘engrams’, and that these must be removed in order for the person to become ‘clear’ and in a position to ‘realise one’s full potential’. So, here we go yet again: this is yet another version of the lie that men can become as gods – the lie perpetrated by the serpent in Genesis. As the candidate ‘progresses’, he or she is subjected to ‘auditing’ and is liable to be put on an ‘e-meter’, a crude lie detector. While all this is going on, constant pressure is exerted on the victim to take a ‘purification rundown’, lasting a week (of saunas and vitamins costing £1,000, according to victim reports in the United Kingdom).

On a number of websites, the ‘secrets’ of certain upper levels of this ‘church’ are pointedly exposed. But it is not even necessary to research such sites to be aware of the many layers of deception perpetrated on innocent, if ill-advised, victims. A concept (shown in wall posters) called ‘The Bridge to Total Freedom’ identifies the ‘ways’ to get to ‘clear’ and beyond, which is called Operating Thetan 8 – when one allegedly acquires the power of telekinesis and astral projection (both of which are demonic activities). One ex-victim says:

‘No-one would ever tell me how much it would cost [to ‘get there’], but former Scientologists have claimed a figure of more than £250,000′.

One of the ‘church’s’ most controversial processes is the familiar mind-control technique, already mentioned above, known as ‘auditing’ – a process of ‘eradicating one’s engrams’ by revisiting past traumas. The same ex-victim told “The Times’ (London, 18th February 2004): ‘I was required to go over various horrible incidents for hours until my head hurt, and I felt scared and unhappy’. Scientology disseminates a portfolio of very bizarre ‘facts’ that are supposed to lie at the end of the ‘bridge’. A British ex-victim says: ‘Had I known that at the end of the ‘Bridge to Total Freedom’ we are all covered in dead space aliens as the result of the actions of an ancient galactic ruler, Xenu (or Xanu), I would never have been interested in the first place’. Of course this is all demonic, totally fake garbage concocted by that very dead and mad US intelligence operative Ron Hubbard, who, like so many of these Illuminati nutcases, seems to have generated these demoniac fantasies while evidently possessed by demons. And indeed, this first-hand revelation tells us something vital: all references to ‘space aliens’ that one reads about nowadays are actually coded mentions of demons. Since modem Western man does not believe in God, he does not believe in demons either. So they go by another name.

The same former UK Scientologist attended a special gala evening at Saint Hill to which no less than 7,000 people had been invited, two-thirds from European countries other than Britain. His description of that event contained a further clue to what Scientology is all about: ‘In the oak-panelled entrance hall there were men and women dressed in what looked like some sort of naval uniform, pressing people to join the Sea Org., a quasi-military wing of the ‘church’. All around were various booths, united in their single purpose: persuading people to part with their money in pursuit of the goal of becoming a ‘clear’ – namely, a fully brainwashed, manipulatable, mind-controlled zombie, who, being a deluded, deceived ‘Useful Idiot’, has had to pay for the privilege.

In the United States, an astonishing 150 Scientology ‘churches’ and corporations benefit from Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c)(3) full tax-exempt status (granted in 1993, after years of litigation and, in the view of some, following alleged bribery of IRS officials, and renewed in 1999). It has been alleged that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) entered into a tax agreement with the Scientology organisation providing tax benefits that had previously been determined by the US Supreme Court to be unlawful. Specifically, after 20 years of opposing full tax-exempt status for Scientology, the IRS unaccountably reversed itself, and the US Federal Government now assists and participates in Scientology’s expansion abroad in conformity with the sect’s arrogant written policies of ‘taking over the control or allegiance of key political figures… the proprietors of all news media [and] those who monitor international finance’.

Now, in what context have we come across this before? Obviously, in relation to our brief look at Lavrentii Beria’s Satanic teaching materials on ‘psychopolitics’. This reveals that the provenance of Scientology’s mind- and psyche-manipulation dementia is identical to the provenance of Beria’s abominations – namely, the perverse teachings of components of the German Illuminati cadres, such as the Frankfurt School, which migrated en masse to the United States in the face of the Nazis’ harassment of its Jewish members. That was one of the many contradictions typical of the Nazis – another of which was the Nazi Party’s oppression of hom*osexuals, notwithstanding that Nazi recruiting techniques and youth programmes were redolent with hom*osexuality: both being instances of Illuminati double-mindedness. These days, Washington seems quite content with Scientology’s ‘Fair Game’ practices, which mandate the use of litigation augmented by many other overt and covert means to ‘harass’, ‘terrify’ and/or ‘utterly destroy’ those whom Scientology perceives to be its enemies – which is to say, former members and staff who have seen through its endless deceptions.

A detailed submission by former Scientology victims to Congressmen F. James Sensenbrenner and John Conyers, Chairman and Ranking Minority Member, respectively, of the US House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee in February 2002, contained a reference to Scientology’s ‘policy and practice of requiring certain staffers (such as Scientology’s Sea Org. members) to have abortions’, together with ‘secular policies and practices that include child labor law violations and other civil and human rights violations’. The complaint to the US Congress further confirmed the cult’s ‘policies and practices [that are] intended to “utterly destroy” those citizens and others (such as the former IRS Section 501(c)(3) Cult Awareness Network) that the religious corporation (Scientology) deems to impede its objectives’.




The United States is one terrorist attack (permitted and/or perpetrated by the US authorities themselves or by international intelligence allies, as in the case of 9/11) from Martial Law. The ruthlessness with which drugged and programmed US military and intelligence personnel have abused, and continue to abuse, prisoners in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other locations, including the British island territory of Diego Garcia, and the fact that a large number of US concentration camps have been readied for use in such an eventuality, provide indications of what is to come. The mentality driving these prospective horrors is interchangeable with, and akin to, the twisted dementia of Scientology, which brooks no opposition, and treats all critics as scoundrels and enemies, to be destroyed. Its totalitarian mindset of Nazi Stalinism represents America’s future.

The primary governing internal law of Scientology is referred to as ‘The Supreme Test’, which represents what Hubbard called “The ability to make things go right” (for Scientology). Adherents are coerced to sign secrecy. Scientology deploys the Hubbardian Doctrine of ‘acceptable truth’ and confidentiality agreements which instead of the Whole Truth [see at left]. Another invention is its related are meant to silence them forever. This ‘Fair Game Law’ (viz., ‘the end justifies the means’) and something called is to ensure that victims do not wake its ‘Simon Bolivar Policy’.

There are reports of a massive truck-driven shredding machine running for 24 hours a day for many weeks in anticipation of a raid on O Hubbard was convicted of fraud in Scientology. Scientology uses what it calls ‘acceptable truth’ rather than the concept of the whole truth, in other words, it has invented its own depraved system of ‘relative morality”. This is similar to Soviet ‘socialist morality and also to ‘socialist legality’. Its fake’ religious’ stance lends this false ‘credibility*.

In certain death cases (Lisa Macpherson being one), it was falsely asserted that ‘cremation’ is a religious doctrine, to hide evidence. There is in fact no Hubbardian ‘doctrine’ about cremation.

Chronic elevated levels of adrenal hormones caused by constant stress to victims results in damage to the hypothalamus in the brain. Disgruntled staff members are detained and sent to internal prison camps for reprogramming. [Professor Steven Kent: ‘Brainwashing in Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force’].up from their dream until the Statute of Limitations for fraud has expired.


Data is given to private investigators who then ‘discover’ it in the course of their investigations. At one point in recent years, Scientology was retaining at least three firms of private investigators in Washington DC full-time, without any typically odious Scientology litigation emerging. A source has suggested that this activity may have targeted US Congress or Executive Branch officials. The innermost secrets of members (victims) are collected for blackmail purposes when needed, in order to ensure silence and to gain cooperation.

Physical threats: One technique is the gangland method of chasing enemies on the road and then forcing their cars into the ditch, or worse. (= gang stalking, ETK)

One US Judge suffered attacks on his dog, and had his car tires slashed. Scientology pursues litigation against its dissident members and staff with a clear view to obtaining a gag order for silence, to prevent its ex-members from alerting the slumbering, controlled and compromised “mainstream” media.

Pattern of blackmailing Federal Judges: Judge Richie in US vs. Mary Sue Hubbard. Use of litigation ‘to harass, not to win’, plus Black Propaganda and character assassination, is similar to the tactics of Third Reich. The German Government recognised this behaviour and placed Scientology under surveillance, labelling it a ‘psycho-terrorist’ organisation. Other countries have adopted very negative responses to this evil coercive cult.

Hubbard invented the ideological assertion that all who attack Scientology have criminal backgrounds, thereby ‘justifying’ relentless pressure, intimidation, coercion and harassment against all who cross its crooked, demonic path.

Hubbard was convicted of fraud in France. His wife and other executives served time in prison after the largest domestic spying case in US history: United States vs Mary Sue Hubbard.

Scientology identifies for its leadership positions those who consider every good thing that happens to be attributable to the ‘exact duplication’ of Ron Hubbard ‘copyright’ technology, and every bad thing to be due to the inadequacy or failure of the mark (language of the cult).

Thousands of copyright registrations are T typically filed – breaking books up into small sections. This device makes ‘fair use quotation’ difficult and easier to sue for. And they can’t wait to sue…

Scientology has been denied religious and/or tax-exempt status in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Israel, Greece and Russia. Given its intelligence links, this suggests that it is indeed loathed by its own evil progenitors/collaborators.

Figure 37: Finally, the mad perpetrators of this scamming machine are compelled to devote time and resources to ‘managing’ those who have seen through the lies and scams, who are treated as ‘traitors’.


‘Cults’ like Scientology are created or exploited servants of the Illuminati, as are the dialectical opposition to them – the equally controlled ‘cult-busters’ (operating dialectically on the basis of problem-reaction-solution, or Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis). The America-based Cult Awareness Network (CAN) was exposed in 1995 as a front for the Anti-Defamation League, the powerful Zionist agitprop organisation. The Zionists are essentially Jewish Nazis, incongruous though this may appear, thanks to the success of long-term Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) over the decades since the Second World War – one consequence of which was that the world was persuaded to equate the defeat of Nazi Germany with the destruction of Nazism and their vast apparat, which never took place. One of the prime movers behind CAN was the notorious US intelligence mind-control operative, Dr Louis Jolyn (‘Jolly’) West [see page 212], who was connected to a similar group called the American Family Foundation. West was the intelligence psychiatrist chosen by the authorities to ‘analyse’ Jack Ruby (Rubenstein), who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA operative-patsy accused of assassinating John F. Kennedy, and who understood that he had been set up (to mask the fact that the hit was a German Abwehr/DVD operation). Rubinstein was in turn an operative of the US-based global mafia king Meyer Lansky (born Maier Suchowjansky in Grodny, USSR), an instrument of the Rothschilds, servant of Israel, and essentially an arm of Mossad. Meyer Lansky’s Chicago-based mafia organisation performed ‘services’ for US intelligence, including as has been seen, setting up drug-running operations in Asia. The fake ‘church’ of Scientology has a ‘secular’ arm called the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (‘WISE’), an umbrella organisation controlling the organisation’s myriad ‘business’ ventures. Businesses owned by Scientologists are licensed to use its so-called ‘secular technology’ (also incongruously referred to as ‘religious technology’) in exchange for license fees often exceeding 10% of gross revenues. But it is unwise to do business with WISE, for both WISE and a senior ‘church’ entity called RTC may enter the relevant premises, close them down and seize all ‘their’ assets at any time. The IRS-Scientology agreement of 1993 required WISE to be disbanded no later than 1995, but both Scientology and the IRS have ignored this provision. This suggests that Scientology remains an alleged scamming instrument of the criminalised segment of the US intelligence community.

Figures 33-37 on pages pages 191-197 reflect, as has been indicated, the findings of a former Scientology victim who opted to reveal what he had learned and experienced during half a lifetime wasted in the clutches of this evil cult. One can obtain some idea of how evil this organisation is considered to be by recalling that certain leading governments, the intelligence and secret operations of which are no strangers to the occult, regard the organisation as anathema. For instance, the British authorities refused to grant Scientology tax-exempt status, on the ground that it lacks any socially redeeming qualities. It has been denied religious or tax-exempt status in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Greece and Russia. In five of these countries, it has been raided by the police. In Germany, the organisation has been described as a seditious totalitarian ‘psycho- terror’ group intent upon global domination, and engaged in money-laundering and financial crimes. German courts have recently upheld the official electronic surveillance of Scientology for reasons of national and internal security, and the protection of the state and its democracy. The Author has included this information not least in order to provide a context for the following observation. The ultra-secret (no longer) Black intelligence service of the Nazi International, based appropriately in Dachau, known by the initials DVD (for Deutsche Versicherungs Dienst or Deutsche Verteid-igungs Dienst, meaning either German Insurance (in the sense of insuring the future of Nazism) Service, or German Defence Service (with the same connotation) was, the Author discovered, hardly known about at all in Germany itself as late as September 2005. The Author’s exposure (in International Currency Review, Volume 30, Number 4, distributed in October 2005) of this organisation’s existence, and that the late Sir Edward Heath, the former British Prime Minister was a long-term Abwehr agent, may have changed this situation. DVD is basically the successor intelligence service to the Nazi Abwehr, and has served ever since as the ‘Black’ (hidden, wholly unaccountable) intelligence service of the continuing covertNazi International. The DVD is not financed by German taxpayer funds, but the German Government (at Chancellor level) approves its actions. It is therefore by no means incongruous that the overt German structures should, for instance, have raised serious objections to the Satanic cult called Scientology and all its evil baggage, not least since Germans are by no means ignorant of the ghastly activities of Heinrich Himmler and his death scientists.

In the United States, Scientology’s compound, located near Hemet, in California, has been labelled ‘armed and dangerous’. In other words, this is quite clearly a psycho-control instrument of criminalised counterintelligence, although this reality is disguised by an ‘agreement’ with the US intelligence community.


Another long-established US mind-bending operation is Moral Re-armament (MRA), which uses the familiar technique of group exposure accompanied by implied subsequent blackmail potential. Young men selected from ‘good universities’ are typically brought to MRA hideaways arid premises in the United States or at Caux, Switzerland, and in Mayfair, London, where, sitting in circles, they are encouraged to confess all their weaknesses and sins. Once thus stripped of the natural means of psychological protection and self-preservation, the young victims are putty in the hands of their behaviour modification manipulators and controllers. At a later stage of indoctrination, they are subjected to hard-sell pressures to hand over financial resources to the group. One long-term victim of this sect was the late British Conservative MP, Patrick Wolridge-Gordon.

This apparat hides behind respectable fronts, thereby deceiving the US population and the whole world. For instance, the American Psychiatric Association, an alleged instrument of the synarchical New World Order conspiracy, disseminates disinformation about treatment modalities for severe dissociative disorders, such as what used to be called Attention Deficit Syndrome. The founder of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr Ewan Cameron, conducted MK-ULTRA mind- and personality/behavioural experiments in Canada. At meetings of various servants of Lucifer and ‘The Project’ to establish the Satanic New World Order, such operatives and implementers indulge in ‘revelation of method’ introductions, such as secret signs and handshakes [see pages 732-737], in-group references and coded language, enabling secret society members to identify one another, as they befuddle the contemptible masses. These ‘flawed’ masses were and are to be ‘perfected’, which was the rationale adopted by the controllers of the British Round Table, Skull and Bones operatives and their servants the Rockefellers, to justify their sponsorship and practice of research into psychiatry, eugenics and euthanasia.

This particular abomination is now ‘top of the agenda’ in Britain, the United States and The Netherlands: hence those publicised terminations of terminally ill patients and of ‘imperfect newly-born babies. The linkages are truly horrendous: for instance, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity and its associated institutes (which changed their collective name after Hitler’s defeat in 1945 to Max Planck Institutes2), were funded by the Rockefellers. In 1927, the Rockefeller Foundation provided funds for the construction of the Max Planck Institute’s first building. The Institute was headed by Hitler’s racial purity expert, Ernst Rudin. For three decades after the war (at least), thousands of people in many European countries were sterilised. A cadre of US intelligence is engaged in the sterilisation of parts of the Mexican population to this day. A protege of Ernst Rudin, Franz J.Kallmann, who became a key US heredity research operative in New York State, received funding from the US controllers of Scottish Rite Freemasonry to prove that mental illness was hereditary. Indeed, from 1949 to 1963, a certain Robert Hanna Felix was director of psychiatric research for Scottish Rite Freemasonry – revealing that the controllers of the occultic Scottish Rite are well aware that their witchcraft operations are consistent and integral with mind modification.


These aberrations are all traceable historically to the influence of Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt (1875-1920) of the University of Heidelberg, who took the chair of philosophy at the University of Leipzig, where he established the first psychological laboratory, founded a journal of ‘Philosophical Studies’, and redefined psychology, especially with respect to its application in education to train servants of the state. Education is a subset of human engineering. Wundt perversely believed that psychological studies should be based upon physical reactions. Humanity thus becomes essentially valueless in a mechanistic world – to be played around with, modified or destroyed at will, and with impunity. Wundt’s research was adopted and applied by the Prussian military and Government, and incorporated into a three-tiered schooling system in which 0.5% of pupils (the Akademie) are taught to think; 5.5% (Realschulen) are partially taught to think; and 94% (Volkschulen) of the students learn obedience, freedom from stressful thinking, and how to follow strict orders. It was therefore hardly surprising that the demoniac Adolf Hitler (Schicklgriiber) encountered little opposition among the general population to his hypnotic speeches, prescriptive demands and commands, as the first generation of Berlin schoolchildren brought up under the Volkschulen system were ripe for his manipulative mass behaviour modification offensive. The Volkschulen approach ensured that its students would not learn creative thinking, by dividing whole ideas into sub-subjects (mathematics, science etc) and then dividing these units into smaller units, and also by dividing time into small units. This is the teaching methodology used to this day, although it has been overlaid by Outcome-Based Education, which seeks to deliver young people with the ‘correct’ attitudes, and who have absorbed ‘politically correct’ concepts which, by definition, preclude creative thinking altogether. Modern education is also (deliberately) hampered by the demonic diversions provided by the insidious pop culture, which is a mass mind-control and behaviour modification transmission device to inculcate
young minds with the Works of Darkness.

The Luciferians behind this devilish assault on our children believe that they have the upper hand not least because children (or, as they prefer to call them, after the goat, ‘kids’) are being brought up nowadays to be computer literate at an early age, a state of affairs which promotes what they regard as the most disrupted state of society, one of disassociation, in which the individual is isolated from other members of the group. His or her main interaction is with electronic media, which in turn is ‘just perfect’ for the Luciferian project, since the Internet has been turned into the most efficient means for transmitting p*rnography ever invented: and the sexualisation of the young is 100% consistent with geomasonry and with the focus of all Masonry and witchcraft. Public health institutions have likewise been hijacked, or else founded in the first place as vehicles for the transmission of Luciferian propositions, one of the most notorious of which is a statement by Dr G. Brock Chisholm, who pronounced that ‘the reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all psychotherapy’. No wonder an International Study Group for the Effects of Psychotropic Drugs on Normal Humans discussed, at their conference in 1967, the directions that mind-control and behaviour modification studies and results would follow up to the year 2000. These are all projects of the Luciferian controllers of the New Underworld Order.

Since the 1960s, sodium fluoride has been added to water in many developed countries where Luciferian powers hold hidden levers of power and influence. This is done not to preserve tooth enamel, as was proclaimed, for instance, by an oral hygiene propaganda unit run by Gibbs Toothpaste (part of Unilever) in the 1960s, but as a means of controlling the population through mass medication, since this substance was thought to be a mechanism for the reduction of resistance to domination, control and loss of liberty. The part of the brain responsible for an individual’s power to resist domination is a small area of the brain tissue in the rear occiput of the left lobe. Repeated doses of tiny amounts of fluorine poison can narcotise this area, ostensibly rendering a person submissive to the will of persons seeking to control and govern him. Fluoride usage is a direct product of this Luciferian behaviour modification research. Charles Eliot Perkins, who was despatched by the US Government after the Second World War to annex and take over I. G. Farben, the notorious manufacturers of Zyklon-B poison gas, stated that ‘any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically’. As a corollary to this effective denial that the human being is anything more than a bunch of atoms, to be manipulated at will, psychology according to Wundt became the study of the brain and the nervous system, discarding the notion that human beings have souls on the basis that if something is not scientifically quantifiable, it is not worthy of investigation. And Wundt’s influence spread to the East as well as to the West: for example, Lenin’s favourite psychologist, Ivan Pavlov (Pavloff), studied hysiology in Leipzig. Pavlov unravelled patterns of animal behaviour through his experiments with dogs: in 1906, for instance, he measured their salivation by cutting holes in their cheeks, into which he inserted tubes. In his book ‘Bio-Dynamics: The Battle for Youth’ [1930], Dr. Boris Sokoloff recalled Professor Ivan Pavloff, whom Lenin consulted during a ‘sabbatical’ lasting several months at his dacha, pronouncing:

‘There is no soul; there is only a reflex – a difference in electrical potentials and an increase in ions and irritation. We should not try to make an issue of our weakness by allowing ourselves even to think that we shall never understand this or that. We must understand everything and we shall. This will come to be’.

The influence of Wundt on psychology, psychiatry and education in the United States was paralleled, thanks to the studies undertaken by the key mid-19th century Bonesmen Gilman, Dwight and Russell, by the influence of Hegel, whose dialectical method is central to the modus operandi of all Luciferian control practitioners, from the revolutionary Leninists to members of The Order. The dialectic postulates that every force (Thesis) creates or is confronted by an opposing force (Antithesis), creating conflict, which in turn generates a third force, namely Synthesis (Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis). The hotbed of Hegelian theorising has for a century been Johns Hopkins University, which ‘figures’, given its Skull and Bones origins and connections.

In the United States, the so-called ‘father’ of behaviourist psychology is reckoned to be John Broadus Watson (1878-1958), the evil Wundtian behavioural scientist who emerged from the heavily German-influenced University of Chicago where he learned all about Wilhelm Wundt and perversely taught that a child’s wishes, needs and feelings should be treated as though they did not exist. This doctrine of Satan, which contravenes Jesus Christ’s explicit teaching that no-one can enter into the Kingdom of God unless they humble themselves as little children, has damaged millions of young people for more than two generations. Watson is notorious for having boasted that he could take any 20 human infants and, by applying behavioural techniques, could create out of them whatever kind of person that he wished, whether beggar, butcher or thief. Children were to be removed from their mothers during the third or fourth week, otherwise attachments were sure to develop.

Watson, who seemed to hate love, argued that mothers loved their babies for sexual reasons: otherwise, why would they kiss their children on the lips? He loathed mothers whose ‘excessive affection’ rendered a child forever dependent and emotionally unstable (the absolute reverse of the truth of course, as the Devil turns everything upside down). Children, therefore, should never be kissed, hugged or allowed to sit on their mothers’ laps. Any occasional kissing should be confined to the forehead. Parents would soon discover their capacity for being ‘perfectly objective’ and yet kindly towards their children. The Author remembers an aunt who behaved exactly as prescribed by Watson: naturally, she was considered hard-hearted, cold and aloof.

Watson’s behaviourism placed emphasis on the external behaviour of people and on their reactions to given situations, rather than on the internal, mental and spiritual condition of the people concerned. In the obtuse opinion of this fellow, analysis of the behaviour and the reactions human beings was the only objective method of gaining insight into human behaviour: which of course made sense from his warped perspective, since as a follower of Wundt he dismissed the ideas of spirit and soul as make-believe. Another misguided Wundt student – and US military intelligence operative -B. F. Skinner, developed operant conditioning and was the evil inventor of the ‘Skinner Box’, a crib-sized container into which children are placed for the purposes of conducting mind-control research, and for conditioning purposes. For instance, one of the favoured techniques, extensively used in Illuminati training sessions, is placing a child in such a confined space with a rabbit, and telling the child that he will not be released until he has strangled the rabbit. This diabolical practice is designed to procure that the child becomes indifferent to inflicting pain without flinching, and to killing without flinching (as explained by Fr. Malachi Martin). The Author has established independently from US experts with direct Illuminati family background experience that this abomination is precisely as described here.

PROJECT BLUEBIRD-ARTICHOKE-MK-ULTRA-MK-SEARCH mind-control experimentation in narcohypnotic techniques was initiated during the 1940s in a number of formerly belligerent countries. Project BLUEBIRD (relaunched as ARTICHOKE in August 1951 in a cover-up exercise), headed by Morse Allen, was mounted by US intelligence (the Joint Intelligence Committee) to develop methods of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorised extraction of information from them. LSD, first synthesised by Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland, in 1938 and by Dr Albert Hoffmann in 1943, arrived in the United States in 1949. Its arrival was an ingredient in the US intelligence community’s developing work on the manipulation of human behaviour and mind-control, which ‘blossomed’ (to use a totally inappropriate word here) with Richard Helms’ recommendation that the CIA must expand its research into both offensive and defensive brainwashing which became MK-ULTRA. Experiments with LSD were conducted by a Dr Harris Isbell, and overseen on behalf of the Scottish Rite by Robert Hanna Felix: one of these experiments involved giving Black prison inmates LSD for 75 consecutive days, with the dosage being increased whenever tolerance for LSD was indicated. In a similar experiment at Pont Saint-Esprit in France in 1951, the entire town went raving mad. One of the leading US mind-control experts, George Estabrooks, conducted research into the creation of hypnotically programmed couriers and into the hypnotic induction of split personalities. These victims, often used as hands-on operatives, have handlers like all other intelligence operatives, who can trigger pre-programmed reactions in the subject, such as ordering him to undertake an assassination (programmed omega subjects).

The American analyst Michael E. Kreca has expertly summarised the sordid history of the US Government’s contribution to the United States’ drug problem, in the following manner. In September 1942, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Director and Army Major General William ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan began his search for an effective ‘truth serum’, to be used on prisoners of war and captured spies. Starting with a budget of $5,000 and the blessing of President Franklin Roosevelt, he enlisted the aid of a few prominent physicians and mind-control psychiatrists such as George Estabrooks and Harry Murray as well as the former Prohibition agent and notorious Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) Director Harry Anslinger.
The OSS/FBN team first tested a potent marijuana extract, tetrahydrocannabinol acetate (THCA), a colourless, odourless substance, lacing cigarettes or food items with it, and administering them to volunteer US Army and OSS personnel, all of whom eventually acquired the nickname ‘Donovan’s Dreamers’. Testing was also conducted under the guise of treatment for shell shock, the original Tavistock Institute remit.

Donovan’s team found that THCA, which they termed ‘TD’, for ‘truth drug’, induced ‘a great loquacity and hilarity’, and even, in cases where the subject didn’t feel physically threatened, some useable ‘reefer madness’. Peyote, morphine and scopolamine were judged too powerful to be used in effective interrogation. In the light of all this, Donovan concluded, ‘the drug defies all but the most expert and search analysis, and for all practical purposes can be considered beyond analysis’. The OSS did not, however, end the programme. By that time, faced with the terrifying ship losses the United States was suffering because of the efficiency of German U-boats, Donovan pressed on, hoping to find some effective chemical means to help in the interrogation of captured German U-boat sailors and naval officers.

In May 1943, George Hunter White, an Army captain, OSS officer and former FBN agent, gave standard cigarettes laced with THCA to an unwitting August Del Grazio, an influential New York City gangster nicknamed ‘Augie Dallas’. Del Grazio, who by then had done prison stretches for assault and murder, had been one of the Mafia’s most notorious enforcers and narcotics smugglers. Michael Kreca’s analysis reveals that he operated an opium alkaloid factory in Turkey and was a key participant in the long-running Istanbul/Marseilles/NYC heroin pipeline commonly known as the ‘French Connection’. Influenced by the THC, Del Grazio (who was also helping to smuggle spies and Mafiosi into German-occupied Italy) revealed volumes of vital information about underworld operations, including the names of several high-ranking city and state officials who took bribes from the Mob. Donovan was encouraged by the results of White’s tests, commenting in writing that ‘Cigarette experiments indicated that we had a mechanism offering promise in relaxing prisoners to be interrogated’.

The extensive wartime German (Himmlerian) experiments with various hallucinogenic drugs at the Dachau concentration camp, directed by Dr Hubertus Strughold, later honoured as ‘the father of aviation medicine’, aroused great interest in the United States – especially after a US Navy Intelligence technical mission to Dachau in October 1945 reported in detail on Strughold’s work. So great was the US official interest in what had been going on at Dachau, in fact, that when the OSS and its successor, the CIA, imported nearly 800 German scientists of various specialties under the auspices of the infamous ‘Project Paperclip’ during 1945-55, it made sure to include Dr. Strughold. Dr. Strughold’s barbaric ‘medical experiments’, for which his subordinates were tried and convicted as war criminals at Nuremburg, were nothing more than a series of bizarre and unspeakably brutal Satanic tortures. Even so, he learned a lot about human behaviour and mescaline, a natural alkaloid present in the peyote cactus. Mescaline, long central to many Native American religious rituals and first chemically isolated in 1896, is a phenethylamine, the ergoline skeleton of which is also contained in lysergic acid (atryptamine).

Figure 38: The images of covers of Congressional reports are shown here and in the following pages in order to provide precise indications of certain published sources of open domain information on CIA-‘Tavistock School’ mind- and personality-manipulation and abusive research activities, such as near-death trauma, conducted in the German Himmlerian tradition by the US intelligence community.

Sandoz Laboratories’ chief chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann also discovered a lysergic acid derivative called ergonovine, a medication used to retard excessive postpartum uterine bleeding. Based on his work with ergonovine, Dr. Hofmann initially derived d-lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate-25 (LSD, a refined alkaloidal liquid byproduct of the rye fungus, ergot) in a series of experiments in Zurich in 1938. He used the naturally occurring lysergic acid radical, the common item in all ergot alkaloids, as the major component of the substance. Further experiments in this vein yielded psilocybin, derived from the Mexican Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom, hydergine, essential today in the improvement of cerebral circulation in geriatric patients, and dihydroergotamine, an important ingredient in blood pressure medication. The well-read and broadly educated Dr. Hofmann knew that ergot had a long natural and cultural history as both a medicine and a poison. Ancient Greek midwives used to give an ergot-based, gruel-like drink, called kykeon, to their patients who were about to give birth. Kykeon was also consumed during the autumn Eleusinia, the ancient Greek agricultural festival celebrated in honor of the goddess of agriculture, Demeter. Across the Atlantic, sacramental Maya morning glories, beautifully depicted at the ancient Mayan temple-palace complex at Teotihuacn, Mexico, dating to about 1450, also contained ergot- based alkaloids.

However, the mindset governing the drug research work conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was far different from that of Dr. Hofmann’s. To the Cold War spymasters, ex-Nazis like Dr. Strughold were definitely evil, but they were useful as well. This pervasive amoral pragmatism led, of course, to the odious, notorious and repellent MK-ULTRA experimentation, developed by Dr Sydney Gottlieb [see page 208], in which, for nearly 25 years, thousands of everyday Americans, both military and civilian, were heavily closed with numerous very potent artificial psychoactive drugs, often without their knowledge or consent. An unknown number of foreign, including British, individuals, were targeted in ‘remote’ psychological manipulation exercises by Dr Gottlieb’s ‘scientists’. The pervasive amorality of this Himmlerian experimentation also led to the prevailing US intelligence community culture of ‘anything goes, as we are protected by the National Security Act et seq., and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, not even Congress, as we have our people in all the top intelligence, policymaking and political slots’.

Michael Kreca elaborated that this phenomenon of the obsessive focus and reliance upon ‘the interests of national security’ – the expediency mentality – combined with the United States’ celebrity-obsessed pop culture which gleefully raises and shamelessly promotes snake oil hustlers as well as the pharmaceutical industry’s expensive ‘pill for every ill’ philosophy, was a recipe for incompetence and arrogance far more hazardous than any synthetic alkaloid that had been developed, and came as no surprise to experts like Dr. Hofmann. LSD proved to be invaluable in the psychiatric treatment of certain patients: the actor Cary Grant was cured of alcoholism by carefully administered doses of the drug under close medical supervision, because it is thousands of times more potent than the traditional herbal mixtures. In fact, it is thousands of times more potent than the milder of the entheogenic alkaloids. It is effective at doses of as little as a ten-millionth of a gram, which makes it 5,000 times more potent than mescaline. It should never be taken without training or supervision, Michael Kreca warned.

Figure 39: In 1966, the double-minded Richard Helms ordered the destruction of the MK-ULTRA files (and probably those of related Luciferian programmes), but of course the work, and the invention of ‘evil things’, continued. Congressional hearings were being conducted on this subject, and on the abusive testing of drugs on humans, as late as 1977. Dr Gottlieb supervised CIA mind-control research up to 1973.

The Navy tested mescaline as part of its 1947-53 Project CHATTER. The personality modification Project MK-ULTRA itself was first organised in 1949 by Richard Helms under the direction of the German Abwehr agent Allen Dulles, and was initially labelled as Project BLUEBIRD. Two years later, it was renamed ARTICHOKE (after one of Dulles’s favourite foods), and then it was relabelled MK-ULTRA in 1953 – finally becoming MK-SEARCH in 1965 until the program’s ‘official termination’ eight years later. MK-ULTRA was directly responsible for the sudden wide underground availability of LSD, phencyclidine (PCP, also called ‘angel dust’), dimethyltryptamine (DMT), 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine (STP), and other very powerful synthetic psychoactive drugs in the 1960s. A decade earlier, the CIA and the US Army had contacted Sandoz Laboratories requesting several kilograms of LSD for use in the test programme. Dr. Hofmann and Sandoz refused this request, so the CIA Director Allen Dulles persuaded the Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical luminary organisation, first mentioned in Chapter 2, Eli Lilly (later the pioneers of and chief cheerleaders for the widely prescribed antidepressant Prozac) to synthesise the drug contrary to then existing international patent accords – making the US Government and Lilly the first illegal domestic manufacturers and distributors of LSD.

The product was distributed via the Central Intelligence Agency’s organised crime allies and through the FBI’s counterintelligence programmes (COINTELPROs) directed against various revolutionary activist groups of the period. The actual definition of the codename MK-ULTRA remains, for some, unclear; but a former Army Special Forces Captain, John McCarthy, who ran the CIA’s Saigon-based Operation Cherry which targeted the Cambodian ruler Prince Sihanouk for assassination, claimed, with Edwin Wilson [see
Chapter 3] that MK-ULTRA did (does) indeed stand for ‘Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassination’.

On April 10, 1953, in a speech at Princeton University, the CIA’s Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Dulles (further feeding the already widespread but misguided fear about the high effectiveness of the alleged Chinese ‘brainwashing’ of US prisoners of war in the Korean context) warned that the human mind was a ‘malleable tool’, and that the ‘brain perversion techniques’ of the Communists were ‘so subtle and so abhorrent’ that ‘the brain becomes a phonograph playing a disc put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it has no control’. What Mr Dulles concealed, of course, was that Britain and the United
States had been working overtime on perfecting similar techniques for many years, and that the original sources and inspiration for these aberrations was the same. He also concealed the DVD propaganda component of his warnings.

In its simplest and most odious form, propaganda involves condemning one’s
opponent publicly for doing what one is already doing privately. One characteristic of liars
and deceivers is that they usually accuse their opponents of the sins that they are
committing themselves. Dulles, of course, was that very ‘outside genius’. Three days after
warning assembled Princetonians of the disturbing ramifications of these techniques, he
had directed MK-ULTRA researchers to perfect them.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the CIA’s expert on lethal poisons, (who was reputedly the
inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s bizarre Dr. Strangelove character played by Peter Sellers
in the 1964 film of the same title) led the operation as the Director of the Chemical Division of
the Technical Services Staff and, via a front organisation called The Society For Human
Ecology, and distributed $25 million worth of drug research grants to Harvard, Stanford,
UC Berkeley and other US institutions. In later life, Dr Gottlieb became well-known for his
enigmatic observation that ‘the bottom line on this whole business has not yet been written’.
Gottlieb was among many prominent behaviour modification and mind-control experts
from Germany, of Jewish extraction, who have collaborated over the decades to create the
new hell on earth which the Luciferians have been constructing not least in order to
destroy True Christianity (which is impossible). In the 1960s, Gottlieb travelled to the
Congo, with a little black bag containing a biotoxin destined for the toothbrush of his target,
Patrice Lumumba.

Figure 40: Many secrets concerning the US intelligence community’s emulation and elaboration of Nazi experimentation were only revealed in the course of Congressional Hearings in the 1970s. But since the CIA is self- financing (its Congressional appropriations being just pocket-money) and is essentially accountable to no-one at all, exposures of its Himmlerian abominations have made no difference to its behaviour.

The technique of applying poisons to a target’s toothbrush has contemporary res-
onance following the state-sponsored poisoning in 2005 of the self-motivated US patriot
Andrew Stephenson, of Seattle, who almost single-handedly toured the United States
to draw public attention to the intended falsification of the 2004 General Election
outcome by means of the manipulation of electronic voting machines and software [for a
review of the electronic methods that have been developed to ‘control democracy’,
namely, so as to finalise the substitution of ‘democratism’ for ‘true democracy’, see
Addendum 1, page 662]. After exhausting his financial resources, Andy made the fatal
mistake of travelling to Washington DC, in search of a lobbying job on Capitol Hill. On the
return flight to Seattle, he was violently ill, and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with
cancer of the pancreas6. The late Jimmy Goldsmith, the British businessman turned founder of
the since-defunct Referendum Party, mysteriously developed cancer of the pancreas within
18 months of his starting to write and give speeches against free trade and Britain’s
participation in the European Union Collective. On investigating these and other mysterious
deaths, the Author established from impeccable intelligence sources that the favoured
technique is to enter the target’s hotel bedroom while he is out attending a conference or
meetings, and to inject his toothpaste tube with the biotoxin du jour, which may also be
applied to the toothbrush. The reason for this procedure is that biotoxins are most
efficiently and rapidly absorbed via the underneath of the tongue.

Poor Mozart was poisoned when, through ‘The Magic Flute’, he exposed the occult evils
of Freemasonry, despite his reliance on financial handouts from known Masons. When
Captain William Morgan exposed Freemasonry with his little book, published in 1827,
entitled ‘Illustrations of Freemasonry’ [from which the old drawings of Masonic ‘grips’ etc
shown in Addendum 10 on page 734 and on page 10 are taken], he was murdered. Stephen
Knight, the British author of ‘THE Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons’7, one of the
first modern exposures of Freemasonry, was likewise liquidated.

Wherever possible, Illuminati assassinations, as in the case of Mozart, are conducted by
means of poisoning; and the modern focus has been on developing biotoxins which mimic natural
illnesses. The pancreas being one of the most sensitive of all the internal organs, a Himmlerian
biotoxin has been developed which either mimics or creates cancer of the pancreas, which has
the ‘advantage’ that the victim appears normal until close to the end.

For two decades, the odious Dr Sidney Gottlieb, the US Government’s leading poisoner
(who died and descended to hell on 10th March 2005), presided over the CIA’s Technical
Services Division, where he supervised the invention and preparation of lethal poisons,
experiments in mind-control and the administration of LSD and other psycho-active drugs
to unwitting subjects. There remains a possibility that the CIA had been concerned that
Gottlieb, who was tending to move towards tentative ‘repentance’ in his declining years,
may have been about to expose a wide range of the CIA’s most diabolical programmes,
amid the general revulsion at the atrocities committed by CIA-linked operatives at Abu
Ghraib and many other locations in Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, and on the British Territory
(leased to the United States) of Diego Garcia).

The Abu Ghraib atrocities were simply elaborations of certain abominations com-
mitted in the context of the CIA’s demonic Phoenix Program, supervised by William
Colby in Vietnam. A team of CIA ‘Wehrmacht’ ‘psychologists’ established a base at Bien
Hoa Prison near Saigon, where suspects were being held after Phoenix Program round-
ups. They proceeded to perform Himmlerian experiments on the prisoners. In one of these,
three prisoners were anaesthetised, their skulls were opened, and electrodes were implanted by
CIA doctors into different parts of their brains. The prisoners were revived, placed in a room
and given knives while the electrodes were activated. The CIA observers ‘hoped’ they would
attack each other. When they didn’t, they were shot dead.


Earlier, George Hunter White, of THCA-laced ‘Lucky Strikes’ fame, had returned to the FBN
(now the Drug Enforcement Administration) at the end of the war, where he continued to
research behaviour modifying drugs. In 1955, he was a high ranking FBN administrator
who helped the CIA develop and implement a similar operation called MIDNIGHT
CLIMAX. In this infamous scheme, ‘safe houses’ staffed with prostitutes were established
in San Francisco. The hookers lured men from local taverns back to these safe houses
after their drinks had previously been spiked with LSD. White’s team secretly filmed the
subsequent events in each house. The purpose of these so-called ‘national security
brothels’ was to enable the CIA to experiment with the use of sex and mind-altering drugs to
extract information from test subjects – and, it was planned, from spies, prisoners of war,
defectors and saboteurs. The sex entrapment apparatus run out of premises close to Dupont
Circle in Washington, DC, was and is an ongoing byproduct of this ‘research’. It performs
the function of entrapping diplomats and other targets for espionage and blackmail
purposes. Not all diplomats are suitable fodder for invitations to the Bohemian Grove in
California, which specialises in blackmail entrapment.

MIDNIGHT CLIMAX was ostensibly terminated after eight years when the CIA’s
Inspector-General of the day, John Earman, charged that ‘the concepts involved in
manipulating human behaviour are found by many people within and outside the Agency
to be distasteful and unethical’. It would be reassuring if this perspective had made the
slightest difference to the way this criminalised organisation behaves, but of course it
hasn’t. Mr Earman asserted that ‘the rights and interests of US citizens were placed in
jeopardy’. Earman further noted that LSD ‘had been tested on individuals at all social
levels, high and low, native American and foreign’. MK-ULTRA’s bureaucratic godfather,
Richard Helms, summarily rebuffed Earman’s charges, claiming that ‘positive operational
capacity to use drugs is diminishing, owing to a lack of realistic testing. Tests’, Helms
continued, ‘were necessary to keep up with the Soviets’.

However, Helms reversed himself a year later when testifying before the Warren
Commission, the cover-up operation headed by Gerald Ford (a.ka. the alleged p*rnography
boss Leslie Lynch King. Jr.) investigating the assassination of President Kennedy, claiming
that ‘Soviet research has consistently lagged five years behind Western research’.
Upon formal retirement from the bureaucracy in 1966, George White wrote a startling
farewell letter to Dr. Gottlieb. He reminisced about his MIDNIGHT CLIMAX work, and
uttered these notorious, cynical and frightening observations, which have since become
legendary: ‘I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in
the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie,
kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?’
Where else indeed, but as a member of what would later become the hypocritical War
on Drugs, as cover for drug-trafficking? For by the end of the 1950s, the CIA was financing
just about every qualified LSD researcher and psychologist it could find, through
contractors such as the Society for the Study of Human Ecology

In 1966, Richard Helms ordered the destruction of MK-ULTRA’s files, but of course
the work continued, and Congressional hearings on the subject were being conducted as late
as 1977 [see Figures 38-39] – with the CIA’s mind-control research supervised up to 1973 by
Dr Sidney Gottlieb. Visitors to Long Island who have friends living there, as does the
Author, will at some stage discover that the ‘ground zero’ location for eugenics research
(for the past century) has been Cold Spring Harbour, LI.

MK-ULTRA experimentation, in which Vice-President Richard Cheney was
allegedly involved in a senior supervisory role, did not of course follow standards for
medical experimentation (such as informed consent) established at Nuremberg. Between
1958 and 1960, LSD tests were conducted to establish how an LSD-dosed soldier would
behave under interrogation. By the mid-1960s, at least 1,500 US Chemical Corps army
personnel had been subjected to LSD experimentation. The psychoactive compound
quinuclidinyl benzilate (BZ), first tested at Edgewood Arsenal in 1959, was given to about
2,800 soldiers and was deployed in grenades, mortar shells and missiles used in Vietnam. In
MK-ULTRA training of Navy personnel for deployment in ‘combat readiness units’, the
men were strapped to chairs with their eyelids clamped open and were forced to watch
films of carnage until they were desensitised. One report says that these men were also
compelled to watch propaganda aimed at the dehumanisation and vilification of other
cultures, which they were required to hate.

Meanwhile Aldous Huxley (whose hom*osexual lover was D. H. Lawrence), of the
Tavistock Institute, and a member of the filthy British drug and hom*osexuality cult
called Children of the Sun, spearheaded a Tavistock project to intoxicate elements of the US
population with LSD in about 1950 (an episode the trademarks of which have been
obliterated by the subsequent LSD period publicised by Dr Timothy Leary: see below). The
gullible American population was prepared for LSD by Huxley’s very evil book, “The Doors of
Perception.” Huxley pronounced that ‘there will be in the next generation or so, a phar-
macological method of making people love their servitude, and producing … a kind of
painless concentration camp for entire societies’. The diabolical Esalen Institute at Big Sur,
California sponsors, to this day, meditational and psychoesoteric training with links to
Aldous Huxley. The US Army reservation on the former US military base at The Presidio,
outside San Francisco, is the location of a Satanic child molestation ring with which the
notorious US military intelligence operative Colonel Michael Aquino, the head of the
Temple of Set, was associated. A military research laboratory there develops, tests and
modifies advanced US Government mind-control knowledge and applications.


These evil activities were then developed in the following manner. An employee of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Jerry Garcia, was employed to channel youth dissent
and rebellion into ‘benign’ and non-threatening directions. Still in the 1950s, the US Public
Health Service [sic!!] meanwhile employed the services of the prominent LSD proponent,
Dr Timothy Leary, to popularised the use of LSD, which was of course extremely
damaging to those who followed this evil example. The intended mass infusion of LSD into
US culture was contrived to turn the masses away from political activism and towards a life of
‘ecstatic mystic peasantry’ – an objective that has comprehensively failed. Dr Leary’s drug
experiments, undertaken at Harvard University, were funded by the CIA, which also
trained or trains operatives to raise children to become sex slaves (Project MONARCH
slaves). A number of covert mind-control slave camps are known to exist in the United
States, of which Mount Shasta is one.

On the day of the Oklahoma City bombing – a mass traumatisation event, like the
assassination of President Kennedy and 9/11, which was intended to influence and affect
the United States’ national identity and cohesiveness, to fracture the souls of the
American people and to accustom them to the perception that the nation and its
Government are subject to hidden forces beyond their control – a certain Dr Louis Jolyon
West appeared on the prime-time Larry King Live nationwide TV show, which is thought to
be extensively used to deceive the American people, to characterise Timothy McVeigh as yet
another ‘lone nutcase’. And who was Louis Jolyon West, mercifully no longer with us to
torment humanity (1924-99)?

On 2 January 1999, this evil man, a key US mind-control specialist, died, like Lenin, of a
rapidly advancing malignant tumour which even he lacked the power to overcome. Formerly
the celebrated psychiatric consultant to the US Air Force, occupant of the Chair of the
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences at the University of California, and
Director of its Neuropsychiatric Institute, Los Angeles (UCLA), this fellow was born in
Brooklyn, of immigrant Russian-Jewish parents. After enlisting in the military, he was sent
to the University of Iowa where he participated in a secret specialised training
programme. His later work on behaviour modification and mind-control for US
intelligence developed into an extensive study of cults, torture and brainwashing. He
worked in particular as a court-appointed psychiatrist, examining Jack Ruby, the
murderer of Lee Harvey Oswald.

During the Korean War, West studied Soviet and Chinese techniques of brain-
washing and torture. He said at the time that US prisoners-of-war had falsely confessed to
engaging in germ warfare because their captors had instilled a sense of guilt in them
through solitary confinement, prolonged sleeplessness and physical abuse, which he
described as the classic tools of brainwashing. These ‘just happen’ to be precisely the
‘tools’ employed by US intelligence and its ‘cut-out’ torturing and interrogation organ-
isations like CACI at Abu Ghraib and the large number of similar enterprises scattered
around Iraq and Afghanistan. In the course of his research, West demonstrated that prisoners
could become convinced of their own guilt by these same ‘tools’ of solitary confinement,
physical abuse and lack of sleep. He extended these findings to his study of cults,
pontificating that they practice ‘the three Ds: debility, dread and dependency’. He was accused
by some of killing an elephant named Tusko at Oklahoma Zoo in the 1960s with an overdose
of LSD, while he was directing an LSD research programme for the CIA at the University
of Oklahoma. In 1962, Louis Jolyon West published a tome on hallucinations, which he had
edited, consisting of papers by prominent members of the American Psychiatric
Association and other scientists on such issues as the spiritual effects of LSD and the
experiences of schizophrenics.

Dr West was cleared at TOP SECRET level for work on MK-ULTRA operations. He was
to have headed the UCLA Violence Project, which had been approved by President Reagan
but which was ostensibly cancelled in response to public protest. The project was to have
been housed in a Nike missile site outside Los Angeles, in the Santa Monica mountains.
In his book ‘Journey Into Madness’, the British writer Gordon Thomas says that Dr West had
proposed (but this Author suspects that the CIA had proposed) the creation of a financially
well-endowed multidisciplinary Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, within
the confines of which doctors would explore all types of violent behaviour, what caused it,
and how it could be detected, prevented and treated.

The Center was to have dealt with individuals who displayed antisocial and impulsive
aggression tendencies. Its laboratories were to specialise in genetic, biochemical, and
neurophysiological studies of ‘violent individuals, including prisoners and hyperkinetic
children’. This proposal was enthusiastically promoted by Governor Ronald Reagan of
California, but the State Legislature thought it was evil, and refused to sanction the devel-
opment of the means to enable the State to monitor individuals with implants from cen-
tral control stations. Two South American doctors, working at detention centres in
Paraguay and Chile, who were familiar with the work of Himmler’s Dr Mengele, were to
have been recruited for this Satanic project with which Ronald Reagan was so enamoured:
one was to run the Center’s shock room, and the other was to direct the Center’s
psychosurgical operating unit, where the latest lobotomy techniques were to be used. In
1994, “The Times’, London, estimated that 15,000 people had been implanted with elec-
tronic brain devices during the preceding decade.

A number of other abhorrent CIA mind-control MK-ULTRA programs were sup-
posedly cancelled – although the frequency with which such cancellations have been
reported suggests to the Author that these ‘cancellations’ may represent disinformation. One
was a proposal to implant brain electrodes in prisoners at Vacaville State Prison,
California, the site of Himmlerian CIA mind-control experiments on the drug pemoline
under another related programme called MK-SEARCH. The prisoners were to be monitored
by remote tracking technology after discharge. If they entered a restricted area or exhibited
sexual arousal patterns on remote EEG equipment, a signal would be sent to their brain
electrodes immobilising them, while law enforcement personnel would be despatched
to apprehend them. A second mind-control experiment at Vacaville State Prison, set up in
February 1972, was also supposedly ‘aborted’. A Maximum Psychiatric Diagnostic Unit
there was to deal with selected inmates from the 700 held in solitary confinement in
California prisons. A Luciferian programme, evolved from experiments such as those
performed in Bien Hoa prison, near Saigon, in 1968, was developed for this unit, under
which prisoners would have electrodes implanted in their brains to monitor them and to
control their behaviour after discharge, using radio transmitters. Following public outrage,
the California Department of Corrections called a press conference on 30th December
1977 to announce that the project had been ‘temporarily abandoned for administrative
reasons’. Other ‘shutdowns’ of nefarious programmes, attributable to negative public
reaction, have been recorded – two notable instances being the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study and
the Lafayette Clinic Aggression Project.

These supposed closures of Himmlerian programmes – which may well have been
continued, of course, under different cover – demonstrate that when information about the
evil practices of the hidden Luciferian establishment leak into the public domain, the
American public (especially the Californian public, which has a commendable record in this
respect) can be mobilised to a sufficient extent at least to make life temporarily
inconvenient for these evil people – who include the Harvard brain electrode team, doctors
from Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the Navy Medical Neuropsychiatric Research
Unit in San Diego, and the Veterans Administration Hospital, Salt Lake City. An outfit
calling itself the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, with a board consisting of CIA and
military doctors, exists not to investigate the ‘syndrome’, but in fact to disprove claims of
cult mind-control – in order (of course) to cover up behaviour modification and mind-
control operations of US intelligence which are in danger of being exposed by the victims,
their handlers, or both (as in the case with which Mark Phillips is associated, even thought it
appears that Phillips is or was nevertheless also engaged in establishing whether a
MONARCH Slave can be permanently deprogrammed).
It was, by the way, that man of darkness, Dr. Gottlieb, from Germany, who sponsored
CIA research by the notorious Dr Ewen Cameron at McGill University, Montreal, where he
routinely dosed psychiatric subjects with jolts of electricity through their brains. What degree
of demonic madness accounted for such abominations is hard to imagine.


Writing in their 1998 book ‘Whiteout: the CIA, Drugs and the Press’ [ISBN: 1-85984-8974],
Alexander co*ckburn and Jeffrey St. Clair revealed that the United States’ enthusiastic
infatuation with Heinrich Himmler’s Illuminati Toten-scientists can be traced back to 1944,
although as we have seen the German penetration in this dimension began in the 1930s. The
story of the recruitment of Nazi scientists and warfare technicians by the Pentagon and the
Central Intelligence Agency is well told in two excellent but unjustly neglected books: Tom
Bower’s ‘The Paperclip Conspiracy’ (1987)9 and Linda Hunt’s ‘Secret Agenda’ (1991 )10. Hunt’s
reporting in particular, is first rate. Exploiting the Freedom of Information Act, she opened up
thousands of pages of crucial documents from the Pentagon, the State Department and the
CIA that should keep researchers occupied for years to come.

Information about experiments by the Nazi doctors was surfaced primarily from the trial
record of the medical cases conducted at the Nuremberg tribunal, from Alexander
Mitscherlich and Fred Mielke’s ‘Doctors of Infamy’ (1981)11, and Robert Proctor’s frightening
account in ‘Racial Hygiene’ (1988)12. The US Government’s research into biological warfare is
admirably profiled in Jeanne McDermott’s book, ‘The Killing Winds’ (1979)13. The best account
of the US Government’s role in developing and deploying chemical warfare agents remains
Seymour Hersh’s book ‘Chemical and Biological Warfare’ (1969)14 from the late 1960s. In an
attempt to track down the cause of Gulf War Syndrome (which he perhaps ‘didn’t realise’
was allegedly caused by aspartame in soft drink consignments), Senator Jay Rockefeller
held a series of remarkable hearings on human experimentation by the US Government.
These studies are cited to provide further references beyond the scope of this broader
enquiry, which focuses on pan-German global control plans and their integration into the
Illuminati dimension of Germany’s Luciferian offensive.

The mass exodus of Himmler’s Nazi scientists inter alia to the United States was not,
as all analysts have hitherto assumed, solely a consequence of corrupt and pragmatic
decisions made by amoral American and British intelligence officers and misguided
policymakers, but was also – crucially, as is explained in Chapter 8 – an intended corollary of
subtle Nazi propaganda and influence-building operations masterminded from the German
Geopolitical Centre set up by the Nazis in Madrid in 1942. Anyone who loses sight of this
central fact will miss the whole point of this book.

In their remarkable analysis, co*ckburn and St Clair explained that ‘a careful review of
the activities of the CIA and the organisations from which it sprang reveals an intense
preoccupation with the development of techniques of behaviour control, brainwashing and
covert medical and psychic experimentation on unwitting subjects including religious
sects, ethnic minorities, prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and the terminally ill. The
rationale for such activities, the techniques and indeed the human subjects chosen show an
extraordinary and chilling similarity to Nazi experiments. This similarity becomes less
surprising when we trace the determined and often successful efforts of US intelligence officers
to acquire the records of Nazi experiments, and in many cases to recruit the Nazi researchers
themselves and put them to work – transferring the laboratories from Dachau, the Kaiser
Wilhelm Institute, Auschwitz and Buchenwald to Edgewood Arsenal, Fort Derrick,
Huntsville Air Force Base, Ohio State, and the University of Washington’. Thus the Nazi
International contrived with great skill to transfer Himmler’s Satanic operations to the eager
United States.

‘As Allied forces crossed the English Channel during the D-Day invasion in June
1944, some 10,000 intelligence officers known as T-Forces were right behind the advance bat-
talions. Their mission was to seize munitions experts, technicians, German scientists and
their research materials, along with French scientists who had collaborated with the Nazis.
Soon a substantial number of such scientists had been picked up and placed in an
internment camp known as the Dustbin. In the original planning for the mission a prime
factor was the view that German military equipment – tanks, jets, rocketry and so forth –
was technically superior and that captured scientists, technicians and engineers could be
swiftly debriefed in an effort by the Allies to catch up’.

‘Then, in December 1944, Bill Donovan, head of the OSS, and Allen Dulles [the
German Abwehr deep cover intelligence agent – Ed.], OSS head of intelligence operations
in Europe operating out of Switzerland, strongly urged FDR to approve a plan allowing
Nazi intelligence officers, scientists and industrialists to be “given permission for entry into the
United States after the war and the placing of their earnings on deposit in an American
bank and the like”. FDR swiftly turned the proposal down, saying: “We expect that the
number of Germans who are anxious to save their skins and property, will rapidly increase.
Among them may be some who should properly be tried for war crimes, or at least arrested for
active participation in Nazi activities. Even with the necessary controls you mention, I am not
prepared to authorize the giving of guarantees'”.

But co*ckburn and St Clair pointed out that ‘this presidential veto was a dead letter
even as it was being formulated’. A scheme codenamed Operation Overcast was under
way as early as July 1945, approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Its purpose was to bring
into the United States 350 German Nazi scientists, including Werner Von Braun and his V2
rocket team, chemical weapons designers, and artillery and submarine engineers. There had
been some theoretical ban on Nazis being imported, but this was as empty as FDR’s edict. In
addition to Von Braun, the Overcast shipment included such notorious Nazis and SS officers
as Dr. Herbert Axster, Dr. Arthur Rudolph and Georg Richkey.

Von Braun’s team had used slave labor from the Dora concentration camp and had
worked prisoners to death in the Mittelwerk complex: indeed, more than 20,000 had died
there from exhaustion and starvation. ‘The supervising slavemaster was Richkey. In
retaliation against sabotage in the missile plant – prisoners would urinate on electrical
equipment, causing spectacular malfunctions – Richkey would hang them, twelve at a time
from the factory cranes, with wooden sticks shoved into their mouths to muffle their cries.
In the Dora camp itself, he regarded children as useless mouths and instructed the SS guards
to club them to death, which they did’.

This record did not inhibit Richkey’s high-speed transfer to the United States, the
authors reported, ‘where he was deployed at Wright Field, a US Army Air Corps base
near Dayton, Ohio’. Richkey was then put to work overseeing security for dozens of other
Nazis who were by now pursuing their researches for the United States. ‘He was also
assigned the task of translating all of the records from the Mittelwerk factory. He thus had
the opportunity, which he used to the utmost, to destroy any material compromising to his
colleagues and himself. By 1947 there was enough public disquiet, stimulated by the columnist
Drew Pearson, to require a pro forma war crimes trial for Richkey and a few others. Richkey
was sent back to West Germany and put through a secret trial supervised by the US Army,
which had every reason to clear Richkey since conviction would disclose that the entire
Mittelwerk team now in the US had been accomplices in the use of slavery and the torture
and killing of prisoners of war, and thus were also guilty of war crimes. The US Army
therefore sabotaged Richkey’s trial by withholding records now in the United States and also
by preventing any interrogation of Von Braun and others from Dayton: and Richkey was acquitted.
Because some of the trial materials implicated Rudolph, Von Braun and Walter Domberger, however,
the entire record was classified and held secret for forty years, thus burying evidence that
could have sent the entire rocket team to the gallows’.

‘Senior officers of the US Army knew the truth. Initially the recruitment of German war
criminals was justified as being necessary to the continuing war against Japan. Later,
moral justification took the form of invoking “intellectual reparations” or, as the Joint
Chiefs of Staff put it, as “a form of exploitation of chosen rare minds whose continuing
intellectual productivity we wish to use”. Endorsem*nt for this repellent posture came
from a panel of the National Academy of Sciences, which adopted the colleg-ial position
that German scientists had somehow evaded the Nazi contagion by being “an island of
nonconformity in the Nazified body politic”, a statement that Von Braun, Richkey and the
other slave drivers must have deeply appreciated’15.

But these excuses were soon overwhelmed by a much more saleable proposition. ‘By
1946, a rationale based on Cold War strategy was becoming more important. Nazis were
needed in the struggle against Communism, and their capabilities certainly had to be
withheld from the Soviets. In September 1946, President Harry Truman approved the Dulles-
inspired Project Paperclip, the mission of which was to bring a targeted 1,000 Nazi
scientists to the United States. Among them were many of the vilest criminals of the war:
there were doctors from Dachau concentration camp who had killed prisoners by putting
them through high altitude tests, who had frozen their victims and given them massive closes
of salt water to research the process of drowning. There were the chemical weapons engineers
such as Kurt Blome, who had tested Sarin nerve gas on prisoners at Auschwitz. There were
doctors who had instigated battlefield traumas by taking women prisoners at Ravensbriick
and filling their wounds with gangrene cultures, sawdust, mustard gas, and glass, then sewing
them up and treating some with doses of sulphur drugs while timing others to see how long it
took for them to develop lethal cases of gangrene’.

co*ckburn and St Clair continued: ‘Among the targets of the US Paperclip recruitment
program were Hermann Becker-Freysing and Konrad Schaeffer, authors of the study ‘Thirst
and Thirst Quenching in Emergency Situations at Sea’. The ‘scientific’ study was designed to
devise ways to prolong the survival of pilots downed over water. To this end, the two
scientists had asked Heinrich Himmler for “forty healthy test subjects” from the SS chief’s
network of concentration camps – the only debate among the scientists being whether the
research victims should be Jews, gypsies or Communists. The experiments took place at
Dachau. These prisoners, most of them Jews, had salt water forced down their throats
through tubes. Others had salt water injected directly into their veins. Half of the subjects
were given a drug called berkatit, which was supposed to make salt water more palatable,
though both scientists suspected that the berkatit itself would prove fatally toxic within
two weeks. They were absolutely correct. During the tests the doctors used long needles
to extract liver tissue. No anaesthetic was given. All the research subjects, of course, died.
Both Becker-Freysing and Schaeffer received long-term contracts under Paperclip;
Schaeffer ended up in Texas, where he continued his research into ‘thirst and
desalinisation of salt water.’

Becker-Freysing was given the responsibility, the authors reported, ‘of editing for the
US Air Force the massive store of aviation research conducted by his fellow Nazis. By this
time he had been tracked down and brought to trial at Nuremberg. The multi-volume
work, entitled ‘German Aviation Medicine: World War II’, was eventually published by the
US Air Force, complete with an introduction written by Becker-Freysing from
his Nuremberg jail cell. The work neglected to mention the human victims of the research,
and praised the Nazi scientists as sincere and honourable men ‘with a free and academic
character labouring under the constraints of the Third Reich’. One of their prominent
colleagues was a certain Dr. Sigmund Rascher, also assigned to Dachau. In 1941 Rascher
informed Himmler of the vital need to conduct high-altitude experiments on human
subjects. Rascher, who had developed a special low-pressure chamber during his tenure at
the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, asked Himmler for permission to have delivered into his
custody ‘two or three hundred professional criminals’, a Nazi euphemism for Jews, Russian
prisoners, and members of the Polish underground resistance. Himmler quickly assented
and Rascher’s experiments were under way within a month.

‘Rascher’s victims were locked inside his low-pressure chamber, which simulated
altitudes of up to 68,000 feet. Eighty of the human guinea pigs died after being kept inside
for half an hour without oxygen. Dozens of others were dragged semi-conscious from the
chamber and immediately drowned in vats of ice water. Rascher quickly sliced open their
heads to examine how many blood vessels in the brain had burst due to air embolisms.
Rascher filmed these experiments and the autopsies, sending the footage along with his
meticulous notes back to Himmler. “Some experiments gave men such pressure in their
heads that they would go mad and pull out their hair in an effort to relieve such
pressure”, Rascher wrote. “They would tear at their heads and faces with their hands and
scream in an effort to relieve pressure on their eardrums”. Rascher’s records were
scooped up by US intelligence agents and delivered to the Air Force’.

That is how keen the relevant evil cadres of the US intelligence community were to
obtain and build upon these hellish findings. The US intelligence operatives were in fact so
entranced with their mission, that they went to extraordinary lengths to protect their
recruits from criminal investigators at the US Department of Justice. One of the more
despicable cases was that of Nazi aviation researcher Emil Salmon, who, though a Jew, had
helped during the War to set fire to a synagogue filled with Jewish women and children.
Salmon was sheltered by US officials at Wright Air Force Base in Ohio after being
convicted of crimes by a denazification court in Germany.


Through its Technical Mission in Europe, the US Navy was also hot on the trail of state-of-
the-art Nazi research into interrogation techniques. The Navy’s intelligence officers soon
came across Nazi research papers on truth serums, this research having been conducted, yet
again, at Dachau concentration camp, by a Dr. Kurt Plotner. Plotner had given Jewish and
Russian prisoners high doses of mescalin and had watched them display schizophrenic
behaviour. The prisoners began to talk openly of their hatred of their German captors, and to
make confessional statements about their psychological makeup. Reading Dr. Plotner’s
reports, the US Naval Intelligence officers discovered that Plotner had experimented with
some success with mescalin as a speech- and even truth-inducing drug, enabling
interrogators to extract ‘even the most intimate secrets from the subject when questions
were cleverly put’. Plotner also reported researches into mescalin’s potential as an agent
of behavioural modification or mind-control.

co*ckburn and St Clair reported that ‘this information was of particular interest to
Boris Pash, one of the more sinister figures in the CIA cast of characters in this early phase.
Pash was a Russian emigre to the United States who had gone through the rev-
olutionary years at the birth of the Soviet Union…. In his capacity as head of security Pash
had supervised the OSS officer George Hunter White’s use of THC on Manhattan Project
scientists. In 1944 Pash was picked by Donovan to head up what was called the Alsos
Mission, designed to scoop up German scientists who had been involved in atomic, chemical
and biological weapons research. Mr Pash set up shop at the house of an old prewar friend,
Dr. Eugene von Haagen, a professor at the University of Strasburg, where many Nazi
scientists had been faculty members. Pash had met von Haagen when the doctor was on
sabbatical at Rockefeller University in New York, researching tropical viruses. When von
Haagen returned to Germany in the late 1930s he and Kurt Blome became joint heads of the
Nazis’ biological weapons unit’.

‘Von Haagen’, the authors reported, drawing on their study of official documents,
‘spent much of the war infecting Jewish inmates at the Natzweiler concentration camp with
diseases, including spotted fever. Undeterred by the wartime activities of his old friend,
Pash immediately placed von Haagen into the Paperclip Program, where he worked for
the US Government for five years providing expertise in germ weapons research. Von
Haagen put Pash in touch with his former colleague, Blome, who was also speedily enlisted
in the Paperclip Program. There was an inconvenient hiatus when Blome was arrested and
tried at Nuremberg for medical war crimes, including the deliberate infecting of hundreds
of prisoners from the Polish underground with TB and bubonic plague. But fortunately for
the Nazi man of ‘science’, US Army Intelligence and the OSS withheld mcriminating
documents they had acquired through their interrogation. The evidence would not only
have demonstrated Blome’s guilt but also his supervising role in constructing a German
CBW laboratory to test chemical and biological weapons for use on Allied troops’. Blome
was acquitted.

One final excerpt from co*ckburn and St Clair’s analysis is relevant here. ‘In 1954, two
months after Blome’s acquittal’, they asserted, ‘US intelligence officers journeyed to
Germany to interview him. In a memorandum to his superiors, Mr H. W Batchelor
described the purpose of this pilgrimage’ in the following terms – which will have warmed
the cold hearts of the long-term strategic deception operatives of the Nazi International at
the Madrid-based German Geopolitical Centre [see Chapter 8], who had been largely
responsible for enticing the short-sighted Americans to embrace the Nazi intelligence and
scientific communities, in pursuit of their long-range strategy of establishing the Nazis’
Thousand-Year Reich on the ruins of the United States itself:

“We have friends in Germany, scientific friends, and this is an opportunity to enjoy
meeting them to discuss our various problems”.

At the session, Blome gave Batchelor a list of the biological weapons researchers who
had worked for him during the War and discussed promising new avenues of research into
weapons of mass destruction. The authors concluded that ‘Blome was soon signed up to a
new Paperclip contract for $6,000 a year, and flew to the United States, where he took up
his duties at Camp King, an army base located outside Washington, DC. In 1951 von
Haagen was picked up by the French authorities. Despite the tireless efforts of his
protectors in US intelligence, the doctor was convicted of war crimes and sentenced to
twenty years in prison’.

Thus the ‘received view’ that US intelligence hastened to exfiltrate as many Nazi
scientists and intelligence specialists as it could, in the context of the rivalry induced by the
Cold War, is incorrect. On the contrary, US intelligence, aided and abetted by the British,
lusted after these Nazis and their Satanic expertise from the get-go.


In 1999, ‘The Albany Times Union’ reported that the University of Albany had closed
down research being conducted by Professor Kathryn Kelley, who had been examining the
fears of people who claimed to have been surgically implanted with communications
devices capable of reading their thoughts. Dr Kelley referred in writing to a massive
implant research programme funded by the National Security Agency and the US
Department of Defense, costing $2.0 billion. Exposure of this research by Dr Kelley
herself and concerned graduate students, resulted in the University’s announcement; but it
was obvious that the project itself continued (and that, again, the work Dr Kelley was
doing would also have continued). One graduate student, Gregory George, who reported
that he was part of a team assigned to lay the factual foundations for implant research,
was reported to have identified several firms that had developed ‘trans-tympanic
transducers’ – instruments functioning like mini-telephones that send voice messages to the
inner ear. At a conference in Orlando, Florida, in the same month, Dr Kelley had explained
how a subject might be implanted with such a device during anaesthesia, perhaps leaving
tiny stitches visible in the ear. She referred to the devices as RAATs (short for radio wave,
auditory, assaultive transmitting implants). Dr Kelley wrote in her paper that ‘when (short-
wave) operators transmit to or scan RAAT implants in victims, they can talk to the
victims remotely and anonymously, and hear the victim’s speech and thoughts’. Her paper
must have annoyed her ultimate funders by pointing out that the National Institutes of
Health routinely deny any Government role in such research – lying to the American

In 1995, Ralph Tortorici, who claimed that the American Government had planted
microchips in his body, held a class of 37 students hostage and shot one student during a
struggle at the University of Albany. In 1999, the gunman hanged himself in his prison
cell. In 1994, Advanced Neurotechnologies developed a brain-to-computer interface that can
translate brainwaves into coded data. A microchip called, ominously but appropriately
‘Soul Catcher 2025’, that can be placed behind a human eye to record all visual and
physical sensations as well as thought, is reportedly under development at British
Telecom’s Martlesham Laboratories. The extent of British involvement in behaviour
modification, mass mind-control and Psy-Ops is evident from the extensive list of US
organisations with which a clear link to the Tavistock Institute is or has been identified,
following the transfer of the German Jew Kurt Lewin to America in the 1930s.

The direct involvement of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in behaviour modification,
mind-control and personality manipulation research and operations has already been
alluded to. But how many people know that the murderers Charles Manson and Sirhan
Sirhan were connected to the AMORC Rosicrucians, the Satanic sect which is embedded
within Scottish Rite Freemasonry and which has published a secret document containing
instructions on how to summon up the Devil himself? Manson’s operating base was the
Spahn Movie Ranch which was purchased after Manson’s incarceration by the German
Krupp Family – key figures involved in the arming of Hitler’s Third Reich. Many of the
Manson murder victims in Georgetown, Guyana, had been involved in Satanism and
death rites. Congressman Leo Ryan, who had uncovered information linking the CIA to
the creation of mind-control cults, went to Guyana to investigate. His appearance there
reportedly triggered the suicides and murders. Dr Mootoo, a Guyanan pathologist who
was the first to arrive at the Jamestown atrocity scene, concluded that all but three of the
‘suicide’ victims had been murdered.


In Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, the perpetrators and promoters of such evils were precisely
identified. The list, as we have seen, includes a description of the Luciferians and their
abominations who are exposed in this analysis, who have put God aside and presume to be in a
position to reorder every dimension of human existence, including spirituality: hence, for instance, an
organisation in the United States calling itself the Council on Spiritual Practices, which in
fact investigates every psychoscientific aberration and occult ‘spiritual’ departure under the
sun. Paul included, in his list of ‘the lost’, a category of ‘abominable persons’ which precisely
fits the reprobate characters itemised here: ‘inventors of evil things’. Among these is an
offshoot of Scientology founded by one Robert DeGrimston called The Process, which
specialises in ‘returning’ the mind to a blank state (tabula rasa) through violence. This is
attempted during certain Masonic rites, when the candidate is picked up bodily and thrown
about the Lodge and between participants, as shown here in the illustration from Captain
Morgan’s exposure of Freemasonry dated 1827 [Figure 41].

Figure 41: The caption to this illustration from Captain William Morgan’s exposure of US Freemasonry dated 1827, entitled ‘Illustrations of Masonry’, reads as follows: ‘Candidate as Hiram Abiff falling into the canvas, having been struck in the forehead by the setting maul of the supposed third ruffian, Jubelum. This spooky name mimicks the pejorative occultic-masonic initials J.B.M., short for the blasphemous Jesus Bethlemitus Maledictus, and is associated with the names of two other ruffians, Jubela and Jubelo, who are proclaimed to be ‘missing’ when a roll call of the workmen on Solomon’s Temple is called by the Master in one of the key Masonic ceremonies. The three ruffians are thought to represent a blasphemous insult to the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The ceremony in question is accompanied by much violence, as is confirmed by the following excerpts from Captain Morgan’s account, citing the prescribed Lodge language: ‘[Seizing the candidate by the throat… and jerking him about with violence]…. The ruffian then gives the candidate a blow with the twenty-four-inch gauge across the throat, on which he fled to the West Gate [of the Temple], where he was accosted by the second ruffian, Jubelo, with more violence, and on his refusal to comply with this request, he gave him a severe blow with the square across his breast, on which he attempted to make his escape at the East Gate, where he was accosted by the third ruffian, Jubelum, with still more violence, and on refusing to comply with this request, the ruffian gave him a violent blow with the common gavel on his forehead, which brought him to the floor…’. Thus the central ceremony of Blue Lodge Freemasonry is infested with violence, infesting Masons with a tolerance of violence as ‘collateral damage’. This ritualised violence is also associated with an attempt to clear the candidate’s mind by forcing him to ensure an ordeal after which nothing will ever be the same for him again. With such a tabula rasa, Luciferian infestation can proceed.

To ‘cleanse’ new members of the Khrystos/Krigonogov cult, the victims were fed
‘Jordan Water’ which induces cell mutation and assists in the brainwashing process.
Among the mind-control weapons reportedly used in Waco, Texas, during the siege of
David Koresh and his group were portable electromagnetic devices
. Experiments using
Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) transmission have been reported, assaulting inner city
residents as guinea pigs.
Never-ending false reports about aliens (demons), and alien
abduction, are thought by some to represent a cover for mind-control experimentation. The
sudden drop in ozone levels observed in the 1970s was triggered by electromagnetic
bombardment of the atmosphere, not by greenhouse gases.
The electromagnetic
broadcasting installations are known to exist in a number of advances countries, including
the United Kingdom and the United States, where this dimension is controlled by the
High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), activated in 1997 and
located in Gakona, Alaska, that is capable of changing weather patterns, inducing
hurricanes and earthquakes.
It is run by the US Department of Defense, the Phillips
Laboratory of the US Air Force, and the Office of Naval Research. Weather modification,
as over New Orleans and the US Gulf Coast, is achieved by altering the molecular
composition of an atmospheric region. The Pentagon claims that HAARP exists for
ionospheric research purposes.

The essence of the evil Tavistock method is the degenerate psychology which the
German Tavistock operative Kurt Lewin called ‘group dynamics’, such as the method
used by Moral re-Armament.
In a Lewinite brainwashing session, individuals from
varying backgrounds and with contrasting personalities are manipulated by a ‘group
leader’ to form a ‘consensus’ of opinion, thereby procuring a new ‘group identity’. The key
to this insidious process is the creation of a controlled environment in which stress is
introduced (sometimes called dissonance), designed to destabilise and crack an individual’s
belief structure. Using the peer pressure of other group members, the individual is
‘cracked’, and a new personality is supposed to emerge, equipped with new ‘values’. The
parallellism of this method with the Skull and Bones and Masonic ritual of being ‘born
again’ out of a state of death in a coffin, is no coincidence. The degrading experience
causes the person to deny that any change has taken place – which means, in effect, that
the victim has been brainwashed without being aware of what has occurred. This is in fact
the same method, with some minor modifications, as that used in all so-called ‘sensitivity
groups’ or ‘T-groups’, or in the context of the rock-sex counterculture which exists to make
money while destroying the family, and in ‘touchy-feely’ format, as promoted by the
Esalen Institute – which succeeded on one occasion in brainwashing over 500 Catholic nuns
to leave the church and the teaching profession. It is also the method being used by
‘Common Purpose’, a sinister brainwashing operation run secretly by the UK Central
Government from an office in Whitehall.

‘Group dynamics’ are deployed on a large scale by one of the leading US ‘Tavistock
School’ entities, National Training Laboratories (NIL), which was established in 1947 by
members of the US Tavistock network and located originally on an estate at Bethel,
Maine. The specific objective of NTL’s remit was the brainwashing of government officials,
educational institutions and corporate bureaucracies in Tavistock’s ‘methodology’, so that
such brainwashed ‘leaders’ could then be used either to run Tavistock ‘group dynamics’
sessions themselves, to to hire other similarly trained groupies to do the job.
From the mid-1950s onwards, National Training Laboratories (NIL) put most of the
United States’ corporate leaderships through mass brainwashing programmes,
while running similar programmes for the State Department, the Navy, the Department of
Education, and other components of the US Federal bureaucracy. It is believed that several
million such officials and servants of the state have been ‘deconstructed and rebuilf by the
National Training Laboratories, now called the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural
Sciences, based at Rosslyn, Virginia.

This organisation’s West Coast base is Western Training Laboratories in Group
Development, and there are various satellite organisations. One of NTL’s biggest cus-
tomers since the 1950s has been the National Education Association, which is the largest
organisation of teachers in the United States. In 1964, the NTL became a direct component
of the National Education Association, establishing ‘group sessions’ in all of its branches
and affiliates. Whenever you hear of ‘group sessions’ taking place, be sure that what is
happening is a form of brainwashing originally propounded and developed by the
Tavistock Institute and its manic affiliates, loci of the ‘seething energies’ of Lucifer.
With funding from the US Department of Education, the NTL Institute designed all
the programmes for the training of US primary and secondary school teachers, and has had
a hand in the development of the most insidious of prevailing and ongoing ‘educational
reforms’, including Outcome-Based Education, sex education and ‘death education’. The
Tavistock-related NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Sciences is a brainwashing centre
specialising in artificial stress training, in which participants suddenly find themselves
immersed in having to defend themselves against vicious accusations, familiar from our
earlier look at Scientology’s similarly odious abominations.

The Tavistock Institute’s known network extends from the far-left University of
Sussex, to the Hudson Institute, founded by the German Jew Hermann Kahn in 1961. As
indicated, Khan also founded the CIA’s most prominent related agitprop think-tank, the
RAND Corporation. Other related organisations (already listed) include the Heritage
Foundation (founded by Paul Weyrich with funding from Joseph Coors, a beer magnate),
the Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown (which trains US State
Department personnel), US Air Force Intelligence, and the CIA’s Mitre Corporation. A
network of secret New Underworld Order groups such as the DVD front, the Trilateral
Commission, the Ditchley Foundation, the Mont Pelerin Society and the Club of Rome
(which ‘educates’ us all on the need for population reduction, which it plots) provides a
complex conduit for New Underworld Order Luciferian instructions to the Tavistock
organisations in the United States. The US branch of the Ditchley Foundation has been run
by Cyrus Vance, the former US Secretary of State, and Director of the Rockefeller
Foundation, and by Winston Lord, President of the Council on Foreign Relations. The wife
of Winston Lord, a Bonesman, was the Chairwoman of the Board of Freedom House, a
misnamed publishing house. It is a Council on Foreign Relations front which is allegedly
involved, inter alia, in the manipulation of the ‘Christian Righf which has been heavily
targeted by the CIA over the years.

One of the most odious of alleged American Nazis was Senator Robert C. Byrd, who
‘justified’ mind-control activities as a means of thrusting mankind into accelerated
revolution, in conformity with neo-Nazi principles. Mankind’s spiritual needs must be
manipulated in order to bring about ‘world peace’ through what Byrd considered ‘the only
means available – total mind-control under the New World Order’. Mark Phillips’
deprogrammed sex slave Cathy O’Brien reports that Byrd ‘believed in the Nazi and KKK
principles of “annihilation of underprivileged races and cultures” through genocide’ – to breed
‘the more gifted – the blondes of this world’ [see panel, page 251].


With this background in mind, we can now revert to some considerations about “Trance
Formation of America,” the atrocious Psy-Ops book by Mark Phillips and the MONARCH
slave he says he has deprogrammed, Cathy O’Brien. Mr Phillips’ full name is Marquart
(Mark) Ewing Phillips, who was born on 17th May 1943 in Nashville, Tennessee. In the
introduction to the book (which contains evidence of degradation, depravity, sexual
indulgence and drug-crazed behaviour among holders of high office associated with
psyche manipulation and criminal activity protected under the guise of security spanning
many US Administrations, that is far more disturbing than the already alarming enough
details published so far in this work), Mr Phillips writes as follows:

‘This brief and highly condensed contribution is intended to provide an under-
standing of why, when, and where I embarked on a study of the most secret technology
known to man: Trauma-based mind-control’ which has evolved from experiments being
conducted by Heinrich Himmler’s Satanised scientists. ‘Through the publication of declassified
United States Government documents, our US Department of Defense (DOD) admits that
this ancient wizard’s mechanism for control is so dangerous that most information pertaining to
it must remain classified as TOP SECRET. As the employee of a DOD subcontractor with
exposure to mind-control research, I was required to sign an oath of secrecy. To this day I
am restricted by law from revealing certain specific information that directly pertained to
my employment as, among other “sensitive” exposures, a US DOD subcontractor in
mind-control research’.

Phillips adds: “I was able to liberate MK-ULTRA victims, Cathy O’Brien and her
daughter, Kelly, from the invisible grip of this US Government secret weapon of control’.
The book records what Mr Phillips says is the story of the rehabilitation of the MONARCH
sex slave Ms. Cathy O’Brien and her daughter, Kelly – although Cathy O’Brien’s
reported attempts to obtain rehabilitation rights for her daughter Kelly have been
repeatedly blocked on ‘grounds of national security’; and in the process, an enormous
amount of disgusting, disreputable, reprobate and frankly repulsively compromising
material about top US officials and leaders, past and present, is recorded.

A sequel to ‘Trance Formation of America’, entitled ‘Mind Kontrol – The Proof’, dealing with
MK-ULTRA, MK-DELTA (chemical and biological warfare) ARTICHOKE., BLUEBIRD,
LSD, Psylocybin, hypnosis, interrogation techniques and other control methodologies used
by the US Government, and allegedly based on 17,000 images obtained under the
Freedom of Information Act and well over 34,000 files, has since been published by
O’Brien-Phillips, who also have a video for sale entitled ‘mind-control Out of Control’, and
have made a business out of their revelations (that is to say, of revelations by Cathy
O’Brien), which reveal how successful Mark Phillips has been in deprogramming Cathy.
Indeed, one of the purposes of this book is to illustrate, perhaps by design, that it is possible
to rehabilitate pre-programmed and abused MONARCH sex slaves. The other main
purpose may be to signal that the authorities’ retention of Cathy’s programmed daughter is
a scandal, like everything else in this Luciferian cesspit of evil. The book also serves the
purpose of adding greatly to the openly available detail about extreme degradation and
corruption in high places, which, as the intelligence services know, not least from Hitler’s
experience during the Second World War, the vast majority of the population won’t want to
believe, or will be all the more confused by.

This Author is accustomed to teasing out truth from falsehood in copy prepared by
Soviet intelligence, and it is his opinion that if Phillips’ document represented an ele-
merit of a Soviet discrediting offensive, it would contain certain tell-tale language and
idiomatic traits too inconsequential (to the reader) to review here. This is not a Soviet
discrediting work, although following the ‘Period of Escalating Violence’, as laid down in
the Comintern’s ‘Blueprint for World Revolution’ [1928], the next stage is indeed a concerted
operation to discredit the leaderships of ‘enemies of the Revolution’.

Motivated by the necessity to establish whether the ‘photographer’ called Mark
Phillips who took the 9/11 picture(s) of the ‘Devil in the smoke’ is the same person who
ghosted/co-authored Cathy O’Brien’s 1995 detailed expose of the application of trauma-
based mind-control programmes in the interests of strategy, the Author wrote to Ms O’Brien,
in the spirit of O’Brien-Phillips’ requests for input, implied by their website. The letter
asked whether Ms O’Brien represented a ‘deprogramming case study’, implying a scintilla
of doubt as to whether the pair’s representation that ‘Cathy Phillips’, as she now is, is
indeed a survivor of Project MONARCH’S (MK-ULTRA) mind-control programme, and
that Mark Phillips is the person (‘former’ intelligence operative) who rescued her,
represents the full story. The Author received no reply to his letter, which is more or less to
be expected if the addressee is an intelligence operative. The letter asked whether Mark Phillips
is the same Mark Phillips who ‘took’ the Devil-in-the-smoke photographs. Since there was no
reply to this question, the Author has concluded that the two Phillips are indeed the same.

In which case, it is evident (as is almost always the case when one follows such a line of reasoning) that the operative in question is NOT a ‘former’ Psy-Ops’ operative, but remains engaged in this line of esoteric activity, and was responsible for distributing some of the the image(s) of the Devil in the smoke. While it was a Psy-Ops operation, it is also likely that, since the destruction of the Twin Towers was a Fire Ritual Sacrifice, the Devil or demon images were real: they did not need to be faked. This would explain how it was possible for the Devil-in-the-smoke image to be delivered to Associated Press within 14 minutes of extreme pressure and drama. The intelligence agent here seems to be more than simply a ‘former’ CIA ‘Psy-Ops’ expert, but rather may be a fully paid-up Psy-Ops’ operative. In a rational environment, such a discovery would perhaps throw into question the entire grim contents of ‘Trance Formation of America’ and its reports of high-level participation in degrading behaviour modification (brainwashing) or mind-control operations contained therein – considering that the phrase Project MONARCH is not mentioned in any open intelligence documents, and that Ms. O’Brien apparently cannot remember any dates or Air Force Laboratory layouts that could be verified by an objective researcher seeking to check her facts. This lack of information forces at least one observer to conclude that the entire package of material the Phillipses have published could have been compiled from already published accounts.

Figure 42: ‘Trance Formation of America’ by Cathy O’Brien, which exposes, in enormous detail, the sex-based mind-control manipulation operations of the llluminati at the highest Black levels of Government in North America. The lurid content is so detailed that it cannot be fiction.


Furthermore, Mr and Mrs Phillips have continued with apparent impunity to publish
material, in the United States, that remains in the public domain, which condemns holders of
the highest offices as the most foul and contemptible of human beings, accompanied by
exhaustive detail including dates, locations and details of who else was present at given
sexual abuse abominations. To be able to publish such extremely damaging information –
about Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford (a.k.a. Leslie Lynch King), about
Richard Cheney’s alleged sexual brutality and involvement in high-voltage tortures, or the
handing of $2.5 million of p*rnography profits to a MONARCH slave for crediting with the
Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), about the joint participation of the
Jesuits and the CIA in torture just before death in the course of Nazi-style Death’s Door
Programming in PROJECT MONARCH
(the internationally recognised cryptic codename
for which is ‘Freedom Train’), about Bill Bennett, the so-called Drug Czar and Bill Clinton
at the Bohemian Grove, about the alleged evil of Senator Robert Byrd and the facility with
which Bill Clinton had mastered mind-control access to MONARCH sex slaves – implies
that such ‘releases’ of information are ‘sanctioned’ and therefore controlled. It is not
unknown for horrendous atrocities (for instance, such as those perpetrated at Abu
Ghraib) to be ‘surfaced’ from the intelligence world, as a means of masking the
emergence of even more compromising material. Another possibility is that public
reaction to such disclosures is monitored, to gauge how ‘successful’ mass desensitising
operations have been. Further, since it is apparent that Mark Phillips was responsible for the
Associated Press ‘Devil-in-the-smoke’ frame(s), one cannot be certain that these Satanic Psy-
Ops revelations of his are not themselves a component of a broader, ongoing ‘Psy-Ops’
programme. Psychological Operations perpetrated against the American people by
structures of their own Government have escalated by an order of magnitude in recent years,
as the Luciferians imagine that they are approaching the realisation of their mad plans to
reorganise humanity and the whole world.

The Devil-in-the-smoke image was replicated, as shown in Figure 3 on page 11, by a
Devil or demon image seen amid the flames, which was broadcast by CNN. The
Author is therefore certain, given all the circ*mstances and the known facts, and recalling
that former Satanists recognised the Devil-in-the-smoke figure as identical to devils
conjured during Satanic Fire Rituals, that the images were genuine, not fakes, and that, as an
experienced Psy-Ops manipulator and CIA mind-control expert and therefore a de facto
occultist, Mark Phillips would not have been surprised that the Fire Ritual of the Twin Towers
duly conjured up fire demons, as provided for in the magical invocation procedures of the
‘Ancient Mysteries’ to which these Illuminati adhere, aspire to, and which they seek to
universalise. As for the gross publicity that the Phillipses’ have given to the absolutely
unspeakable evils described in their book, they themselves suggest that colleagues had
informed them that no-one would believe what they have revealed, unless they had been
liquidated. They have not been murdered, as far as is known.

Finally, as Goebbels, Himmler and Hitler discovered, the perpetration of unspeakable
acts on a mass scale, or on any scale, sounds so gross and unlikely as to be unbelievable.
Those who know the truth are afraid, at the very least, of being made to look foolish by
retailing it: so they shut up. Exactly the same syndrome is evident today: if some of the
information collected from the public domain by observers such as this Author were to
appear in the ‘mainstream’ press – although this may change – the general supposition has
been that it would not be believed.

But when millions of Americans are ‘disappeared’ and squeezed into specially equipped
railcars, standing room only, and are forced to hold onto straps while the trains run the length
of the United States, up into Alaska and through the Bering Strait tunnel into the ‘former’
USSR, where they will be disposed of and never heard of again, the Author and those who
know about these abominations, if still alive, will perhaps look less foolish than some would
like to make them look today.

Mrs Phillips writes, of the second book, that ‘much of the information enclosed herein has
been corroborated and validated through brave and courageous ‘clean’ members of the law enforcement,
scientific and intelligence communities familiar with this (i.e. her own) case. These individuals’
efforts helped me to understand and corroborate what happened after a lifetime of
systematic physical and psychological torture orchestrated to modify my behaviour
through totally controlling my mind. Some of these courageous individuals are employed
by the very system that controlled me, and live in fear of losing their jobs, their families, or
their lives. They have gone as far as they dare towards publicly exposing this tool of
engineers of the New World Order – to no avail. This book is a grassroots effort to solicit and
enlist the public and private support of human rights advocates, the recognized, respected
doors in America to expose this invisible and social menace…’.

‘The expertise of my primary advocate and skilled deprogrammer’ – which means that
Mr Phillips of course learned his deprogramming skills from the same secret sources that teach
the Satanic programming skills in the first place, as she now admitted – ‘developed though his US
Defense Department knowledge of ‘Top Secret’ mind-control research and researchers,
was responsible for the restoration of my mind to normal functioning. As a result, I have
recovered memories related to this text, and, having survived the ordeal, have reached this
point of enormous frustration’ – by which she must have meant that she earnestly seeks to
persuade Americans somehow to demand that these Satanic practices conducted by the
authorities must cease. If that is true, why did she or Mr Phillips not answer the Author’s
letter, as the Author is being of assistance here?

‘In 1988, through a series of brilliantly orchestrated events, Mark Phillips rescued me and
my 8-year-old daughter, Kelly, from our mind-controlled existence and took us to the safety of
Alaska for rehabilitation. It was there that we began the tedious process of untangling my
amnesic mind to consciously recall what I was supposed to forget’.

‘Many US and foreign government secrets and personal reputations were staked in the
belief that I could not be deprogrammed and rehabilitated to accurately reveal the criminal
covert activities and perversions in which Kelly and I were were forced to participate,
particularly during the Reagan/Bush Administrations. Now that I have gained control of my
own mind, I view it as my duty as a mother and American patriot to exercise my gained
free will to expose the mind-control atrocities that my daughter and I endured at the hands of
those in control of our government. This personal view of Inside Pandora’s Box includes a
keen perception of how mind-control is being used to apparently implement the New
World Order, and a personal knowledge of WHO…of the so-called “masterminds”
are behind this world and mind dominance’ programme.

All of which sounds highly commendable; indeed, as indicated, the Author was so
impressed that he wrote, as indicated, to Ms O’Brien, at the publicised address, indicating
inter alia his intention of elaborating upon this issue (in this book). No response.
mind-control and personality modification operations are among the myriad evil tools
being deployed to leverage the world towards One World Government. Colossal financial
resources have been corralled for that purpose. Other methodologies include mass Psy-Ops,
terrorism, the global distribution of p*rnography and biowarfare byproducts in the form of
generic pharmaceuticals via the Internet, the degradation of entertainment, the hijacking of
sport and ‘spectacles’ for global propaganda purposes, the exploitation of environmental
issues, innumerable scams and financial and commodity warfare operations, military
operations conducted by proxy, dialectical scene-setting (creation of Thesis and Antithesis),
the liberal misuse of the legal process, false witness, and assassinations – to name only some
of the more widely used ‘chaos’-making mechanisms.


Because the Author received no reply to his letter, and also because Trance Formation of
America was published in Las Vegas – where the intelligence community creates prop-
aganda and disinformation films and videos, so why not printed material as well? – he
has had to conclude that the availability of Cathy O’Brien’s material in the public
domain, and the fact that she and Mark Phillips appear to be able to continue publishing
this material with impunity, must suit the perpetrators of these atrocities. As in the covert
Leninist Soviet Union, the existence of ‘controlled opposition’ (controlled dialectical
Antithesis) provides the Thesis with ‘credibility’. But that, of course, implies that Mr Phillips
is quite content with this state of affairs, especially as he may continue, apparently, to be
engaged in Psy-Ops operations (at least, as at 9/11).

So here we have (a) intelligence operative(s) publicly rebelling against the abom-
inations demanded of them by their superiors; (b) remaining alive despite revealing state
secrets and detailed descriptions, which could not possibly be invented, of the debauched
and reprobate behaviour of past and present holders of the highest offices in the United
States, complete with code names, and other details which could only be obtained from
inside knowledge; and (c) perhaps continuing to work for the very perpetrators of
atrocities whom they condemn in the open exposure material.

Is this all done to maximise confusion; does it reflect extreme continuing antagonisms
and divisions inside the intelligence services (about which there is much separate evidence);
or is the publication of these titles itself a component of the endless cycle of cynical Psy-Ops
operations in which the reprobate US intelligence services are perpetually engaged? Or is it
that these intelligence operatives suffer from the consequences of having had their
personalities split themselves, and are kind of bipolar – agreeing with all sides of every
question while they continue working for the Satanised ogres who employ them? As has
been mentioned, the Phillips’ were themselves informed that no-one would believe what
they had published unless they themselves were liquidated, which has not happened – the
implication being that ‘no-one believes this stuff’. But the Nazis discovered that crimes of
Satanic ruthlessness and intensity, organised on a production-line basis, can be largely (but
not completely) hidden from view, even though large numbers of Germans had to be
involved in their administration – simply because the sane mind, to retain its integrity,
rejects what it rightly considers to be abhorrent.


Whatever the correct answer to such questions, if their are any, given this world of
induced Satanic chaos, Mr Phillips has submitted to at least one interview in which he tried
to explain the broader context of US official mind-control operations, and correctly traced
the outline history of this Satanic cluster of programmes to the Nazis. In the excerpts that
follow, Mark Phillips also confirmed an assessment reached separately from public-
domain information by this Author – namely, that the Second World War, including the
Illuminati-contrived dialectical struggle between National Socialism and International
Socialism (Communism), never ended: it just shifted across the Atlantic. Since the Bush-
Cheney intelligence cadre displays continuity with the Himmler-Nazi tradition of pre-
emptive attack, and the Clinton-Kerry-Gore cadre with the Communist ‘line’, while the
Bushes, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and John Kerry are each and every one of them
intelligence operatives, it follows that the Second World War has been continuing within the
US intelligence community without ceasing. This would be entirely consistent with
documented proof that the Nazi International strategists intended to continue the war until
the Thousand-Year Reich has been established in Washington, DC.

Mark Phillips was interviewed by ‘Guerrilla News Network’ (date uncertain) which,
despite its revolutionary name, is a serious website; and the fact that it was through this
medium that Mr Phillips provided serious, if cynical and at times, complacent, answers to
important questions, does not detract from the need for Mr Phillips’ remarks to be given
serious consideration:

Q: Define the term ‘Psychological Warfare’ (Psy-Ops).

A: ‘Psychological warfare is nothing more than a series of well-planned and well-executed,
invisible programmes all working in tandem – none of them knowing what the others are doing
– to manipulate the minds of our enemies or our adversaries into believing something
quite different from reality. So they are misled and we in turn win the war that’s actually
never been fought on a battlefield’.

Notice that Mark Phillips does not define who ‘our enemies or our adversaries’ are,
that are being lied to (which is what his elaborate answer meant: they are being lied to). He
omitted to say that ‘our enemies or our adversaries’ could be (in this context) the American
people, or selected components of it – those who do not, for instance, go along with the
undermining, collectivisation or loss of national sovereignty inherent in the conspiracy to
establish the New Underworld Order, or who do not accept the validity of innumerable
official programmes, including compulsory vaccination, the substitution of mind-bending
and propaganda for education, and the mandatory application of revolutionary ‘politically
correct’ ‘solutions’ in the workplace. By this very omission, this obviously highly skilled
ongoing Psy-Ops intelligence expert all but revealed that it is legitimate for such techniques to
be used against the domestic population, whose primitive expectations must be ‘modified’ to
conform with the authorities’ preferences.

Q: Explain the origins of mind-control.

A: mind-control research has been around since ‘The Egyptian Book of the Dead’ was
recorded. You can see the entire formula for trauma-based mind-control right there in ‘The
Egyptian Book of the Dead’. It has escalated from there through various religions, or cults as
they are called, for thousands of years. And as a result of that, Hitler gave Himmler a charge
to research the multi-generationally incest-abusing families of Northern Europeans. Because
Himmler had found out that these people had incredible, what Hitler termed, ‘super-human’
traits as a result of this mind-control.

Before we go any further, let us recall the deeper relevance of all this. In Scripture, the
term ‘Egypt’ is synonymous with ‘the Darkness’ (no offence to modern Egypt being intended
here), since the children of Israel were led by the Lord ‘out of the darkness into the light’ in a
real-time and real-life metaphor for the challenge that faces all of us. Our natural tendency
is to descend towards the darkness, which is why Lucifer is having such a ball ‘as we
speak’ – as the Illuminati offensive against True Christianity, which they seek (in vain) to
extinguish, appears to have gained the upper hand. Phillips’ response confirms that the
CIA, taking its cue from Himmler and the Tavistock Institute, ‘leverages’ the ‘darkness’ of the
‘Ancient Mysteries’ for geopolitical purposes.

In short, here we have further proof – this time, from an expert horse’s mouth – that the
US Government’s black intelligence services have been investigating the occult, the ‘Works
of Darkness’ away from which the Lord led the Israelites. The panel on page 231 confirms that
this is indeed the CIA’s objective. The whole point of Exodus is that the children of Israel were
being removed from Egypt – universally recognised to be the Biblical metaphor for Darkness –
and led towards the Land of Milk and Honey (a living metaphor for the True Light). Exodus
and the history of the transfer of the people of Israel from Egypt to Canaan is a ‘living parable’,
showing how the Lord leads us from the darkness in which, through sin, we have
languished, into His glorious light of Truth. By dabbling in these ‘Ancient Mysteries’,
occult works of sorcery and darkness, the US intelligence services, which control the
Federal Government, have magnified the Illuminati’s intended transference and
universalisation of that darkness into the contemporary world, where it is in the process of
being re-magnified in conflict with the Light – which these evil, misguided and demented
people call the darkness, just as they call the darkness (of Lucifer) the light. Moreover
there is separate evidence (from the RAND Corporation, the US intelligence ‘think-tank’
established by the German Jew, Hermann Kahn that the US Government’s reprobate
intention is indeed to ‘bring the whole world back to Egypt’ (the Darkness); for, as indicated
earlier, these people, who are NOT atheists, all know that they are heading straight for the pit. The
lust for ‘Egypt, the Prize’ expressed in the document summarised in the panel opposite,
provides documented proof of this statement. Reverting now to Phillips’ interview:

Q: Give us a little history lesson. As World War II was ending, the Nazis had done a lot of
research (along these lines). How did the Allies feel about these people and their research?

A: What the United States was concerned about was that these Nazis [Himmler’s
occultic research scientists and operatives – Ed]…. had all this information and data, but we
couldn’t seem to prosecute them. Because they had already, a lot of them, scattered out to
various countries like Russia, Italy and South America [sic]. So what the CIA persuaded
Congress to do [was] to pass this Project Paperclip [sic], as a legal means of importing
these people into the United States and introducing them into our military industrial
complex, including our colleges and universities. Their view was this: If we don’t bring
these people into our country and contain them, then our enemies, the Soviet Union, will
get them.

In other words, the Nazis didn’t lose the war; they just had to move. So Hitler’s Thousand
Year Reich’ boast was less foolish than we once thought. And it is clear from our study [in
Chapter 8] of the operations of the Nazi International, established by the German Abwehr as
the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid in 1942 (but planned several years earlier), that
the super-secret Nazi (Reinhard Gehlen) ‘Black intelligence service DVD’, based in Dachau,
has been at war with us ever since.



The CIA-linked RAND Corporation presented a talk to the US Defense Policy Board on 10th July
2002, accompanied by 24 slides. It contained inter alia the following slogans, which will doubtless
seem very odd to anyone who has visited modern Dubai:

• The Arab world has been in a systemic crisis for the last 200 years.
• It missed out on the Industrial revolution. It is missing out on the digital revolution.
• It lacks inner resources to cope with the modern world.
• Its self-esteem is shattered. Could God be wrong[sic!!!]?
• Turn the rage against those who contradict God. The West, object of hatred.
• A whole generation of violently anti-Western, anti-American, anti-modern shock troops.
• Wars, since independence, have been the principal output of the Arabw orld.
• All Arab states are either failing states or threatened to fail.
• The tension between the Arab and the modern world has reached a climax.
• The Arab world’s home-made problems overwhelm its ability to cope, so the crisis is
consequently being exported to the Rest of the World.
• There is no public space for debating ideas, interests, policies.
• Plot, riot, murder, coup are the only means to bring about political change.
• In the Arab world, violence is not a continuation of politics by other means: violence IS politics,
politics IS violence. This culture of violence is the prime enabler of terrorism.
• Terror as an accepted, legitimate means of carrying out politics goes back 30 years.
• 9/11 was a ‘symptom’ of the crisis spilling out of the region. [Nonsense: It was DVD].
• The paroxysm is liable to last for several decades.
• The US response will decisively influence the duration and outcome.
• Once upon a time.,there was a partnership between America and SaudiArabia.
• Since 1745, 58% of all rulers of the House of Saud have met a violent death.
• Wahabism loathes modernity, capitalism, human rights, republics, democracy, religious freedom,
an open society, and practices the opposite.
• Saudis under Prince Abdullah launch a putsch within Sunni Islam, shifting from a pragmatic
policy to promoting radical Islam.
• Saudi Arabia is central to the self-destruction of the Arab world and the chief vector of the Arab
crisis and outwardly-directed aggression.
• The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre
to foot-soldier, from ideologist to cheer-leader.
• There is a daily outpouring of virulent hatred for the United States from the Saudi media.
• Dismantle and ban all the Kingdom’s’ Islamic charities’ and confiscate their assets.
• The Saudis are hated throughout the Arab world: lazy, overbearing, dishonest, corrupt.
• Iraq is the tactical pivot.
• Saudi Arabia thes trategic pivot.

The final point, EGYPT THE PRIZE, reveals the true purpose of this extraordinary outburst of RAND
invective. Egypt has relatively little oil. But it is the Biblical Land of Darkness, the original source of ‘The
Egyptian Book of the Dead’, on which the CIA’s Himmlerian occultic investigations, experimentation and
MK-ULTRA-type abominations are openly acknowledged to be modelled. The Pharaohs tried in vain
to prolong life by focusing their misguided and ignorant religious attention on the dead. RAND lets
the black cat out of its black bag. ■


The interview with Mark Phillips yielded further official revelations:

Q: What was the exact nature of Project Paperclip?

A: Project Paperclip was a United States Government (sanctioned by Congress) CIA
project that actually began in 1947, having been approved by Congress in 1946, to sanction
the importation of Nazi and Fascist scientists into the United States.

Q: What were the basic mechanics of Project Paperclip?

A: Project Paperclip was nothing more than a transport operation. The airline that I
worked for, Capital International Airways (i.e. CIA, which later handled drugs – Ed.) was a
large contributor to this. Every airline that I know of in the United States was used,
whether they knew it or not. But Capital, along with a couple of other carriers, were the
primaries. Capital was actually put into business in 1947 because of Project Paperclip.
And it was just the transportation of moving these people and their families around the
world, wherever they wanted to go. But mainly, the first wave, was to bring these scientists.
There were 700-odd scientists that were propulsion scientists and some 600-odd who were
not propulsion scientists; they were psychiatrists. Or mind sciences people. I wouldn’t
distinguish them by calling them psychiatrists.

Q: So when they got here, what were some of the duties that these Project Paperclip scientists
had to work on?

A: Werner von Braun was put in charge of the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) to develop what Hitler had already developed, the V2 rocket, into
something that could carry people or individuals into outer space.

Q: Was this propulsion research linked to mind-control?

A: We’re talking about two separate sciences here, mind-control and propulsion
science. Both of them were part of the Hitler war machine. Some of these people were
dedicated Nazis. Some of them were Jewish [so that Hitler had continued using Jewish
scientists, who betrayed people of their own ethnic background, and whose continued
presence in the Nazi structures reveals that the sacrifice of millions of Jews, gypsies and
others, was a witchcraft sacrifice masked by an official policy – Ed.]. Some of them were
Gentiles. Some of them were Austrian. It was a whole cross-section of people. These
were just people. But they were involved in some of the highest technologies known at that
time, which included propulsion sciences and mind-control.

Q: So when did the CIA pick upon mind-control and where did it go from there?

A: Well the ‘CIA’ was actually working on it in the 1920s. But there was no CIA in the
1920s. So it was really being done in private laboratories and quite openly, and by 1931
there were a couple of articles that actually hit the national papers like Dr Skinner’s work and
him putting his daughter in what was known as the ‘Skinner Box’. And, of course, we have
photographs of that. The CIA’s interest in it became piqued [sic] when, after World War II,
they found that more research had been done by Hitler on mind-control of not only the
masses, but of individuals too. More research was dedicated to that than even to the
rockets. And as a matter of fact, Werner von Braun commented to a reporter [on one
occasion] that if the money had been spent on rockets and not diluted in some of these
other areas, they would probably have won the war.

Q: So Hitler was hugely interested in mind-control.

A: [Paraphrase]: He was. Hitler didn’t believe that a nuclear holocaust was the
answer to how to win the war. He did not believe in nuclear weapons [sic]. The V2 rocket was
even outfitted with whistles so that it would begin to terrorize the targeted pop-
ulation. It was a psychological warfare weapon combined with an ordnance delivery
system that had never been seen before on the planet. So he was overwhelming Northern
Europe, particularly Great Britain, with these rockets, as a psychological thing, more than
because of any sort of damage they could do….

Breaking off here, the Author was brought up partly in London, and remembers the
months when we were being bombarded by V2 rockets. It is true that once the engine had
switched itself off, there was an eerie silence, followed by a sharp whistling sound before
the explosion. The eerie silence was by far the worst part. Mark Phillips did not experience
this terror, and his comment playing down the physical damage inflicted by V2 rockets is
make-believe. In Winnington Road, London N2, where we once lived, most of the houses
in the road were empty burned-out shells. The Author and his brother sometimes played
around the wrecks of these burnt-out houses. It was a matter of pride to remain in a house
which had not been destroyed.

The interview proceeded:

A: [Continued]: The mind-control aspect of it was a hidden science that Hitler
[cherished] steeped in mysticism [Author: i.e., the occult]. He had sent a whole troupe of
his scientists all the way to Tibet to discover what [the Tibetans] knew with regard to mind-
control…. We’ve got the videos and the tapes of that trek, sending these [German] scientists
up the side of these mountains in Mongolia [sic! Is Phillips’ geographical knowledge
faulty?]. I mean, this is major stuff – that he would stop right in the middle of the war to
send valuable scientists into such an extraordinary environment.

Q: [Paraphrase]: What is the status of mind-control research in the United States?

A: mind-control research in this country for war purposes, psychological warfare
purposes, started out really for the military, and for espionage. So around 1952, the CIA’s
reporter over in Korea released the term ‘brainwashing’ to introduce the whole idea and
concept to the American people that there was something else in the arsenal of weaponry of
the Chinese.

Q: What is it about the mind sciences that make them so appealing to groups who want to
dominate and control other people? [A loaded question – Ed.].

A: All wars are won in the minds of the people, not on the battlefield. I believe this is
the basis for the United States, as well as for other Governments that are actively engaged
in mind-control research and applications. In fact, that’s their belief.

Q: What was the thinking behind the CIA’s initial desire to create MK-ULTRA?

A: I believe that the thinking of the OSS at that time, and the OSI, of course, that
became the CIA…. the CIA was given the responsibility for actually placing individuals out
of Project Paperclip, these Nazi and Fascist scientists dealing with the mind-control sciences,
into the military-industrial complex for further development of this secret technology that
Adolf Hitler regarded as the world’s most dangerous and absolutely the best war tool that
anyone could have for taking over the planet [sic].

Q: What was it called?

A: The name for the mind-control research [project] established in this country was
MK-ULTRA, and the earliest that we know about [it] through Freedom of Information
documents is 1952.

Q: Is that the only name for mind-control operations in the United States?

A: MK-ULTRA evolved actually [from] Project BLUEBIRD, the first project to spin, and
that was in 1947. Actually some people say it was in 1949, but documents prove it was in
1947 [sic]. So it started immediately upon these Nazi scientists being brought into
this country. They immediately dovetail[ed] into Project BLUEBIRD and then it went to
MK-ULTRA and then [to] MK-SEARCH. I mean, it’s changed its names so many times that
nobody knows what it’s called now [in short, this Satanic activity continues – Ed.].

Q: Who were the first subjects exposed to MK-ULTRA?

A: The first subjects that the CIA was interested in were people who were coming out
of the battlefield and people who had actually been exposed to primitive forms of
brainwashing by the Russians as well as the Chinese, Japanese, and, from my knowledge,
then in Korea, of course. In 1952, it was announced by a CIA news person who was
reporting from the front that we had soldiers coming back who were saying what great
people and what a great country North Korea was. And that was just unheard of at that

Q: Who were their next targets?

A: Well, I believe that the next targets were people that were incarcerated within
penitentiaries and mental institutions, as proven by Dr Ewen Cameron’s research.
Intervention by the Author He is aware of one case of telephonic mind-control
research intervention by US operatives in the United Kingdom between the years 1985 and
1988, in the context of a dispute between brothers concerning the will of their late mother,
who had instructed solicitors on her death bed to exercise her Power of Appointment
under an old family trust in favour of the brothers’ sister, who was in need of income for
her lifetime because of a disability. The intervention, which was accompanied by a
physical break-in, involved attempts to manipulate the mind of the brother who had
facilitated the visit of the solicitors, as a result of which the other brothers thought that
they had been deprived of their inheritance. Among eccentric exogenous interventions,
which included scams such as the familiar device of faxed ‘confirmations of order’ for a very
large delivery of coffee beans, and advance delivery advices for goods or services never
ordered, were repeated garbled messages left on an office answering machine. In those
days, such machines usually had an LED display showing how many messages were
retained in the memory. In the evening repeated instances of the same garbled message,
would cause the LED display to reach 40 or 50 messages. When the matter was reported
to the telecommunications authorities and law enforcement, after 2,200 such messages, the
source of the problem was finally, allegedly, traced to a teenage Sri Lankan living in his
parents’ home in South London. After a period of several months free from this intervention,
the entire syndrome started up again

On the second occasion, Scotland Yard became involved, the trouble was traced to the
same source, and the intervention ceased. The Author is of course referring to his own
personal experience. It was at the end of this episode, which coincided with the break-in, that
the charming Scotland Yard detective on the case told the Author: ‘Mr Story, all I can tell you
is that it wasn’t us’. The garbled voice used a phrase making use of the two generic
words in the Author’s serials publishing company, World Reports [Limited]. It is quite
probable that the story about the mentally defective Sri Lankan was invented in order to
provide the Author with an explanation for the failure of the operation. When a CIA
operative calling himself Carl Story telephoned the Author in June 2003 and alluded to
having been aware of the Author and his work 15 years earlier, the Author was able to
connect some of the dots.

It would be interesting to know what lessons the reprobate MK-ULTRA-type
mind-control freaks thought they had learned from this exercise, which inflicted much
gratuitous pain, suffering and anxiety on the Author and his family. When the Author
related this story (which has been severely condensed in the foregoing summary) to a
certain US MK-ULTRA victim in the Washington DC area in the late 1990s – a victim, who
has managed to pull himself out of the mental pit into which the CIA’s evil manipulations
had deposited him – he laughed and said ‘Welcome to MK-ULTRA’.
[Mark Phillips’ interview now continues]:

Q: And how did the Government use the law to protect themselves?

A: In 1947, after the President of the United States told the Pentagon and the US
Congress that he’d made a mistake signing this Project Paperclip into law, there was of
course an exemption in the Project Paperclip legislation which stated that ‘no person who
belonged to the Nazi Party could be brought into this country’ – which just about
eliminated everybody they could have brought in on Project Paperclip. [This is not quite the
full story: see below – Ed.]. So, what they did was, they established the 1947 National Security
Act, which adopted the rules of ethical [sic] military conduct which the military had been
using for years to protect our country’s secrets [!!! – Ed.]. [But] what actually happened was
that we have never had such cascade of losses of national secrets, intelligence secrets,
technology secrets, since that time. Never. It’s been unprecedented in American history
that we have lost this much information’.

‘The reality was and is that the National Security Act of 1947… it was just to cover
crimes. It was not to cover secrets’.

So here we have an admission, from a man identified and labelled as a ‘former’ DIA
officer (but who is also reported to be a CIA operative) who clearly remained -at least
until 9/11, and given the failure of the Phillipses to respond to the Author’s letter despite the
inviting tone of their publicity material, allegedly remains – involved with the intelligence
services, that the purpose of the National Security Act of 1947 is to provide the entire
intelligence community with carte blanche to commit heinous serial crimes, including those
already alluded to in this analysis. This is a view with which the very best independent
analysts agree, and with which the Author most certainly also concurs. In order for the
Republic to save itself, the most drastic repeal of that legislation et seq is an absolute
prerequisite; and of course there is not the slightest indication that this is ‘about to happen
anytime soon’.


The manifestly sanitised and simplified account by Mark Phillips can be augmented by
open domain information. President Truman agreed in September 1946 to authorise
Project Paperclip, after the discovery of particle/laser beam weaponry, flying discs
(saucer-like vehicles) and other advanced technology at German military bases – the War
Department having urged that NASA and the CIA must control this technology and the
Nazi scientists and engineers working on it.

President Truman expressly excluded, though, anyone ‘found to have been a member of
the Nazi Party and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter
of Nazism or militarism’. The US War Department’s Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency
(JIOA) carried out detailed background investigations of the scientists. In February 1947,
the Director of JIOA, Bosquet Wev, submitted the first group of German scientists’ dossiers
to the US State and Justice Departments for review. Most of the dossiers were damning and
the visa requests of the first batch were all denied. This infuriated Wev, who wrote a
memorandum warning that ‘the best interests of the United States have been subjected to
efforts expended in “beating a dead Nazi horse”‘ – a statement which contained two errors:
first, importing these evil men would, as a senior British intelligence officer warned, prove to have fatal consequences over the longer term; and secondly, the Nazi horse was by no means dead, just feigning tiredness.

Meanwhile the Director of Central Intelligence (CIA), Allen Dulles, whom the Author has already identified as a German (Nazi) Abwehr agent (information derived from British intelligence sources), had formed an unhealthy friendship and partnership with General Reinhard Gehlen, the former Nazi intelligence chief operating in the Soviet Union. Gehlen began by feeding false ‘information’ to Dulles, and consequently to Truman, which appeared to show that the Soviets were poised to attack the West.

Specifically, he reported that the Soviet forces in Eastern Europe were comprised of
208 crack assault divisions, most of which were high-speed motorised rifle and tank
divisions, Gehlen’s data showing that the Communists outnumbered Western forces in
Europe by a ratio of ten-to-one. Then, early in 1947, Gehlen informed the newly consol-
idated but fledgling CIA that his agents had noticed subtle changes in Soviet billeting and
leave policies, and that troops were being recalled for some unspecified reason, which he
implied could be the start of a preparation phase for the suspected invasion. This was
followed by an outright prediction by General Gehlen that the Soviets would move rapidly
once all troops and equipment had been activated, and that it would not be long before
Western Europe suffered a Soviet Blitzkrieg. [See also Chapter 8].

All these reports were calculated disinformation concocted by Gehlen, since by 1946
the Soviet Army was over-extended, under-equipped and exhausted from prior combat.
Many of the battalions that had reached Berlin had arrived on foot. There was not even
sufficient motorised transport to move one entire division without depriving another of its
motorised assets. Almost 50% of the Red Army’s transportation was still horse-drawn!
Additionally, US Army intelligence had itself established that the bulk of Soviet forces in
Eastern Europe were bogged down rebuilding the Eastern Zones, reorganising security
(intelligence) structures following the ‘defection’ of Gehlen, suppressing the local
populations, and performing official administrative functions. Indeed the US military
intelligence estimate was that Soviet ground and air forces would not be combat effective
against the Western powers for at least a decade.

But, willingly ‘duped’ by Gehlen, and convinced by Bosquet Wev’s arguments, the
Abwehr agent Allen Dulles had the Nazi scientists’ dossiers rewritten to delete
incriminating Nazi evidence, as a result of which manoeuvre, the Gehlen scientists were
delivered to the CIA via the Agency’s own airline, Capital International Airways. The
Agency subsequently embarked upon a myriad programmes derived from, triggered and
inspired by the Nazis’ mad research, including MK-ULTRA/ARTICHOKE and OPERATION
MIDNIGHT CLIMAX. The man most responsible for this carefully planned Nazi ‘switch’ was
Dulles, who became Director of Central Intelligence.

During and following the so-called ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Bloc (orchestrated by the
KGB-GRU, with expert US and Western ‘Financial Warfare’ assistance), a significant
cadre of East German STASI operatives mysteriously ‘switched’ sides and have been
monitored ‘working for’ US intelligence. One of these operatives is a certain Eva Teleki (nee
Sturzl). Under instructions from a very high-up US source, she appeared at a jail in which the
US intelligence hero Leo Wanta was being illegally and unjustly held, and procured a
Power of Attorney over an estimated $69 billion of funds. In 2004 she transferred to London.
STASI is cover for DVD. This represented a transfer of US funds into the hands of the Nazi
Black intelligence agency based at Dachau. Nothing has changed.


Writing in ‘The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ in 1985, Ms. Linda Hunt, also the author of
‘Secret Agenda’, wrote that she had examined more than 130 reports on Project Paperclip
subjects, and had found that every one of them ‘had been changed to eliminate the security
threat classification’. The American people, and the whole world, are now paying the price
for this millennial error of judgment. Meanwhile President Truman, who had explicitly
required the Project Paperclip legislation to preclude the importation of Nazi scientists, was
evidently never made aware that his directive had been violated, a fact that State Department
archives and memoirs from that era confirm. According to another analyst, Clare Lasby,
Project Paperclip officials ‘covered their designs with such secrecy that it bedevilled their
own President; at Potsdam, he denied their activities and undoubtedly enhanced Russian
suspicion and distrust’ – since the Soviets knew from their own HUMINT sources what
was going on. In other words, Stalin thought that Truman had lied to him; and there is
nothing that a liar loathes more than being lied to. However what had happened was that
Truman’s own intelligence structures had double-crossed him and had withheld from him
the truth of the matter, which is treason.

An example of how the details of key scientists’ backgrounds were sanitised in this way
by the US intelligence services – thereby serving their own interests, and those of the
Germans/Illuminati, rather than those of the American people as was required by
President Truman – applies to the dossier on Dr Werner von Braun, the most celebrated of the
imported German scientists. A US military intelligence report on the German rocket
scientist dated 18th September 1946 stated that ‘subject is regarded as a potential security
threat by the Military Governor’. But the following February, a revised security evaluation of
von Braun stated that ‘no derogatory information is available on this subject. … It is the
Military Governor’s opinion that he may not [sic!] constitute a security threat to the United
States’. Nazi characters admitted into the United States thanks to this egregious treachery,
procured by means of Nazi penetration of the US intelligence community – which flew in the
face of the wishes and precise intentions of the President and Congress of the United States –
were some of the blackest [see also pages 215-219]:

Arthur Rudolph: The wartime Operations Director of the previously mentioned
Mittelwerk factory at the Dora-Nordgausen concentration camps, where 20,000 workers died
from beatings, hangings and starvation. Rudolph had been a member of the Nazi Party
since 1931. In 1945, a military file on this creature had reported: ‘100% Nazi, dangerous type,
security threat!!! Suggest internment’. By contrast the JIOA’s final dossier on him stated that
there was ‘nothing in his records indicating that he was a war criminal or an ardent Nazi or
otherwise objectionable’. So Dr Rudolph, fresh from presiding over those deaths and
beatings at Dora-Nordgausen, became a US citizen and later designed the Saturn-5 rocket
used in the Apollo moon landings. But in 1984, when his war record was finally re-
investigated, he fled to West Germany, which did NOT extradite him back to the United

Wernher von Braun: From 1937 to 1945, von Braun was the technical director of the
Peenemunde rocket research centre, where the V2 rocket, which (contrary to Mark
Phillips’ flaccid comment) devastated parts of the United Kingdom, was developed. By
1970, this man, whose Nazi past had been ‘expunged for the record’, was the associate
Administrator of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
Kurt Blome: This high-ranking Nazi scientist told US military interrogators in 1945 that
he had been ordered in 1943 to experiment with plague vaccines on concentration
camp prisoners. He was tried at Nuremberg in 1947 on charges of practicing euthanasia
(extermination of sick prisoners), and of conducting experiments on human beings.
Although acquitted, his earlier admissions were well known, and most observers were
of the opinion that this man had participated in Satanic experimentation against humans.
Two months after his Nuremberg acquittal, Blome was interviewed at Camp David,
Maryland, on issues connected with biological warfare. In 1951, he was hired by the US
Army Medical Corps to work on chemical warfare projects. His file made no mention of

Major General Walter Schreiber: According to Ms. Linda Hunt’s article for the well-
respected Atomic Scientists’ organisation, the US Military Tribunal at Nuremberg heard
evidence that ‘Schreiber had assigned doctors to experiment on concentration camp prisoners
and had made the funds available for such experimentation’. The Assistant Prosecutor
said that this evidence would have resulted in Schreiber’s conviction if the Soviets, who had
held him from 1945 to 1948, had made him available for trial.

Once again, Schreiber’s Paperclip file made no mention of this evidence. So ‘The
Project’ found work for this fellow at the Air Force School of Medicine at Randolph Field,
Texas. When the conscientious columnist, Drew Pearson, publicised the Nuremberg evidence
in 1952, the resulting negative publicity led the JIOA to arrange a visa and a job for
Schreiber in the Nazi state of Argentina, where his daughter was living; and on 22 May
1952, Schreiber was flown to Buenos Aires.

Hermann Becker-Freysing and Siegfried Ruff: These two, with Kurt Blome, were among
23 defendants in the Nuremberg War Tribunal ‘medical case’. Becker-Freysing was
convicted and sentenced to 20 years in jail for having conducted experiments on inmates
at Dachau concentration camp – starving them, and force-feeding them sea water that
had been chemically altered to make it drinkable. Ruff was acquitted in a close decision
on charges that he had killed as many as 80 Dachau inmates in a low-pressure chamber
designed to simulate altitudes in excess of 60,000 feet. As already indicated, before their
trial, Becker-Freysing and Ruff were paid by the US military to write reports about their
grotesque experiments on human beings.

In October 1945, a US Navy technical mission to Dachau concentration camp
reported in detail on various German wartime experiments carried out on inmates, using
hallucinogenic drugs. These were directed by the previously mentioned odious Dr Hubertus
Strughold, who was also imported to the United States under Project Paperclip after the War.
This ogre’s barbaric ‘medical experiments’, for which his subordinates were tried and
convicted as war criminals at Nuremburg, amounted to ‘nothing more than a series of
bizarre and unspeakably brutal tortures. Even so, he learned a lot’, wrote the independent US
expert, Michael E. Kreca17, in 2001, ‘about human behaviour and a natural alkaloid found in
the peyote cactus called mescaline’ (that substance long central to many Native American
and Australian aborigine religious rituals).

While the Project Paperclip Nazi operatives were settling down in the United
States, General Gehlen – having convinced the Americans thanks to the Nazis’ placement
of their Abwehr agent Dulles in the ‘top slot’ that, given his unrivalled knowledge and
contacts, he was the right man to rehabilitate the German intelligence community – began
re-establishing his presence in West Germany, after receiving the go-ahead from Allen Dulles
to establish a quasi-‘private’ intelligence organisation, to be called The Gehlen
Organisation, which became the DVD, based at Dachau. This of course quickly regained
control of most of the former agents now based inside the Iron Curtain; and,
with the help of many of his former staff, Gehlen put many of them back to work. In spite of
‘agreeing’ with the Americans (not Dulles) not to hire any former Gestapo, SS or SD
members, he nevertheless sought them out and placed them on the payroll (financed by the
CIA, i.e., the CIA’s payroll), regardless of his undertaking; and of course the by now deeply
Nazi-penetrated CIA did nothing to prevent him. A similar state of affairs arose in Iraq in
2004, when the US authorities, lacking adequate (or indeed any worthwhile) HUMINT,
re-hired Ba’ath party thugs, military and operatives, having earlier ruled out any such hirings.
This ‘came naturally’ to certain US cadres, given that the Iraqi Ba’ath regime (like its Syrian
counterpart) was modelled upon Hitler’s Third Reich. The fact that it was supported by the
Soviets, who built a large number of bases in Iraq to ‘match’ the American military bases
constructed in Saudi Arabia inter alia by the CIA’s Vinnell Corporation, should not mislead
us: for, traditionally, Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) has been extensively penetrated by
deep cover German (Nazi) operatives.

Heinrich Rupp: Rupp has been convicted in the United States of bank fraud. As a CIA
operative, he was deeply involved in the Savings and Loan scandals and scams
masterminded in part by elements of the corrupted US intelligence community, including
allegedly members of the Bush (‘Crime’) Family. A Federal Grand Jury reported their
acceptance of the veracity of testimony that Rupp, the late CIA Director William Casey, who
was then Ronald Reagan’s Campaign Manager, and Donald Gregg, who became US
Ambassador to South Korea, flew in a supersonic military aircraft with George Bush Sr. and
other operatives to Paris in 1980, during the election campaign in which Bush Sr. was on the
ticket with Ronald Reagan. The testimony in question stated that three meetings were held on
19-20 October 1980 at the Hotel Florida and the Hotel Crillon. It was at this meeting,
according to court testimony, that arrangements were made to sabotage President Jimmy
Carter’s re-election campaign by procuring a delay in the release of the US hostages in Tehran
until after Mr Carter had been defeated (popular frustration at the hostage crisis being, as
predicted, to blame for his defeat). The hostages were indeed released on 20th January
1981, immediately after Reagan and Bush Sr. were sworn into office. Iran had been
promised the release of its financial assets which had been frozen by the US Treasury’s
Office of Foreign Assets Control, and the basis for the subsequent Iran-Contra scandals was
established. This effective ‘coup d’etat’, known as the ‘October Surprise’, necessitated the
transfer of George Bush Sr. from the United States to Paris and back for a scheduled
appointment in such a manner that no-one would know he had ever left (a precaution
which ended in failure, since extensive details of this operation have since leaked into the
public domain). Some $45 million of ‘Black Operations’ funds was procured to bribe the
Iranians to comply with the US political operatives’ requirements, but only $32 million was
paid to them – the rest having been ‘misappropriated’ en route. The stealing of such secret
‘Black’ funds goes on all the time.

One of the guests at the Inauguration of President Reagan was Licio Gelli, founder of
the secret neo-Fascist Masonic Lodge P-2 – a double agent for the CIA and the KGB,
identified by Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien as ‘the central figure in Europe and South
America that linked the CIA, [the] Masonic Lodge, the Vatican, ex-Nazis and several
South American Governments, the Italian Government, and several international banks’ –
key flluminati players of the New Underworld Order.

Among Gehlen’s ‘recruits’ were Franz ‘Streber’ Six and Emil Augsburg, members of an
SS mobile Death’s Head (Totenkopf) killing squad that had hunted down and murdered
Soviet Jews, intellectuals and partisans. Gehlen also re-recruited the Gestapo
Chiefs of Paris and Kiel, as well as Willi Krichbaum, the (Jewish) former senior Gestapo chief
for Southeastern Europe.

The fact is that, as mentioned, the OSS, and its then relabelled successor intelligence
organisation, the CIG (Central Intelligence Group), forerunner of the CIA, deliberately
chose, thanks to the successful Nazi penetration of US intelligence at the highest level by the
Abwehr agent Allen Dulles, to ‘believe’ General Gehlen’s lies about Soviet military
capabilities – because his false arguments facilitated their intended annexation of the Nazi
scientists, contrary to Presidential and Congressional instructions.


It was thus already the case, immediately following the Second World War (and indeed
previously) that the US intelligence community was driving and detenruning US policy, not
the other way round, although the intelligence cadres were always meticulous about making
sure that, for public perception purposes, the Executive and Legislative branches appeared
to remain in charge. Today, that process has gone so far beyond the point of no return that
the disconnect between what the American public perceives to be the White reality – that
the Republic has a Constitution and a Government that abides by it and serves the people
– and the Black actualite’, is complete. Nor can members of Congress do their job properly:
all their Capitol Hill and private office telecommunications are permanently bugged by the
Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Allen Dulles was indeed a traitor to the United States: he knew perfectly well that
Reinhard Gehlen was lying through his teeth about the Soviet threat. All veteran OSS
agents would have known that the Soviet divisional resources were far less strong in
manpower than the US and Western equivalent. A Soviet division was typically one-third
as strong as an American division, and its leadership was far less effective. Rather than
being able to function in combat with flexibility, with officers able to make on-the-spot field
decisions, Soviet officers had to wait for orders from upper-echelon sources before reacting
to any change in the flow-of-battle. Since they retained in their collective memory horrific
details of Stalin’s purges, they dared not act on their own initiative, for fear of being shot at
dawn. This rigidity had at times caused the Soviets grievous losses and defeats; whereas, by
contrast, the US and British forces had encouraged battlefield decisions to be made at the
lowest levels during the heat of conflict.

According to a ‘former’ CIA officer, ‘Gehlen’s reports and analyses were sometimes
just retyped onto CIA stationery and presented to President Truman without further
comment’. This represents a remarkable level of outright foreign penetration. If the
President had been on his toes he would have queried the absence of commentaries by the
CIA sources, but obviously he wasn’t that bright. President Truman reacted by ceasing
military budget cuts, increasing spending for weapons research, military equipment and the
(Nazi-inspired) space programme, and expanding the nuclear weapons programme.
These decisions led to what became the nuclear charade, or strategic deception. The threat of a
nuclear winter (assiduously promulgated by Hermann Kahn), and the fact that two nuclear
devices cannot be detonated too close together in time, has long since made nuclear war
‘inconceivable’. President Truman’s change of mind, consequent upon the fact that his own
intelligence services were purveying General Reinhard Gehlen’s lies to him without
comment, also resulted in the CIA being at the receiving end of millions of ‘Black’ dollars
for covert operations. In the decade following the end of the War, the CIA consumed a
large tranche of funds that it never accounted for.

According to Victor Marchetti, a former chief analyst specialising in Soviet military
capabilities, and author of a study entitled ‘The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence’, ‘the
Agency loved Gehlen because he fed us what we wanted to hear. We used his stuff
constantly, and we fed it to everyone else: the Pentagon, the White House, the newspapers.
They loved if. Here is another open admission, into the White world, by an arrogant CIA
operative, confirming that, as early as immediately after the Second World War, US
intelligence was already completely out of control – deceiving the President, the military
brass, and the American people via the press, as it pursued its own secret occult-esoteric
power agenda. But actually, this agenda hadn’t been originated by the US intelligence
community at all: it was fed to and grafted onto the US intelligence structures by means of
deep penetration, subtle influence-building, agitprop and corruption operations
masterminded by the Nazi International from its headquarters initially established in Madrid
during the Second World War. How the German Geopolitical Centre achieved this U-turn
within the US intelligence and policymaking communities, building on the treachery of their
Abwehr agent Allen Dulles, is recounted in Chapter 8.

Immediately after making the admission outlined above, Marchetti concurred that Gehlen was a
consummate liar and a waste of time and space: ‘Gehlen had to make his money by creating a
threat that we were afraid of, so we would give him more money to tell us about it. In my
opinion, the Gehlen Organisation provided nothing worthwhile for understanding or
estimating Soviet military or political capabilities in Eastern Europe or anywhere else’. That
was true: but Marchetti never understood the bigger picture.


For the reality was that the US intelligence and official structures fell victim to a massive
German disinformation and strategic deception operation, the effect of which was to confirm
the transfer of the mentality and certain of the structures of Hitler’s Third Reich across the
Atlantic, where it is flourishing as never before, and where it threatens – and this is no
exaggeration – a repetition of the Nazi population reduction and control atrocities on a far
larger scale. The Author believes that he may live to see this happening in his lifetime, unless
exposure can thwart this catastrophe.

The resulting Cold War, fostered by Gehlen’s lies and leveraged by the Nazi agent
Dulles, which lasted for almost 50 years, cost US taxpayers alone approximately $8.0
trillion. The careful reader will have noticed that, since the US intelligence community
knew, from the outset (a) that Soviet military capabilities were greatly inferior to US and
Western capabilities, and (b) that nuclear war was out of the question for the technical
reason cited above, the CIA, DIA, NSA, ONI and the rest of these intelligence organisations
were deceiving the American public on this crucial issue for half a century.

They were doing this, in part, because they had become hooked on mind-control
operations and on searching for the ultimate technologies of political control, ideas which were
first developed in both Germany and in Britain, where an early pan-German penetration had
taken place into the Tavistock Institute. And the targets of this nefarious endeavour are
the innocent American people themselves.

Perfection of such technologies and intermeddling with the occult and the ‘Ancient
Mysteries’, and the culture of lies that their development entails, enable privileged,
Satanised intelligence elites modelled along Himmlerian lines, whose crimes are covered
by blanket secrecy legislation, and which employ official appointments and political office
as cover, to practice those very abuses that they condemn for public consumption in the White world –
money-laundering, stealing public funds, drug-dealing, orchestrating terrorism and the engineering of a classic revolutionary Period of Escalating Violence, for instance – in order to invoke the proliferation of these evils as justification for the enslavement of their citizens, which in turn becomes essential in order for the criminalised intelligence cadres’ crimes to be covered up. This morbid sequence of events is shown in diagrammatic form in Figure 43 on page 243 opposite. Hence the United States’ Patriot Acts I,
and II and III, and Britain’s notorious Civil Contingencies Bill, ‘guillotined’ through the
complacent Westminster Parliament in 2004-05, which provides Ministers, whips and any
individuals they may designate, with powers to do anything they like, having declared a State
of Emergency on the basis of extremely widely-drawn criteria. In other words, both countries
have put in place the means to dispense with the annoyances and expense of ‘democracy’
altogether, in the face of evils or ‘Reichstag Fire’-type events for which they are capable of
being responsible. The use of the ‘Reichstag Fire’ mass traumatisation technique has been
deployed already several times in the United States, yielding the desired mass behaviour
modification consequences -and in the case of 9/11, providing the authorities with a
pretext for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iran in response to the requirements of the oil


As will have been gathered en passant earlier, the Author was privileged to be a personal
friend of the late Dr Malachi Martin, the Jesuit exorcist and author of many great works,
including ‘Hostage to the Devil’ [Perennial Library, 1987 and HarperSanFrancisco 1992], in
the course of which Malachi informed the Author in general terms about the mind-control
and demonic possession deprogramming and exorcisms in which he was periodically
engaged. The reader may wonder why, given the searing criticisms of the Jesuits elaborated
in Chapter 6, the Author attaches any importance to the late Dr Martin’s work and
insights: and the ‘short-form’ answer to this legitimate query is that, to the Author’s certain
personal knowledge, Malachi was in the process of nearing the completion of a lifelong
struggle to ‘come out of her’18 (the entrapment of Jesuitism, if not of the Catholic Church
itself). It became clear to the Author that this great, late and sadly missed authority –
blessed, there was no doubt, by the Holy Spirit when the Author first met him – made
no distinction between programmed mind-control (by whatever Himmlerian or
Tavistock-related ‘technology’ it had been procured), and possession by evil spirits. He
knew that meddling with the occult, leveraging the Black Magic of the ‘Ancient
Mysteries’, was a trap into which the US intelligence community had fallen, and that, as is
inevitably the case, the consequences of such entrapment are unspeakable. As a Jesuit who
understood and knew the evil ways of the Vatican and his own order, and was therefore
familiar of course with the Jesuit tradition (‘technology’) of mind and personality
programming and manipulation [see Chapter 6], and as a priest who was nevertheless at
times imbued and led by the Holy Spirit, he was in a position to know the truth of this

It follows from all this evidence alone that, in failing to take a long spoon to their
unending Satanic banquet with the Nazi scientists and their Himmlerian mind-control
experiments, which have proliferated ever since, the CIA and other US intelligence agencies
involved in this demented, reprobate activity, have been proliferating demonic infestation and
possession all over the United States, and externally. Hence the mindless, ‘in-your-face’ evidence
of the wholesale spread of demonic and occult literature, Satanised ‘music’,
Orchestrated by the German Geopolitical Centre [Nazi International] Madrid, activating
the Reinhard Gehlen Organisation (DVD), Allen Dulles, George Kennan, other Abwehr
assets, and a subsequent ongoing stream of criminal scientists.


InstitutionaIisation of lying, false witness and deception using the Cold War to cover up
the 40+-year German criminal penetration of US structures [ongoing Project Paperclip].
Development of an ‘anything goes’ mentality under cover of omnibus ‘crooks’ charter’
intelligence legislation [the 1947 US National Security Act et seq].


Consolidation of links between organised crime and intelligence, leading to ‘competitive’
drug-dealing orchestrated by intelligence: e.g., the Latin American drug cartels set up by
foreign agents such as Al Holbert and Carlos Lehder working within the US cooperative
intelligence community, and a ‘culture of scamming’.


Because US intelligence is partly criminalised and because primary positions (such as the
Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the United States) are owned, as in the Soviet Union,
Britain, Israel, France, Germany and other countries), by senior intelligence officers for
whom criminal ops. are the norm, a hellish environment is institutionalised at the highest
levels, in which money-laundering, the stealing of public and intelligence funds, drug-
dealing, the ‘placement’ of drug-trafficking pipeline proceeds with ‘hedge funds’,
prostitution, occult practices and de facto gang warfare between ‘competing’ groups
owing their ‘allegiance’ to antagonistic intelligence barons, who are traitors aligned with
foreign powers, becomes routine.

Figure 43: Diagrammatic representation of how this foreign penetration of the intelligence community, and the consequent aggravation of corruption, leads over time to the collapse of orderly governance and the imperative of repressive dictatorship, as the high-level criminals seek permanent protection.


Complete with American death trains, concentration camps, institutionalised official lying,
surveillance and propaganda – to ensure that official and intelligence crimes are covered up, and
perpetrators are not all ‘hung from lamp posts’ and death-oriented games and videos,
which may be observed in every US chain bookstore, where each month more and more space
seems to be devoted to these reprobate preoccupations of the demented Illuminati. ‘Religion’ now includes every form of pagan abomination under the sun, as any visitor to one of these stores can easily verify.

The Author enjoyed a long telephone conversation with Malachi, who was born on
23rd July 1921, exactly one week before his death in New York City on 27th July 1999. On that
occasion, the often merry Irish priest was full of his usual banter, as well as indulging in
very serious conversation with his unworthy interlocutor. The purpose of the phone call
had been that the Author wanted to know whether he wished to continue his subscription to
‘Soviet Analyst’, a publication edited since 1991 by the Author. ‘Oh yes, please, you’re my
lifeline’, he said over-generously.

Some time earlier, Malachi had told the Author of an incident when he had been
thrown by a powerful force from his writing stool, in the small cell-like room where he
worked, in his friend’s apartment on East 63rd Street. The lady of the house and her
daughter had just left to go shopping. Shortly after they left, Malachi was flung to the floor
by a force so strong and oppressive that he was unable to get up, and felt he might have
languished, badly hurt, until he died. But the two women, who were smokers, had forgotten
their cigarettes. So they retraced their steps, rode back up the elevator, and reentered their
apartment – whereupon they found Malachi lying in a desperate state. ‘Their cigarette
addiction saved my life’, Malachi had quipped. He had been certain that Evil Spirit had
objected so strongly to what he was exposing in his books, that it had been unable to
tolerate his activities any longer. That event reminds the Author that in the course of
preparing this book, as mentioned earlier, the computer program automatically opened up
a sequence of precisely 322 blank pages.

After relating this story, Malachi explained (as he did in ‘Hostage to the Devil’) how
vulnerable the exorcist is to an attack during exorcism, and how he needs always to pray
for protection, in case of such an attack. The Author has it on impeccable personal authority
that Malachi suffered his fatal heart attack while in the process of exorcising a severely
possessed young girl – exactly one week, as mentioned, after the Author had enjoyed his
last conversation with him.

In one of his final public interviews, in 1999, Malachi alluded to the exponential
increase in occult devilry that was and is permeating North America (and the United
Kingdom, as well). ‘For the first time in the work we have been doing for 31 years in this
corner of the globe, during the last ten years or so, we have found young men and women,
thirty-somethings or twenty-somethings, coming forward and saying: ‘Listen, I made a pact
with the Devil. I wanted this woman. I wanted this man. I wanted this job. I wanted this
money. I wanted this, this, and this, and I made a pact and he gave it to me and now I can’t
get rid of him. He dominates my will. Please liberate me. And then people get to it by means
of things like an ouija board, or by spiritual means or channelling’.

And by being abused by US intelligence mind-control technology and personality-
splitting programmes derived originally from the experiments undertaken by Heinrich
Himmler’s Nazi scientists on concentration camp victims.

Referring generally to the Luciferians’ apparent hegemony, Dr Martin elaborated:
‘We are now, according to the official doctrine of the Luciferians, in what they call ‘the
Availing Time’. They have a tradition that in these years they can avail of the time to install
the Prince, who is Lucifer, as the greatest power on earth, in charge of human civilization,
and adored by men’.

This is that Lucifer, ‘that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the
whole world’19 – the god of Masonry, to which candidates are progressively introduced, as
they are sucked deeper and deeper into the false, esoteric world of lies, the ‘Ancient
Mysteries’ and murder which it has to offer, the god worshipped by ‘high’ Masons who are
intelligence officers, by the holders of high office whom they have abused under their
nefarious mind-control programmes, and whose children the intelligence services
themselves routinely target for paedophilia and mind-control purposes.

And since Lucifer is a liar, all those who do or condone these things are, by definition,
themselves deluded and deceived: and the pathetic dimension to all of this is that while they
know perfectly well that this is the case, they continue down this path to destruction and the pit.
To repeat: as Paul writes in verse 32 of the first Chapter of his Epistle to the Romans, these
evil people ‘knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of
death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them’. Thus Paul knew, by the
Grace of the Holy Spirit, that those who do these things, and perpetrate these abominations (a) know that what they are doing will lead them to the pit of destruction (for as indicated earlier, they are not atheists), (b) yet continue with their abominations and (c) obtain satisfaction in doing them and in others doing them, and in enticing others to do them.

The Author knows of several instances in which US operatives have threatened each
other with death; and since embarking on these enquiries, the Author has himself received
seven separate such threats from these pathetic mental defectives, for daring to even think of
exposing some of their serial abominations.

Malachi’s interviewer asked to what end these deluded people were seeking to enthrone Satan on earth,
and he replied simply:

‘To exalt the power of Lucifer. That’s the end in itself. It’s the [sole] Luciferian purpose. If they don’t do it in these years, then it is put off sine die, without resolution. They are very keen on getting it done’.

Authoritatively distinguishing between Satanism and Luciferianism, Malachi also had
this to say, as has previously been noted, in part: There is a layer of Satanism, of Satanist
ritual which prepares people for perfect Luciferian adoption. They [Satanists] have covens and
sacrifices and rites. But the Luciferians have no rites, you know…. [Such levels of Satanism
are] a preparation for Luciferianism, and there are reversals sometimes. You will find a crowd of
Luciferians having a Satanic ritual as a reminder of things. But they [Luciferians, who
consider themselves ‘of a higher order’] have all passed through [the relevant niuminati
initiation rites] and that involves three things: the infliction of pain without flinching, the
infliction of death without flinching, and the use of fire’.

So, bombing the hell out of civilian populations, using the most lethal weapons
imaginable, is not an issue for these ‘inventors of evil things’20. Dropping fragmentation
bombs on civilian populations is not an issue for the British or the American military, just
as the abominations inflicted by the covert Soviet military in Chechnya and elsewhere are
‘no problem’ for the Illuminati’s operatives in the Kremlin. Sexually abusing defenceless
prisoners in the hell-holes of Abu Ghraib, the eight other such hell-holes in Iraq, the CIA
control centres in Jordan, at Guantanamo, on the British island of Diego Garcia, and in any of
the 23 prison hell-holes the United States has set up in Afghanistan directed from its main base
at Kandahar (which, like Babylon and Tripoli just happens to sit on the esoterically important
– for the Luciferians – 33rd parallel), is not an issue21.

On 5th September 2004, Oleg Gordievsky the (false) Soviet defector who was
reputedly the highest-ranking KGB officer to work for MI6 (which raises the obvious
unanswered question: why has he not been liquidated for his treachery as is mandatory for
all Soviet traitors?) wrote in “The Daily Telegraph’ that ‘the attitude that I remember all too
well in the KGB is that deaths are ‘normal wastage”. This is the same as the US Illuminati
concept of ‘collateral damage’. If 100,000-300,000 people have been murdered in Iraq, that
is ‘collateral damage’. When the Author asked a US operative with extensive experience
inside the ‘former’ USSR what was the difference between the attitude towards murder of
the KGB-GRU and of US intelligence, he said: ‘Not much. The Russians kill more’.


One purpose of personality-splitting brainwashing operations is to create and maintain a large
and expanding cadre of individuals suitable for recruitment as controllable operatives and assassins
who will do the really dirty work, in response to instructions from their handlers. These
multiple-split personalities have been programmed in such a manner that they have been
made (through deviant sexual means and other ways of manipulating the psyche)
responsive to trigger-phrases, often based upon make-believe stories such as ‘The Wizard
of Oz’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’, as described by the Phillipses in their books.
The Author and his associates have been informed repeatedly by US operatives,
almost as though their statements represented warnings, that it is standard practice for one’s
children to be targeted. All children of intelligence officers in the Washington and Virginia
areas are targeted, and large numbers wind up abused, and in various states of mental and
physical disarray as a consequence. Some children of ‘Illuminati’ parents are genetically-
bred to function as outstanding psychics. Among these, a number are trained to perform
as psychic assassins, possessing the ability to induce cardiac arrest or neural dysfunction. It is
said that the former Soviet General-Secretary Yuri Andropov (Lieberman), was
assassinated in this manner. Among the more notorious ‘lone nutcases’ who were in fact
MK-ULTRA-type programmed split personalities developed for assassination purposes,
and who could be triggered by their handlers to perform assassinations on demand,

Sirhan Sirhan: This assassin was programmed at a racing stables in Santa Ana,
California by two CIA mind-control specialists – one of them a priest. A co-worker of
Sirhan at the stables was Thomas Bremer, whose mind-controlled brother Arthur, shot
Governor George Wallace in 1972. Not many miles from the stables is a Synagogue used for
mind-control purposes. Its rabbi is a ‘former’ Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) officer. It is
well known within the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) that mind-
controlled ‘patsy’ Sirhan Sirhan, in keeping with the ‘patsy’ who was arrested for the murder
of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, actually fired blanks at Robert Kennedy, in order
to misdirect the attention of eyewitnesses. At least one police officer’s eyewitness report was
re-written by a senior officer in order to protect the true conspirators. Moreover, police
radio communication was disrupted (as in the Princess Diana assassination) thereby
preventing the broadcasting of the descriptions of other suspects. Bill Kurtis’s TV show, A &
E Investigative Report, on the assassination of Robert Kennedy, suggested that Sirhan Sirhan
was a mind-controlled assassin or ‘patsy’ created under Project ARTICHOKE. This
programme was developed in order to create ‘Manchurian Candidate’ assassins (omega
victims), who could be programmed to kill a target and then not even remember they had
ever killed anyone at all. Sirhan Sirhan was perfect for the job. Angry at the death of his parents during a conflict with Israel, the convicted assassin of Robert Kennedy was said to have been in a trance-like state during and after the shooting. Later, Sirhan Sirhan affirmed emphatically that he did not actually remember
anything that happened during the shooting. [This reference to Project ARTICHOKE suggests that it had a specific purpose, so that the earlier references to ARTICHOKE being one of the precursors of MK-ULTRA may not be wholly accurate. Artichoke rhymes with heart and choke, so it was probably concerned specifically with the training, personality-splitting and mind-controlling of assassins].

William Joseph Bryan, Jr.: One of the drummers with the Tommy Dorsey Band for some
time was a certain William Joseph Bryan, Jr. (a.ka. William Joseph Bryon, and William
Jenning Bryan HI, etc.). William Joseph Bryan, Jr. was a CIA mind-control creep who
programmed people when he was with the Air Force as Chief of Medical Survival Training,
which was a covert brainwashing section. Bryan opened up his own Hypnotherapy
Institute on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, where he programmed targets for service to the
Illuminati. It was this particular Bryan (a familiar CIA false name) who programmed Sirhan
Sirhan to kill Robert Kennedy.

John Hinckley: This young man who wounded Ronald Reagan is another mind-
controlled victim who has been unfairly victimised. Hinckley was programmed in
Lexington by an aide to a British Intelligence psychiatrist, who had previously pro-
grammed the Son-of-Sam Satanic cultist David Berkowitz, a member of a Los Angeles
Satanic cult called The Children, at a Westchester, NY, mind-control ‘facility’. Like
Patrick Purdy, who massacred seven Vietnamese children in a Stockton, California
schoolyard, Hinckley had associated with neo-Nazis and had been prescribed mood-
altering neuroleptic pharmaceuticals.

Curt Cobain of the ‘musical’ group ‘Nirvana’, was another victim, on this occasion of
National Security Agency (NSA) brainwashing, and was ‘terminated’ by the NSA.
Cobain, like Jimmy Hendrix, had started writing clues about the NSA’s activities into his
music, to communicate some idea of what was happening, to his music followers. This
was a dangerous departure, given the extensive involvement of the CIA, for instance, in
the drug-ridden ‘country music’ industry (which was and remains a key CIA outlet for its
drugs). He referred in his music to the NSA as the ‘friends inside his head’ (i.e., his demon
‘familiars’). Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject
expires quickly. Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise diminish the effect of the
brainwashing. [Note: That victim’s reference to ‘friends inside his head’ is typical of classic
demonic infestation or possession. At the Gorbachev Foundation/State of the World
Forum event in San Francisco in September 1995, the Communist agitator Barbara Marx
Hubbard told an audience that she had a ‘familiar’ called ‘John’ whom she consulted at all
times. Malachi Martin wrote about familiars in his classic work ‘Hostage to the Devil’].
The Jonestown, Guyana, massacre, a group control experiment: Survivors of
Jonestown have testified as to the effectiveness of the group control ‘technology’ used in
Jamestown. After this gruesome experiment in mind-control was terminated with a
massacre, large amounts of drugs were discovered. Just one footlocker at Jonestown alone
contained 11,000 doses. The authorities prevented chemical autopsies of the bodies to ensure
secrecy of the sophisticated concentration camp, which was used for medical and
psychiatric experimentation by the CIA. What may have happened was that a programmed
intelligence operative (a ‘Clear Eyes’) was accidentally activated, through
a lone sequence. There was no way to stop the killings. All members of the cult were
programmed to at least ‘Level Three’. Only three deaths were attributable to cyanide; the
rest died from gunfire. [Again, discussion of demonic infestation ‘levels’, or ‘alters’, is most
authoritatively discussed by Fr. Malachi Martin in ‘Hostage to the Devil’].

David Koresh: This operative/mind-controlled programmed assassin was a long time
CIA asset. Waco had been a CIA centre for mind-control ever since the end of the Second World
War. Many of the German Nazi mind-control scientists were brought to Waco to continue
their experiments. The Waco ‘sleepers’ (of which there were seven in number) had somehow
been triggered, and they were preparing to carry out their preprogrammed responses. The
‘sleepers’ in the compound were created to be programmed domestic terrorists and can be
compared to the members of the Japanese cult, Aunt Shinri Kyo, which bombed the Tokyo
subway with Sarin gas and killed and wounded hundreds of people. The seven sleepers in the
Waco compound were within days of manufacturing a nerve gas toxin that would have been
powerful enough to kill up to 350,000 people. A total of 86 men, women, and children were
murdered in the Branch Davidian compound on Monday, 19th April 1993 -ALL of them
at the hands of the four members of a CIA ‘wet’ team, operating under cover of the Delta
. This atrocity had been preceded by another such event at Ruby Ridge. One
message delivered as a consequence of this atrocity – which officials justified at the time
on the basis that it allegedly prevented a far worse atrocity occurring (the deaths of
350,000 people) – was that the authorities want the American people to know the horror
that will befall people who defy the Government, which is of course itself the cause of
these Satanic disturbances.

Port Arthur Massacre, Tasmania, Australia: On Sunday 28th April 1996, an unknown
professional combat shooter opened fire in the Broad Arrow Cafe at Port Arthur in
Tasmania. In less than five minutes, 20 people lay dead, 19 of them killed with single shots
to the head, fired from the right hip of the fast-moving shooter. The awesome display of
combat marksmanship was blamed on intellectually impaired Martin Bryant (‘Bryan’
again) who was held in illegal strict solitary confinement for more than 120 days, until he
was ‘ready’ to plead guilty. But no trial ever took place. He was probably liquidated. Other
Tone nutters’ (in the United States) who never stood trial include Mark David Chapman,
Sirhan Sirhan {see page 246), James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald and David Berkowitz. A court
trial is a nuisance and dangerous for the Illuminists.

[Note: Australia is extensively involved in these intelligence operations under secret
accords with Britain and the United States. Aspects of the New Underworld Order will be
run from a vast underground control centre near Alice Springs. This facility houses
developments which are understood to have made a hardened and cynical US intelligence
officer whose identity is known to the Author, to exit the facility as fast as he could, and
to cease work which had involved frequent visits there].

John Lennon: Shortly before Lennon’s death at the hands of a mind-controlled
‘Manchurian Candidate’-type assassin, Mark Chapman, hired to ‘terminate’ Lennon who
had by then become his own man and was considered a ‘loose cannon’, Lennon had had
the audacity to ‘out his mind-manipulation perpetrators in a Playboy interview, in which he
had not only revealed details of LSD’s completely unforeseen liberating impact upon
human society and civilization, but also, even more to the point, had indicated that he was,
like Cobain and Hendrix, aware of the extent to which he and other pop musicians had been set
up by ‘dark forces’- for use as mass sensitisation dupes.

The Columbine killings: This atrocity was associated with an ongoing operation
in the United States to remove guns out of the hands of the American people. One month,
to the day, after Columbine, another similar shooting occurred in Georgia. Such school
killings, another of which occurred in Dunblane, Scotland (although this also aimed to
cover up a vast high-level rent-boy scandal), are intended to inflame anger and hysteria, as
occurred in early September 2004 in the ‘former’ Soviet Union in the case of the Beslan
massacre of hundreds of schoolchildren. In the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and
now the ‘former’ USSR, the media whips up anger and hysteria and keeps it fresh in the
public’s mind – with continual graphic, around the clock ‘overkill’ coverage and commentary
on the dead and wounded victims, the pain and suffering of the families, and the traumatic
scars left on children who watch television all over the world.

In the United States, President Clinton, a CIA operative working to instructions of
course (although this man is also a very ‘high’ Mason), exploited the hysteria of the
moment to blame guns for the problems in America’s schools; whereupon, amid all the
hysteria, Congress was pressured to pass more guns laws. But it gets worse. It is also true, in the
US context, that in order to condition the public into supporting stricter gun-control
measures – an absolute necessity for the conspirators, given America’s gun-ownership
tradition – mind-controlled children have been programmed to shoot classmates. One of
the Columbine High-School shooters, Eric Harris, used to live at Plattsburg Air Force Base,
in New York State, with his Air Force officer father. At the age of ten, Harris was allegedly
accustomed to complain to his friends that he was being drugged at the base. This base,
although officially closed, is known to harbour an enormous underground facility, which
is allegedly still being used as a mind-control programming center. One Columbine teacher
stated publicly that she was wounded by an adult male, not by a student (four adult
gunmen took part). Federal personnel had visited the school earlier.

Because of the continuing controversy surrounding the assassination of President
Kennedy – who had demanded that the CIA must cease its drug-trafficking operations, and
whom the Nazi International wanted out of the way, which was why he was murdered – the
Author has omitted a detailed note here on Lee Harvey Oswald, whose photographs
certainly reveal him to have had the profile appropriate for a programmed assassin. Other
such MK-ULTRA-spawned assassins have also included, of course, the Satanic Charles
Manson, Timothy McVeigh and John Salvi.

It is estimated that there are between two and ten million mind-controlled victims in the United
States. Victims are usually programmed to slash their arms if their front alter-per-sonality
begins to recover memories of the trauma programming. This inhibits further autonomous
memory recovery: they occasionally begin to recover memories if their programmer or
handler dies. Many have been abused by their parents, a familiar, even standard aberration
among Illuminati families. Buford Furrow, arrested for a shooting at the Jewish Community
Center, in Granada Hills, California, was admitted to a psychiatric institution after slashing
his arm in several places, behaviour consistent with mind-control activity. Significantly, a
National Security Council (NSC) e-mail address for a Buford Furrow located at McChord Air
Force Base, was deleted after his arrest.

Notwithstanding the widespread use of programmed operatives whose handlers can
modify their behaviour by triggering their layered ‘alters’, colossal blunders costing agents’
lives occur quite frequently. On 29th August 2003, US Ambassador Joseph Wilson told a
Washington symposium that Karl H. Rove, President Bush’s White House ‘fixer’, had been
the person who had leaked to ‘The Washington Post’ that his wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA
operative of 26 years’ standing. Her entire overseas team was liquidated.


JANUS, an international Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) team consisting of high-level
scientists, serves NATO and operates from its headquarters in Belgium, which, as indicated
elsewhere, is the financial centre of the Illuminati. In the United States, a group of
highly intelligent African-American women, known as the Black Angels, is maintained by
intelligence for Psy-Ops assassination ‘wet affairs’ (liquidation) work. According to an
anonymous and disgusted US intelligence source, a total of 250,000 children in the United
States were stolen from the streets over an unspecified period and used for experimentation
purposes at 25 intelligence stations. The end justifies the means.

One of the most notorious manipulative projects of all, called the Montauk Mind-
Control Program, was initiated after the Second World War on the old Montauk Air Force
Base, Long Island, run by Dr John von Neumann, a pre-war Nazi scientist, and Jack Pruett,
an Air Force operative, who was succeeded in due course by Dr Hermann C. Untermann
and another Nazi expert (in electronics), Dr Matthew E. Zerrett. This project was initially
funded by proceeds from the $10 billion worth of Nazi gold captured in 1944 by US troops,
in a successful ‘Financial Warfare’ operation. The last of the Montauk experimental bases
was reportedly ‘closed down’ on 12th August 1983. Dr Von Neumann, who came to the
United States, as noted, before the Second World War, was reported by the US Government
to have died in 1956; but in reality he was still alive as late as 1989, and in contact with US
intelligence. This penetration suggests that the Nazi apparat had actually engaged in
focused penetration ops long before the outbreak of the Second World War. When Hitler’s
regime had finally been defeated, the German Geopolitical Centre’s subtle propagandists
fostered the lie that Nazism had perished along with it – a strategic deception operation
which has had terrible consequences.

The Phillipses have reported, and other sources concur, that, as has been mentioned,
the MR-ULTRA programme, based upon Himmlerian technology, was the ‘brainchild’
not only of the odious Dr Sydney Gottlieb, but also of Richard Helms, later Director of
Central Intelligence (DCI), and was intended to complete the development of techniques
pioneered by Nazi scientists – including electrical shock, sleep deprivation, memory
implantation, memory erasure, sensory modification, psychoactive drug experimentation,
and ‘many more cruel practices’. ‘Project Paperclip’, they add, ‘ultimately brought in key
players involved in the assassination of the Pope, the ‘October Surprise’ operation – the
sabotage of President Carter’s peace talks by means of an internal US intelligence-
directed coup – ‘and a great many other things still classified to this day’.

The Phillipses’ published research ‘shows that the OSS/CIA that was formed [by] the
National Security Act [is] the same agency that [has] employed hundreds of Nazis [and]
has been in alliance with the Vatican through various Agency connections such as Licio
Gelli. The CIA/Vatican alliance that assassinated Pope John Paul I, John F. Kennedy and
dictators of Third World countries, is the Illuminati’. This statement is accurate. Details of
how Pope John Paul I was assassinated are given in Chapter 6.

And the Phillips’ short-form (but of course incomplete) conclusion is stunning: The Bavarian Illuminati has been around for centuries in one way or another. Its presence in the 20th century is the direct result of the Nazis [sic]. The Nazi connections to the occult and the Bavarian Thule Society were parallel to the American members of 33rd Degree Freemasonry [sic]. When Operation Paperclip was successfully executed, the Nazi element of the Bavarian Thule society was fused with the American members
of Freemasonry to create the [modern] Illuminati. Operation Paperclip, MK-ULTRA,


The True Life Story of a CIA Mind-Control Slave

By Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips

Published privately, 1995: Reality Marketing, Inc., Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA. See Figure 42, page 225.

• • • Rather than comment further on the content and flavour of this book, the Author has selected the following brief excerpts, which are self-explanatory. The book contains such horrific descriptions of eye-witnessed high-level corruption and CIA Himmierian debauchery that they cannot be reproduced here.

‘ In the past 150 years, there has been a resurgence of widespread interest in the so-called ‘Black Arts’ which include Satanism or Luciferian religions. These constitutionally-protected (in the United States) ‘religions’ use trauma to control the minds of their followers’.

‘ In 1971, The New York Times reported on … a report to Congress [which] clearly showed that the CIA was interested in the cause-and-effect clinical findings that occult practices have on the Black Arts practitioner’s and/or the observer’s mind. Of particular interest to the CIA were the heightened levels of suggestibility that certain occult rituals produced in the minds of the practitioners. Cannibalism and blood rituals were ranked highest in the order of importance to their research ‘.

‘ Linda Hunt, in her book ‘Secret Agenda’, [cites] declassified Department of Defense documents identifying Project Paperclip as being the secret importation and relocation of Nazi and Fascist scientists into the United States over a 40-year period. These brilliant criminal scientists were primarily focused on two areas of research, rockets and the mind. They were placed in positions of authority in prestigious universities, colleges, industries, and NASA. Over the years, these imported criminals have directly influenced our society with advanced rocket technologies and mind-control applications through US Government-sponsored research…. Nazism, as a philosophy and form of government, is alive and destroying our country, in part, as a result of Project Paperclip’.

‘ Many US and foreign government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could
not be deprogrammed and rehabilitated to accurately reveal the criminal covert [and violently obscene – Ed.] activities in which I (and her daughter Kelly) were forced to participate, particularly during the Reagan/Bush Administrations’.

‘ Violations of laws and rights, Psychological Warfare intimidation tactics, threats to our lives, and various other forms of CIA Damage Containment practices thus far have remained unhindered and unchecked due to the National Security Act 1947 and the 1986 Reagan amendment to same, which allows those in control of our Government to censor and/or cover up anything they choose ».

‘ Project MONARCH was a US Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET project… a mind-control operation which was [author maintains use of the past tense, but it’s still happening] ‘recruiting’ multigenerational incest-abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) for its genetic mind-control studies. Visual acuity of an MPD [victim] is 44 times greater than that of the average person’.

‘ Huntsville, Alabama, is a place with a NASA research facility and where [children] were regularly taken for the production of child and adult p*rnography films’.

[Senator Robert C] Byrd ‘believed that in order for this world to survive, mankind must “take a giant step in
evolution through creating [sic, i.e. Man is God – Ed.] a superior race”. To create this “superior race”, Byrd believed in the Nazi and KKK principles of “annihilation of underprivileged races and cultures” through genocide, to alter genetics and breed the more gifted – the blondes of this world’.

[Senator Robert C] Byrd said that ‘our country’s involvement in drug distribution, p*rnography and white slavery was ‘justified’ as a means of “gaining control of all illegal activities worldwide” to fund Black Budget covert activity that would “bring about world peace through world dominance and total control”‘. In short Byrd had ‘bought’ the German llluminati’s programme for global control. ■

‘October Surprise’ and George Bush Sr. are all facets of the Illuminati, a group whose ideals are
rooted in the occult, and dedicated to world domination’.

It is extraordinary that the entirely separate research by this Author, which carefully
sought to by-pass and initially to discount the work of Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien,
because of the unanswered questions that have been alluded to, has culminated in exactly
the same conclusion. The separate investigations in other Chapters of this book leave no
room for doubt that Nazi ‘Black’ Intelligence has successfully leveraged its occult
dimension, through systematic influence-building, penetration and the creation of an
identity of purpose within US intelligence, as an instrument of Nazi global hegemony
strategy. Put another way, the Illuminati fulfil the function of an occultic cover for German
intelligence – which is directed by the secret DVD from a town that is synonymous with the
mass production of death: Dachau. An impeccable, and knowledgeable, US intelligence
source has separately confirmed the accuracy of this assessment.

This Author knows, from an intelligence source, that the Pope receives a briefing
from the Vatican’s CIA Rezident every Friday afternoon. Not least, since Cathy O’Brien traces
early stages of her traumatised childhood to abuses inflicted upon her by her Catholic
schoolteachers, she and Phillips have concluded that ‘the CIA and the Vatican are the
Illuminati’. Indeed Rome has been a central locus of Illuminism since Grand Master (33rd
Degree) Giuseppe Mazzini, a revolutionary terrorist leader, Sicilian gangster, drug-dealer
and the founder of the Mafia – a man who authorised thefts, arson and the poisoning of his
opponents – divided responsibility for the control of the World Revolution with Albert
Pike – taking responsibility for political operations, which were to be directed from Rome.
The Vatican is the seat of the ‘Beast-Lamb’ – that is to say, translating John’s inspired
prophetic vision into our own perceptions, of the man whose number is 666, who stands in
the place of Jesus Christ, and who presides over a place where, as Dr Malachi Martin
personally told the Author, ‘people are not nice at all’. ■


Paul Weyrich, operative founder of the Heritage Foundation, a Melkite Greek Catholic, has a
background with ties to Nazi collaborators. In the 1970s, Weyrich helped arrange appointments
and political contacts on Capitol hill for Dr Franz-Josef Strauss, of Bavaria, who assisted Nazi
collaborators. Dr Roger Pearson, writer and organiser for the Nazi Northern League, joined the
editorial board of ‘Policy Review’, the monthly Heritage Foundation publication, in 1977. Dr
Pearson’s racist theories have been circulated worldwide by neo-Nazi and White-supremacist
organisations. Pearson was brought to the United States by Willis Carto, the operative founder of
the neo-Fascist Institute for Historical Review (Holocaust denial) and the Liberty Lobby which
published the anti-Semitic ‘Spotlight’ newspaper, now succeeded by ‘American Free Press’. The
British Eugenics Society had this mention of Roger Pearson on its website: ‘Hans K. Gunther, a Nazi
anthropologist and eugenicist… was assisted by Dr Roger Pearson of the Eugenics Society, an
important figure on the racist journal, ‘Mankind Quarterly’. [This] racist journal was still pumping out
venom [as of 1994], still influenced by Dr Roger Pearson. Josef Mengele’s co-researcher at
Auschwitz, Von Vershuer, was on the editorial advisory board of this journal before his death in 1970′.
The Free Congress Foundation, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation, until recently housed
the Coalition of the Americas, which used to be run by Laszlo Pasztor, a convicted Austrian Nazi
collaborator. Pasztor was a former leader of the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross organisation in Hungary.
During the Cold War period -which, as this book shows, was exploited, leveraged or engineered by
the Reinhard Gehlen Organisation to provide a deception background for the furtherance of the
Nazi International’s long-range strategy – such operatives worked behind an anti-Communist cover.

1. ‘Trance Formation of America: The True Life Story of a CIA mind-control Slave’,by Cathy O’Brien with Mark Phillips, Reality Marketing, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada 89102,1995.

It is pertinent that this book was published in Las Vegas, where con siderable high-level US intelligence resources are devoted to the creation of disinformation films, videos and other media, including the ridiculous footage purportedly showing Osama Bin Laden (the CIA’s ‘former’ asset Tim Osman) in a bathrobe on some moonscape or other. However, much of the information in this privately-published work, the cover of which is illustrated on page 225, is consistent with the entirely independent research conducted by the Author and his colleagues. Specifically, the Author has identified and publicised documented evidence of colossal funding operations that have been undertaken independent of governments, raising in 1989-92 an initial $27.5 trillion (which exceeded $65 trillion by the third quarter of 2006I ostensibly for the financing of the so-called Global Security Environment, linked to the Global Security Project headed by Mikhail Gorbachev in the early 1990s.

Following the framing of the US Government Trustor of these funds, crooked US intelligence officers, intelligence crime family ‘barons’ and international banks made liberal use of the funds, until the Trustor, whom the CIA had said was ‘dead’, ‘came to life’ in 2005. O’Brien and Phillips (who are married) cite, on page 78 of their book, the following accurate statement by Senator Daniel Inouye (Democrat, Hawaii), which inde pendently confirms that the Author’s giga-financial researches into the funding of the llluminati’s New Underworld Order have been correctly focused. Referring to the New Underworld Order apparat as a ‘secret government’, he described it as follows before a Senate Subcommittee: ft is ‘a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fund-raising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of ‘national interest’, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself. Senator Inouye’s description indicated that he saw the ‘shadow governmenf as a US phenomenon: but it is in fact a Shadow International Government – the secret structure of the llluminati.

2. The associated German institutes (originally Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes, but from 1945 Max Planck Institutes, include the following: Biophysics (Frankfurt-am-Main); Chemistry, 1911 (Berlin-Dahlem); Biology, 1912 (Berlin); Medical Research; Physics (Berlin); Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, 1911 (Berlin, now the Haber Institute); Breeding Research; Leather Research; Brain Research; Foreign and International Private Law; Cell Physiology; Coal Research. In 1938, at a Berlin institute, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann discovered nuclear fission.

3. ‘And Jesus called a little child unto Him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, yet shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoso therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea’: Matthew, Chapter 18, verses 2-6. ‘But Jesus called them [little children] unto Him, and said. Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the Kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein’: Luke, Chapter 18, verses 16-17. ‘And Jesus, perceiving the thought of their hearts, took a little child, and set him by Him, And said unto them, Whosoever shall receive this child in my name receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me receiveth Him that sent me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great’: Luke, Chapter 9, verses 47-48,

4. ‘Biodynamics: The Battle for Youth’, Dr Boris Sokoloff, Covici, Freide Publishers, New York, 1930, on page 8. Dr Sokoloff knew Lenin, but later fled from Soviet Russia to the United States. Sokoloff taught that senility is avoidable and that ‘the struggle with senility is the problem of mankind and of modern science’. In other words, his quest was for immortality – the same as the quest of Masons and all Luciferians, who believe, pathetically, in reincarnation, one of the Devil’s cruder deceptions.

5. ‘How the US Government Created the ‘Drug Problem’ in the USA’, excellent Internet essay by Michael E. Kreca.

6. Information about the state murder of the hero Andy Stephenson in 2005 was obtained both from the Author’s contact with him in the months before he died, and from a close friend.

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16. Israeli and American archaeologists are now obtusely arguing that since there is no archaeological record of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and since the movement of 600,000 males and their families of the children of Israel into the wilderness and their wandering there for 40 years would have been logistically impossible and the Egyptians allegedly garrisoned Canaan at the time of the Exodus, the entire Exodus story is a myth. However extensive internal evidence makes it clear that this cannot be the case. No human mind, or group of minds, could have invented the inspired Old Testament literature.

17. Kreca, op. cit.

18. ‘Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities’, Revelation, Chapter 18, verses 4-5.

19. ‘Lucifer, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world’, Revelation, Chapter 12, verse 9.

20. ‘Inventors of evil things’: Epistle of Paul to the Romans, Chapter 1, verse 30. See also page 221.

21. ‘A reprobate mind’ Romans, Chapter 1, verses 28-32. The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God’, Psalms 14 and 53, verse 1. ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth’: Psalm 46, verse 10. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit’; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise’: Psalm 51, verse 17. ‘Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass’: Psalm 37, verses 1-5. ‘But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear Fear him which, after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell: yea I say unto you, Fear him’: Jesus Christ, Luke Chapter 11,verse 5. Obviously, these people do not fear Satan, because many of them worship him. They are in for a rude awakening indeed.


The mass mind-control mechanism commonly referred to in recent years as ‘political correctness’ (PC) is a crucial instrument of the Illuminati’s World Revolution, applied equally by both sides of the main 20th Century geopolitical dialectic – International versus National Socialism (although as is being demonstrated, National Socialism is in fact German International Socialism). It first emerged as a sub- ideology from the activities of the Frankfurt School, formerly the Institute of Social Research, which was established at Frankfurt University in Germany in 1923, and was relocated to New York City in 19341. By the end of the Second World War, most of the original members of the Frankfurt School had become American citizens, a development which ‘opened a new English-speaking audience for focusing on American forms of authoritarianism2.

From 1930 onwards, the leading members of the Frankfurt School, Horkheimer, Adorno, Fromm and the French philosopher Marcuse, laboured to translate Marxism from economic into cultural terms, which they mainly achieved by crossing Marx with Freud3. Parallel work and thinking was being undertaken at the same time by Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Communist, who was to be incarcerated for nine years under Mussolini. The leading members of the Frankfurt School were all Jewish.

The first poisonous doctrine developed by the Frankfurt School was ‘Critical Theory’, the basis for the pretentious ‘politically correcf ‘studies’ departments in American Universities. The Institute subsequently developed its so-called ‘studies in prejudice’. These manipulative studies, notably as developed in Adorno’s influential book ‘The Authoritarian Personality’, argued for the Revolution that anyone who defended or adhered to traditional Western culture and morality had a psychological problem. It is a well-known characteristic of the ‘criminal’ mentality that the perpetrator of a given trespass seizes every opportunity of accusing others of committing the same offence, in order to mask his or her own trespass. Yet the ‘PC mentality has itself developed a category of offence which the PC mind is apt to condemn, in knee-jerk fashion, as ‘finger-pointing’ or ‘type-casting’4. Both accusations prejudge the thinking and intentions of the accused, and therefore reveal prejudice in the mind of the ‘politically correct’ individual who purports to object to language employed by the accused. It can of course never be the PC perpetrator who has a psychological problem – which is of course the reverse of the truth. Once again, ‘political correctness’ turns the truth inside out and upside down. That is its Luciferian revolutionary purpose.

‘Political correctness’ displays the classical hallmark of all Luciferian ideologies, in that it ‘demands that people live a lie’5. In fact, ‘political correctness’ demands that we must all accept in innumerable lies as the truth. Such lies include the revolutionary egalitarian assertions that men and women are interchangeable; that there are no differences between or among races or ethnic groups (when these groups are taken as wholes, as ‘political correctness’ requires, so that its lies in this context are based upon empty generalisations); or that hom*osexuality is normal and perfectly acceptable. As one analyst has explained, the unholy PC trinity that ‘political correctness’ demands that we bow down and worship consists of racism, sexism and hom*ophobia 6.

The same veteran American intelligence observer and activist, Paul Weyrich [see box, page 252] has pointed out that all ideologies lead to coercion, dictatorship and thereafter in all probability to genocide7: and in many of his pronouncements, it seems as though they verge upon actual predictions, rather than just warnings. This may be because,’ ironically’, this operative came from a Melkite Greek Catholic background rich with links to Nazi collaborators and neo-Fascist organisations, so he would have known what he was talking about. One of his handlers was an operative called William Lind, described as ‘very condescending and arroganf by one observer, who also said that Lind gave the impression of being ‘an ageing Brownshirt’. The reason for the tendency towards dictatorship implied by Weyrich was that ideology is bound to fail – pending the procurement of definitive methods of forcing the whole of humanity to think alike (which the Illuminati are heavily engaged in seeking, but which cannot be achieved). For, since we are all wonderfully made, we are all, each one of us, miraculously different (which was what the Lord intended). Hence none of us naturally thinks in the same way; and the high priests of ‘political correctness’ know this perfectly well – which means that they fundamentally know that they are liars.

In other words, ideologies presuppose that the state or supranational entity (in the contemporary context) must adopt them as official ideologies, so that they become enforceable, and are enforced, by the state. This is where ideology leads because in the end there is no way to compel people to bow down to and accept lies except by threats of coercion, leading to the concentration camps and the GULAG.

The term that the promoters of ‘political correctness’ apply to any open defiance of its revolutionary mandates is ‘hate’ – illustrating that like all ideologies, ‘political correctness’ has developed its own ‘Newspeak’. Anyone who defies any ideology is, as noted, suffering from a psychological problem – that is to say, he is ‘nuts’. Hence, of course, the notorious usage of ‘psychiatric hospitalisation’ in the overt Soviet Union, and to a considerable extent in the United States, as a routine method of ensuring that those who are deemed to have erred in their attitude or thinking are ‘brought to reason’ – a practice which has continued without interruption into the false ‘post’-Soviet era. Nor are overt and covert Communist regimes alone guilty of this profound evil today. On the contrary, the use of ‘lunacy testing’ and other ‘psychiatric coercion’ techniques is commonplace in the American military, in the intelligence community where handlers decide that their operative needs to be neutralised, as well as throughout the United States’ penitentiary system, which in many respects carries a close resemblance to the Soviet GULAG.

Even so, it was the Soviets who were the first to reveal the central importance of ‘political cor- rectness’ to the Luciferian Revolution, and to emphasise formally its intentionally coercive purpose. The pertinent pronouncement appeared in the primary compendium of Lenin’s version of the dialectical Revolution entitled ‘The Foundations of Marxism-Leninism’, a compendium first compiled under Stalin and revised and updated after his death. In this document, it was affirmed that ‘in deciding other affairs, methods of public influence, the influence of public opinion, will be utilised. Under Communism, public opinion will become a mighty force, capable of bringing to reason those individuals who might not want to follow Communist customs and rules of behaviour of the Community’8. It is important to recall that the overt Soviets were in the habit of publishing their revolutionary prescriptions as though they applied primarily to the Soviet Union and its satellites. In practice, the prescriptions developed and approved for ‘domestic’ public consumption were likewise sanctioned for international application: thus the essay in which this passage appeared was entitled ‘Marxism-Leninism as a Philosophy and World Outlook’.

The Illuminati, being schooled and steeped in the occult, have always recognised that the achievement of the global hegemony after which they lust – which has become an international cooperative endeavour that serves (and this is crucial) the German long-range strategy – depends upon their mastery over and control of the human mind. In 1920, the British Amy General J. F. C. Fuller, pronounced farsightedly that the traditional methods of military warfare would be ‘replaced by purely psychological warfare, wherein weapons are not used or battlefields sought… But [rather]… the corruption of the human reason, the dimming of the human intellect, and the disintegration of the moral and spiritual life of one nation by the influence and will of another is accomplished’9.

The Nazi International, and their contributing mentors from the Frankfurt School, fully understood that corruption of ‘the enemy’, by all means to hand, given that for them ‘the war never ended’ [see Chapter 8], necessitated controlling his mental processes. Lenin, the German Abwehr operative, had exactly the same understanding, as was acknowledged by B. H. Liddell Hart, who wrote:

‘Lenin had a vision of fundamental truth when he said that “the soundest strategy in war is to postpone operations until the moral disintegration of the enemy renders the delivery of the mortal blow both possible and easy”. This is not always practicable, nor his methods of propaganda (to include sophistry, strategic deception, and strategic self-deception) always fruitful. But it will bear adaptation: ‘The soundest strategy in any campaign is to postpone battle, and the soundest tactics to postpone attack, until the moral dislocation of the enemy renders the delivery of a decisive blow practicable’ 10.

In the passage taken from ‘Marxism-Leninism as a Philosophy and World Outlook’, the emphasised words ‘bringing to reason’ reveal the coercive intent underlying revolutionary ‘political correctness’. The Illuminist Revolution has no hope of ultimate survival, let alone of triumph world-wide, if it cannot first achieve control over our minds, and assure itself that this control will remain permanent: which of course it can never achieve, which is why revolutions go ’round and round in circles’ (the revealingly literal demonic meaning of the word ‘revolution’).

Transferred to the United States because of the prospect of Nazi harassment of its Jewish membership, the Frankfurt School took care to re-invent authoritarianism so that it did not, at least for the time being, resemble its European counterpart. Instead of applying the threat of terror and physical and mental coercion, the Frankfurt School now attempted to enforce conformity of thinking by more gentle means. According to Martin Jay, the most effective of these were to be found in the cultural field. American mass culture thus became one of the central concerns of the Frankfurt School’11. In fact, Lenin and Trotsky realised almost from the outset that theatre and film, popular transmission mechanisms of popular culture, had to be brought under reliable revolutionary control, just as Lenin laid down that the press needed to be at the Revolution’s service at all times – a lesson that the CIA has learned and has applied with gusto. In the course of a ‘spooks’ cruise’ off the West Coast in 2003, a ‘fly on the wall’ reporting to the Author revealed that the senior US intelligence officers on board were particularly proud of their achievement in controlling the press. They have also sought to control the Internet, spawning a large number of deliberately contradictory Information Warfare agitprop websites.

An American student of the Frankfurt School wrote in 1976 that’… there was a meeting of American scholars at a conference on religious and racial prejudice in 1944. Over the next five years, a Frankfurt School team under the direction of Max Horkheimer conducted in-depth social and psychological profiles of Americans under the mentioned project entitled ‘Studies of Prejudice’. One of the results was a book entitled ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ by Theodor Adorno, et al, that summarised one of the largest public opinion surveys ever undertaken in the United States. It was published in 1950, and conformed to the original Critical Theory in every respect. As a document that testified to the belief system of the Frankfurt School revolutionaries, it was essentially anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti- nationalist, anti-patriot, anti-conservative, anti-hereditarian, anti-ethnocentric, anti-masculine, anti- tradition and anti-morality. All of these are elements inherent in Critical Theory’12, which owes much to the Jewish authors’ infestation with the occult mumbo-jumbo of the Kabbalah.

The ostensible objective of the Frankfurt School’s activities and research in the United States was much more subtle than had been the case in Europe. Their new, US-oriented purpose was education for tolerance, rather than praxis for revolutionary change. Having studied American liberal thought and attitudes carefully, they cleverly adapted their revolutionary rhetoric to suit and merge with the mainstream of liberal Left thought in America, while maintaining intact their cultural Marxist objectives. Their language now came to match more closely the liberal (i.e., socialist)’… New Deal rather than Marxist or radical language’13.

But of course toleration was in fact the reverse of what the Frankfurt School was promoting. Yet, as Dr Gerald L. Atkinson has written, ‘the non-authoritarian (utopian) personality, insofar as it was defined, was posited as a person with a non-dogmatic tolerance for diversity. This thought is dominant in today’s Boomer generation, the New Totalitarians’14. And of course by the end of the century, ‘diversity’ was the watchword of all US and UK ‘politically correct’ thinking, having invaded the boardrooms of American and British industry, whence it permeated organisations of all kinds from the highest levels of management to the workforce. A certain US transportation utility spent millions of dollars in the late 1990s and into the new century on elaborate programmes to indoctrinate and brainwash the workforce, introducing one the Frankfurt School’s gems – ‘affirmative action’ – everywhere.

In practice what this meant was that whenever a vacancy arose, no matter how qualified a Caucasian candidate for the post might be, preference was always given to the disadvantaged from an ethnic background. As one wag cynically put it, ‘if you are an illiterate female Black dwarf who has served nine years in a penitentiary for drug abuse, you may be just the person we’re looking for to head up our new public relations department’. Though this ‘politically incorrecf example is exaggerated of course, and perhaps offensive to some, such upside-down ‘thinking’ is much less unusual in American industry and in the employment market generally, than the objective observer may believe. This kind of perversity has brought forth the phenomenon of ‘attitude’ (or ‘attitood’), displayed so often by store assistants, servers etc, whose focus is upon what the customer says and believes (which such people arrogantly assume), than upon providing the requisite and expected standard of service. It is also consistent with Wundtian ‘Outcome-Based Education’ which postulates that it is not what the pupil learns that matters, it is his or her ‘attitude’. Provided the child or teenager has been sufficiently indoctrinated in the norms of ‘political correctness’ – for example, to equate animals with humans (‘animals rights’) or to accept without question the wholly inaccurate assertion that the resources of ‘the planet’ (a ‘politically correct’, revolutionary environmentalist key-word) are finite, findings such as that the child cannot spell or write a coherent sentence in English and has learned next to nothing (even though what he or she is supposed to have been taught conformed strictly to the anti- nation state ‘politically correct’ collectivist agenda), are disregarded. What matters is that the child has the right ‘politically correcf attitude. This aberrant Illuminati-sponsored abuse of education has spread far beyond the United States to the other main English-speaking countries.

‘Cultural Marxism’ and the dumbing-down of the higher faculties of man through provocatively sensate or affective miseducation and the blanket infliction of decadent, Satanic popular ‘music’ upon the population, as preached by the Frankfurt School in the United States, have created a partial mental ‘tabula rasa’ in the confused minds of glazed-eyed, targeted youth, preparing the way for and spawning knee-jerk responses to ‘prejudice’, ‘bigotry’ and ‘discrimination’. These platforms preceded the destructive concepts of ‘affirmative action’, ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ which are now dominant in American and British society, and within the bureaucratic structures of both countries.

Such mental aberrations are the direct descendants of the Institute’s study in the 1940s of ‘anti- semitism’, by which was meant anti-Communism and ‘discrimination’ (by which was meant in turn support for capitalism). It was that ‘study’ which inserted the language of ‘civil rights’ (quite recently joined by ‘civil society’), ‘discrimination’, ‘women’s rights’, ‘children’s rights’, and other minority ‘rights’ into mainstream American and, after an interval, into British ‘culture’. The situation has long been reached in both countries in which care has to be taken not to ‘upset’ the ‘feelings’ of minorities, when in comparable situations the sensibilities of the majority Caucasians would never be a factor.

What is the underlying point of all this garbage, apart from being an exercise in mass mind- manipulation and control? A key point that has gone unnoticed is that, since the Illuminati strive to obliterate ‘religion’ (by which they mean the Torah and True Christianity: the false religions, they use), the resulting intended mental ‘tabula rasa’ is replicated by a spiritual vacuum, as well. So the inculcation of what the supreme Illuminist Mikhail Gorbachev proclaims to be ‘common human values’ is intended to replace the personal spiritual relationship that the True Christian enjoys with God: for, since the Illuminati are not atheists, but understand very well that spiritual forces exist, they seek to ensure that the forces in ‘common usage’ are those provided by their god Lucifer, rather than by God himself.

Moreover the resulting general acceptance of this tripe (especially among the young, who have been deprived of access to True Christianity, for instance) provides lucrative new opportunities for making money. Thus trashy pop stars and are easily hired to appear in Hyde Park, Central London, in the ‘touchy-feely’ presence of Tony Blair and this ‘licensed’ hippie, ‘Sir’ Bob Geldof, to ‘promote’ ‘aid for Africa’ and ‘poverty reduction’. The ‘Useful Idiots’ who contribute to such mass Psy-Ops events by buying tickets or sending relief funds, have no means of verifying what happens to their money after it has been collected. If they knew that such events were usually massive scamming operations, the scales might fall from their bleary, befogged and misguided eyes.

As the American analyst Raymond V. Raehn has explained, ‘Critical Theory’ as applied mass psychology has led [in particular] to the radical deconstruction of gender in the American culture. Critical Theory required the distinction between masculinity and femininity to disappear. The traditional roles of mothers and fathers were to be dissolved, so that patriarchy would be ended. Children are not to be raised according to their biological differences, but should be free to move in and out of existing genders and gender roles, according to their own ‘preferences. This reflects the Frankfurt School rationale for the disintegration of the traditional family’15 which was ‘necessary’ in order to create the preconditions for a wholesale attack on private property. Property represents power, and the persistence of power centres other than in the hands of the Illuminist elite, is not to be permitted.

The Frankfurt School’s perverted alumni preached that ‘… even a partial breakdown of parental authority in the family might tend to increase the readiness of a coming generation to accept social change’16. ‘Change’ is of course a primary keyword of the Revolution, and is routinely used without elaboration – that is to say, its terms are never defined. Whenever the word change is used with no indication of what it means (change from what and to what?), its use and purpose is intentionally deceptive and revolutionary. The ‘politically correct’, indoctrinated revolutionary or unwitting ‘Useful Idiot’ accepts all ‘change’ as being by definition desirable, and is trained not to waste time questioning what ‘changes’ are intended, or where they may lead. As indicated, the Revolution reveals both the weakness of its intellectual underpinnings and its deceptive nature by routinely failing to define its terms, and by shrinking from spelling out what the end-result of ‘change’ is intended to be. Its actives fear to do so, knowing perfectly that if their true revolutionary intentions were known, the coerced support upon which they rely would all but evaporate overnight.

Finally, we need to consider briefly the relevance of Jewish ‘mysticism’ as a factor in the subversive
formulations of members of the Frankfurt School. Since all criticism of Jews by Gentiles is liable to be
labelled anti-semitic, the most appropriate way to address the Judaic characteristics of the Frankfurt
School is to rely upon criticism by a Jewish author and expert. The most helpful examination of the
Jewishness of the Frankfurt School is perhaps to be found in an essay entitled ‘Georg Lukacs and the Frankfurt School: A Case of Secular Messianism’, examining the contribution of one of the Institute’s leading ‘lights’, Georg Lukacs, by Joseph B. Maier17. In this important essay, the Jewish author acknowledged that German Jewry was preoccupied with the mysticism of the Kabbalah, which of course is derived from pagan Babylon and denies the existence of any absolute truth.

On the contrary, there are, according to one of the Frankfurt School’s most important (though not self-
admitted) teachers, Walter Benjamin, innumerable variations on any given theme. This utterly Talmudic
approach he expressed in the following memorable statement: ‘I have never been able to do research and
think in a way other than, if I may so put it, in a theoretical sense – namely, in accordance with the Talmudic teaching of the forty-nine levels of meaning in every passage of the Torah’18.

What this reveals is that, for these people, revolution – going round and round in circles – is
Talmudic: for there are no absolutes, only interpretations. That is precisely the trap that the Nazi
International’s greatest project, the European Union Collective, has set for the ignorant and unwary non-
German Goyim who have accepted that strategic deception device for the usurpation of national
sovereignty, as genuine. In the EU context, there are no fixed truths: everything is debatable, transitory,
arguable, temporary, contradicted, ephemeral, or expendable. That just happens to be the essence of
Leninism, which has no values except ‘the revolution’ itself: that is to say, that ‘going round and round in
circles’ is an end in itself. Lenin, as we have repeatedly seen, was a German-hired subversion operative, so it is no surprise that his mad, Talmudic ideas correspond precisely with those promulgated by the Frankfurt School, which coexisted with Nazism in Germany, and has prepared the ground for the Thousand-Year Reich to be erected on the ruins of the United States. As for why Jews collaborate de facto with Nazis, this mystery is resolved when one understands that Zionism is Jewish Fascism. ■

ADDENDUM: The Frankfurt School

1. Paul M. Weyrich, ‘Free Congress Commentary’, March 2000. Weyrich founded the Heritage Foundation, one of the US institutes linked to the Tavistock Institute and which, as shown in the box On page 252, has alleged Nazi connections.

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3. Weyrich, op. cit.

4. At the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank held in Prague in September 2000, the Author attended a seminar at which the speaker was Mary Robinson, an apparently high-level indoctrinated globalist who is intolerant of any point of view other than her own. When the Author raised several pertinent questions critical of her assertions, she failed to answer the questions, but accused the Author of ‘type-casting’ and ‘finger-pointing’.

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Hitherto we have all but employed the terms the Devil, Satan and Lucifer interchangeably,
which is perfectly valid because this infernal entity is indeed one and the same. However
in the minds of the deranged ‘Useful Idiots’ who have fallen for this idolatry and have made
a pact with him, or who seek, whether knowingly or not, to do so, there is an important
distinction. Satanists, mentally deranged by the use and abuse of drugs, accuse the Lord God
(of Christians) of having betrayed humanity. They are not atheists, but openly acknowledge
and recognise that their god, Satan, occupies a position super-naturally which, equipped
with the ‘magickal’ powers that they claim to be able to mobilise in response to what
they know about the ‘Ancient Mysteries’, they conspire to evoke – often raising demonic
spirits which turn the tables and possess them instead.

By contrast the Luciferians, initiates of kindred occult rites and of course labouring
under strange delusions – because, as discussed earlier, the Being they worship is the king
and author of lies and murder – deliberately place Lucifer at the top of their agenda, go
about their evil business driven by his ‘seething powers’, and glorify him as the principle
of all that is ‘good’. In other words, being idiots and deluded idolaters, they have fallen for
Satan’s ‘reversal’ lie – that good is evil, and evil is good, as Satan, masquerading as the
serpent, beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden. To Luciferians, he is the equal of Our Lord
(Adonay), whom they describe as the principle of evil – because He stands in the way of
their motto (as expressed by the Satanic Illuminati sect called Ordo Templi Orientis): ‘Do as
thou wilt’. You want that woman? Take her. You want casual sex? Grab it. You covet that
man’s assets? Raid them. Accuse him unjustly; deploy false witness against him. Have him
flung into jail. You want Iraq’s oil? Seize it.

Luciferians have ‘risen’ (i.e. descended) via initiation to the level at which they
have exchanged normal human sensibilities, sensitivity and emotion, for a ‘higher (=
lower) calling’, in which they take great pride, devoid of all normal human emotion
(which is actually spiritual death). The ‘rising’ Mason who is ‘progressing upwards’ (i.e.,
descending) towards the state of ‘perfect understanding’ as he is initiated serially into ever
more demonic grossness and gobbldegook, acquires tell-tale characteristics which can be
recognised as distinct from those of normal human beings. George Bush Sr., for instance, displays
a patrician aloofness and deadness which is typical of such deluded personalities. One of
the geomasons’ most celebrated authors, Manly P. Hall, describes precisely, in “The Lost
Keys of Freemasonry’ [1923]1, what the ‘requirements’ of high Masonry are supposed to be. It
should be noted that each sentence in what follows needs to be read as a whole: if parts of a
sentence are extracted out of context, the incorrect impression is given. For instance, in the
first paragraph, ‘simplicity with its accompanying power’ follows ‘kindness in the face of unkindness’.

Simplicity, in the Christian and True Judaic perception is not accompanied by power, but is rather a prerequisite for divine acceptance by itself. In Hall’s description of the twisted and deformed ‘mature’ Masonic personality that emerges from the first three (deliberately deceptive) Degrees (the Blue Degrees), all emotions are to be suppressed and overlaid with a cold air of innate superiority. The
‘calmness’ of the ‘higher’ Mason is derived from the fact that his soul is dead and his heart is
stone cold. Since this is the condition into which the initiate is intended to emerge from the
first three (Blue) Degrees only, just imagine what a frozen heart initiates of the ‘higher’ (=
lower) Degrees are ordained to acquire. This illuminates the late Fr. Malachi Martin’s
statement that Luciferians and Satanists ‘have all passed through in a sense and that
involves three things: the infliction of pain without flinching, the infliction of death without
flinching, and the use of fire’. In the following excerpts from Manly P. Hall’s treatise, lies
and reprobate occult advice are represented as desirable:

‘The following requirements are necessary before the student can spiritually say that he
is a member of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of the Fellow Craft:

1. The mastery of emotional outbreaks of all kinds, poise under trying conditions,
kindness in the face of unkindness, and simplicity with its accompanying power. These
points show that the seeker is worthy of being taught by a Fellow [witch]Craftsman.

2. The mastery of the animal energies, the curbing of passion and desire, and the control of the
lower nature2 mark the faithful attempts on the part of the student to be worthy of the Fellow
Craft. [This deceitfully suggests that candidates are supposed to lead upright and chaste
lives as their superiors do: they don’t, and neither do their superiors, given the sexual
orientation of Masonic ritual and symbolism. But pagan priesthoods purported to be
celibate, in order to falsely enhance their ‘standing’ among the credulous populace – a base
negation of human nature that has been disastrously perpetuated by the Roman Catholic

3. The understanding and mastery of the creative forces3 [i.e. connecting with demonic
forces: see below], the consecration of them to the unfolding of the spiritual nature, and a proper
understanding of their physical application, are necessary steps at this stage of the student’s growth.
[This is all about ‘taming’ and ‘connecting with’ or invoking the ‘seething powers of Lucifer’:
again, see below].

4. The transmutation of personal affection into impersonal compassion shows that the
Fellow Craftsman truly understands his duties and is living in a manner worthy of his
order. Personalities cannot bind the true Second Degree member, for having raised one
point of the compasses he now realises that all personal manifestations are governed by
impersonal principles.

5. At this point the candidate consecrates the five senses to the study of human problems [i.e.
not the things of the Lord: this is ‘humanism’, plus a slow-motion advancement towards
demonic infestation – Ed.] with the unfolding of sense centers as the motive; for he realises that
the five senses are keys, the proper application of which will give him material for spiritual
transmutation if he will apply them to the common divisor of analogy… The Entered
Apprentice [First Blue Degree] may be termed a materialistic Degree. The Fellow Craft
[Second Blue Degree] is religious and mystical [sic], while the Master Mason [Third Blue
Degree] is occult or philosophical [sic]. Each of these is a Degree in the unfoldment of a
connected life and intelligence, revealing in ever fuller expression the gradual liberation of
the Master from the triangular cell of threefold negation which marks the early stage of


So, the first three (lowest) Degrees [see Figure 44 on page 263], the so-called Blue Degrees –
hence the widespread application of blue as a symbol of Masonic affiliation, for instance
as the colour of the United Nations, the background to the esoteric European Union flag, or
as the colour employed by IBM, or ‘Big Blue’ – are three sides of a triangle, which of course
is a primary occult symbol of the Kabbalah. In Manly P. Hall’s book, ‘The Lost Keys of
Freemasonry’, on the page facing the preceding paragraph, is an illustration of the initiate
standing atop the truncated pyramid with his arms outstretched and in his left hand a Tau
Cross (a cross with a circle above the cross-beam), which is the Crux Ansata, representing
the union of male and female = fecundity [see Figure 45 on page 265]. The caption beneath that
picture reads, in the original: ‘The Master Mason, having completed his labors [in the Blue Degrees
– Ed] becomes a worker on a higher plane than the one in which the ordinary builder is permitted to
work’. So the labourers in the ‘Blue’ Degrees – ‘the blue canopy of the Masonic Lodge’, as Hall
describes them on page 61 of his book – are ‘ordinary workers’ who, as we have seen, are
deceived as to the real nature and purpose of Masonry: they represent the vast bulk of the
pyramid, from the base up to where it is truncated – as shown on the US $1.0 dollar note,
emblem of the Illuminati that Americans use for small purchases without the majority of
them having the slightest clue that the note they proffer to the sales person carries images
symbolic of this Satanic nexus of cults called Freemasonry [Figure 53, page 334]. And
only a select few Americans seem able to grasp that the single eye on the dollar bill, which
is replicated from the Great Seal of the United States, is in fact the evil ‘All-Seeing Eye’ eye of
Lucifer [Figure 54, page 335: see Figure 47 on page 281 for the occult Masonic images on both sides of
the Great seal of the United States]. When ordinary uncompromised Americans willingly place
their opened right hand across the left breast to hear or to sing the National Anthem, they
are unwittingly performing the Sign of Fellow Craft (viz., the Second Blue Degree) without
due guard [see Addendum 10, Figure G, page 737].

Once he is a Master Mason, a candidate is eligible, if selected, to move on up (i.e.,
down, of course) the much more rarefied ladder of occultic initiations shown in Figure 44
on page 263, which entice the adept towards the worship of Lucifer and to learn some
elements of the sorcery and magick of the ‘Ancient Mysteries’ of Egypt and Babylon,
including instructions on how to summon up demons and the Devil himself (in the
Rosicrucian tradition). Even so, all those who embark upon these ‘higher’ initiation stages,
are routinely tricked by their superiors, since all Works of Darkness deceive those who
indulge in them.

Already, the naive ‘Useful Idiots’ who have embarked upon the so-called ‘Blue
Degrees’ are being purposefully deceived by their peers; for Masonry is a Cult of
Darkness that deceives its fellow Masons about the true meaning of its mad symbols and
esoteric rituals. That brazen lying is of the essence, was made crystal clear by the Patriarch
of modern American and ‘world’ Scottish Rite and Palladian Freemasonry, the sorcerer
and necromancer, Albert Pike, when he specifically explained in his tome ‘Morals and
Dogma’ that…

The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols
are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is
not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine [that] he
understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of
Masonry…. It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive them will labor in vain, and without any true reward violate his obligations as an Adept. Masonry is the veritable Sphinx…’5.

The offensive and sterile culture of lies and deception, of the double-cross and of ‘bait
and switch’, which is the norm in US and other intelligence circles, is derived explicitly
from this institutionalised geomasonic tradition of deception. Hobbled by compartmentalisation, US intelligence operatives may be proficient and effective in whatever vineyard of sour grapes they live and have their deluded being, but they have no idea at any given moment who is deceiving them among the intelligence community and sub-community to which they belong – let alone who of their foreign contacts is liable to scam and double-cross them. These people forfeit true friendships and normal human
relationships for the temporary buzz and lifelong uncertainty characteristic of the castle of
lies and dirty tricks in which they live; and they know that if they ‘mess up’, they are very
likely to be set up, abandoned, or otherwise abused by the ruthless, cold-hearted machine to
which they belong. When they target people unconnected with intelligence, they usually
blow their cover – because having emerged from the darkness, they have no idea how to
function in broad daylight. This hellish environment reflects the fact that all intelligence
organisations are essentially esoteric secret societies, impregnated with Masonry and therefore
Illuminism and, in the case of the CIA and certain other leading intelligence networks, fatally
compromised by their compulsive meddling with the occult.

Notwithstanding that all Freemasons are deceived by their peers, ‘Blue Masonry’
Degrees purport to inculcate the Lesser Mysteries of the Ancients, whereby only the exoteric
doctrines were revealed. All subsequent Degrees, which cannot be accessed unless one has
passed through the Blue Degrees, and is invited to ‘go on higher’, inculcate the supposed
‘Greater Ancient Mysteries’, incorporating Babylonian-Talmudic Kabbalism with the
‘Egyptian Mysteries’. On initiation, Masons receive an alias by which name they are
henceforth known in the Lodge, as is the case with The Order of Skull and Bones. All
Masonry contradicts the Word of Jesus Christ by substituting ‘help a brother Mason’ for the
Christian teaching that one should love one’s neighbour as oneself, which means helping
everyone as necessary, without distinction. The Brotherhood is not the Brotherhood of
Man (the whole of Mankind) but of Men (the Illuminati).


The occult initiation stages that may follow passage through the three lowest Degrees of
both the Scottish and York Rites of ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Freemasonry, are all metaphorically
crammed within the approach to the ‘capstone’, i.e., they form the building blocks of the
final courses of the Great Pyramid (of Egypt, the Biblical metaphor for the Darkness and the
‘Mysteries’ of which, as Manly P. Hall claims on pages 102-103 of ‘The Lost Keys of
Freemasonry’6, are ‘progenitors of modern Freemasonry’). Certain of the ‘highest’ Illuminati
celebrated the millennium at an occult rite at the Great Pyramid -their number reportedly
including the alleged controlling Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst agents George Bush
(Busche) Sr. and Dr Henry Kissinger. Senior German operatives are conspicuous within the
higher ranks, where German is routinely spoken.

By the time that Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller), the greatest lay investigator
of Freemasonry, was completing her research in the early 1930s, it had become apparent
that for any career in the financial sector, membership of a Lodge was an absolute
prerequisite7. This state of affairs has long since been replicated in the United
Kingdom which had an estimated 600,000 Masons in 1990 – to the extent that, in addition
to presupposing progress in the City of London, a Masonic background is more or less
essential in the legal profession, in the police and accountancy, among engineers,
draughtsmen, engineering salesmen and corporate buyers (notably), among company
directors, senior executives and contractors, and in the construction sector (architects,
surveyors, petty officials, estate agents, builders, and the building trades), and wherever
business and favours are accessible through contacts and networking. It is rife, believe it
or not, in the reprobate Church of England and other British churches, notably the Church of
Scotland and the Presbyterian Church of Wales – which is of course a contradiction in
terms, and is de rigeur in local government (which is extremely corrupt in Britain) and to a
considerable extent in Whitehall. Masonic initiation is also secretly prevalent, as in the
United States, throughout the intelligence community and politics, although UK Members
of Parliament are forbidden by their House rules to shake hands with other Freemasons
within the precincts of the Palace of Westminster. The rationale for this is likely to be an
earlier attempt to frustrate Masonic practice, in which brother Masons go to their brother
Masons’ aid to the exclusion of other considerations.


Figure 44: A diagram derived from official speculative geomasonic sources in which the various symbols applicable to each Degree of the Scottish and York Rites are shown. Explaining all the occult symbolism resident in the emblems of each of the degrees, plus others, would require a separate volume. Note the existence of two categories of 33rd Degree, conferable upon both York and Scottish Rite adherents – the Honorary 33rd Degree, and the Active 33rd Degree. Certain candidates are selected by the Luciferian hierarchy for Honorary 33rd Degree status, such as the son of the late Shah of Persia (Pahlavi). Note that the emblem of the Eastern Star [bottom, right is the INVERTED PENTAGRAM, the sign of evil and of the Evil One, employed for invoking evil spirits. According to the ‘Dictionary of Mysticism’ [Frank Gaynor, New York, Philopsophical library, 1953, page 136], the pentagram ‘is considered by occultists to be the most potent means of conjuring spirits: when the single point points down and a pair of points are on top, it is a sign of evil (Satan) and is used to conjure powers of evil’. Also the familiar sun with rays, arch, compass, square and G (for Generation and Gnosticism, not for God), are standard geomasonic occult symbols.

However a former MP has told the Author personally that many of his colleagues
would disappear in the evenings for no known reason, gathering for private meetings in
the precincts of the House, without ever inviting someone known not to be a Mason into
their gatherings, or explaining the reason for their frequent absences. Masonry of course
wastes a colossal amount of a person’s lifetime, so Masonic activity must likewise wreak
havoc in a politician’s life, given that all politicians are deliberately worked to the bone (so
that they have as little time to think and take in the ‘larger picture’, as can be arranged)8.
Particularly insidious is the Speculative Society of Edinburgh, to which politicians,
judges, police and other members of the control system belong. Freemasons deny that this
clearly Masonic secret society has anything to do with Masonry: but as lies are the norm
in this milieu, this is meaningless.

Indicative of the corrupting influence of Masonry among British country solicitors is the
following description by the late Stephen Knight, author of The Brotherhood, who, like Mozart,
died suddenly and mysteriously (shortly after his book appeared in 1984): ‘The Law Society
is one of the most Masonic institutions in the world…. A great many of the sixty-odd members
of the Law Society Council as well as a high proportion of the Society’s staff and
committees: 90% of all male staff above the age of thirty are Freemasons. … I have
thousands of papers on one case… so well documented that it can be followed in minute detail.
It involves one of the many Masonic members of the Law Society Council, who had
personally committed an act of gross negligence which caused one of his clients to lose a
£100,000 inheritance. Deliberate action on the part of several other firms of Masonic solicitors –
some of the biggest names in the legal profession – acting in collusion with the original
solicitor and with each other to cover up the negligence, brought the client to the edge of
financial ruin. Having mortgaged his home, spent £15,000 in legal fees to lawyers who
deliberately ignored his instructions, wasted valuable time and generated hundreds and
hundreds of expensive, unnecessary documents, he was forced to apply to the Law Society,
of which his chief opponent was an influential member, for legal aid. Finally, in 1982, after
fighting Masonic manipulation of the legal system for more than a year, and only after a
direct appeal to a senior and non-masonic official in the Department of Health and Social
Security, which works in tandem with the Law Society on legal aid applications, he was
granted a legal aid certificate – but on extremely onerous conditions’9.

Gang Stalking, MKULTRA, Scientiology are “Zionazi” (Luciferian-Illuminati-Jewish-Masonic-German-Soviet-Nazi-UK-US-Israeli) “Psycho-Political Warfare”/”Psycho-Terrorism”/”Intelligence Operations”  (From Story (2006)) – 9/11 New World Order (2024)


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