Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (2024)

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (1)


Rating: 4 stars


I put the first 4 ingredients plus the walnuts in my food processor. A couple of quick rotations and then added the butter in smaller pieces and processed it a few more times. Perfect. The only change I would make is that next time I'll add a little bit of nutmeg to the fruit.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (2)


Rating: 5 stars


Great recipe, made with pears and apples and used agave instead of maple syrup. Look forward to making this again soon, really delicious.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (3)


Rating: 3 stars


Nice, easy crisp, I wish I had vanilla ice cream at hand with it. My apples were sweet, thus I should have reduced the amount of maple syrup a bit. With similar apples a bit of lemon juice were necessary. The 8 inch square baking dish was way too small for the amount of apple. Perhaps I should measure first the 3 lb, then peel and slice, not the other way around. Or use a 11 by 13 as others recommended.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (4)


Rating: 5 stars


Had some apples from our tree so I decided to find an apple dessert and picked this one because it looked like a cobbler. This recipe is great, so easy to make. The topping is a little crunchy and yummy, the perfect mix of oats, walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon. I think I added a little extra cinnamon. Instructions were perfect. My husband loved it.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (5)


Rating: 5 stars


We had heaps of apples and I wanted something sweet, so I looked on CL. I am not too keen on apple desserts in general. This one sounded too simple to be as good as everyone was going on about. But I gave it a shot. It was simple. I substituted store-bought caramel sauce for the maple since we have neither maple syrup or regular syrup nor do we have corn syrup. Wow this was fantastic! I can't wait for another batch of apples so I can make it again.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (6)


Rating: 5 stars


Excellent recipe! Recently mixed persimmons with apples. Just as delicious. Easy to make and really goes well with vanilla ice cream.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (7)


Rating: 4 stars


Very, very tasty! Maple flavor disappears a bit on cooking, so I can definitely understand the urge to sub something else. Since I buy maple syrup by the quart I will probably continue to use it since I don't make crisp super often anyway. I also think other people are right that this would taste better with pecans and I'll use them next time, but people who say there isn't enough topping are wrong. There's plenty. For a change, I subbed Ceylon cinnamon from Penzey's for the usual cassia cinnamon and it was delish! Also subbed whole wheat pastry flour for the white flour and it worked great. I used Rome apples and it was my first time working with them. I liked them a lot. Good balanced flavor and plenty of acidity without adding lemon juice. They held their shape well too. In short, excellent, healthy crisp recipe for fall.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (8)


Rating: 3 stars


Good but not great. I did vary the variety of apples which could have affected the outcome. For example, I used half fuji and half pink lady apples and baked as directed, 45 minutes. It could have easily baked another 15. The crisp topping is versatile and I will likely make this again cooking longer and/or varying the fruit.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (9)


Rating: 5 stars


This is an excellent apple crisp - a family favorite. I have made it many, many times since I first saw it in Cooking Light in October 2000. I always follow the recipe exactly except I use Cortland apples instead of Rome. Highly recommend it :)

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (10)


Rating: 5 stars


I thought this recipe was great. I made as is, except I used a mix of apples I had gotten in my CSA and chopped them up as opposed to slicing them. I cooked it for a little more than 40 minutes. My only complaint was that I wished I had had some vanilla ice cream on hand!

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (11)


Rating: 5 stars


This is delicious! I made it as is and served it with a little scoop of frozen yogurt and it was just right. Definitely substituting this for our regular heavier crisp.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (12)


Rating: 5 stars


So delicious! I'm glad I found this one, will be making again soon. Used pecans with topping and put a couple dashes of nutmeg. Put allspice and a bit of ground ginger with apples, I just love those spices.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (13)


Rating: 5 stars


Made this last night and substituted oregon hazelnuts for the walnuts. Was delicious! Will definitely make this my go to apple crisp recipe. I melted the butter instead of cutting in with pastry blender. Saved time and it was fine. Served with a splash of half & half

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (14)


Rating: 5 stars


I made this a few years ago, and didn't remember it being so good! Made it yesterday, and it is so yummy! Made it exactly as written. Could probably cut down the brown sugar a bit, as it was plenty sweet, and there was more than enough topping for an 8 x 8 pan. Also would cut down the time a bit, as the topping got dark really fast.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (15)


Rating: 5 stars


Delicious, although I tweaked the recipe to accommodate what I had in the house. Red delicious apples, pecans, and strawberry syrup instead of Rome, walnuts, and maple, but still tasted fantastic. I also added some lemon juice to the apples in the bowl. Great fall recipe!

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (16)


Rating: 5 stars


DELICIOUS for family and friends. Lovely served warm over vanilla ice cream. The walnuts give it an extra special flavor, as does the maple syrup.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (17)


Rating: 5 stars


My family loves this! Great with vanilla ice cream for a dessert and I have even served it as a breakfast item. I cut the brown sugar in half and it still tastes great!

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (18)


Rating: 4 stars


This recipe was really good, but it was really really sweat!

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (19)


Rating: 5 stars


This was so good! So much for it being a cooking light recipe...I ate the whole thing, therefore it wasn't very light. Instead of using walnuts, I used pecans. Such a yummy crisp. I will make and eat the entire thing again.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (20)


Rating: 4 stars


This was delicious. Loaded with apples. Not too sweet. I would have given it five stars except for two things: 1. As others have noted, it needed more topping. 2. I took mine out of the oven at 39 min and the walnuts were just starting to burn. Watch closely! 45 min would have been a disaster in my oven.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (21)


Rating: 5 stars


I made this for company tonight and everyone raved about it. I did change it up a bit because maple syrup is just too expensive! I used caramel ice cream topping instead of maple syrup, omitted the cinnamon in the apple mixture, and forgot the walnuts all together. I also used a mixture of granny smith, golden delicious, and fuji apples because my grocery store did not have any rome apples. So this is not really the same recipe but it did turn out very tasty! I really liked the crumb topping and thought that there was plenty of it.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (22)


Rating: 5 stars


This was FANTASTIC! The topping was amazing and no one could believe it was low calorie! I just know I'm going to be making it again,it was a perfect special occasion treat. All I did was add a little extra cinnamon and it was served with vanilla ice cream. It was a little hard to crumble up the chilled butter but it was worth it.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (23)


Rating: 2 stars


This definitely tasted too healthy. I found the crisp topping to be dry and thought the walnuts took away from the "dessert" feel of the dish. Will not make again.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (24)


Rating: 4 stars


Really yummy; loved the walnut crunch. I doubled the amount of oats and baked it for only 30 min. because it was already getting too brown.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (25)


Rating: 5 stars



Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (26)


Rating: 5 stars


I love this recipe. I've made it many time for my family and friends. I substitute pecans for walnuts.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (27)


Rating: 5 stars


Very good and very easy. I used just 1/3 cup brown sugar in the topping and added juice from 1/2 lemon and a handful of dried cranberries to the apples.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (28)


Rating: 5 stars


Yum! I made this for guests, substituting strawberries for half the fruit and pecans for walnuts. It was super tasty, not dry at all. In fact, for non-entertaining, I would probably reduce the butter.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (29)


Rating: 5 stars


What an easy tasty way to make a crisp. I used more sliced apples than cited in the recipe . I filled a 11 by 13 glass dish with apples and there was plenty of topping made with this recipe to give it a nice cover. I also used one half regular syrup and half lite. This definitely could be served to company while hot topped with lite ice cream. It was a hit with my family.

Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp Recipe (2024)


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