What Really Happened To Rollie From Baddies South After Her Crazy Jerry Springer Show Appearance (2024)

Back in 2021, the hit reality series Baddies began airing on the Zeus Network. The show quickly became a hit, attracting a cult following of people who really enjoyed some of the quirkier stars the show had to offer. The premise of the show was also interesting, as the series centered around a group of women traveling the country to enjoy the nightlife of major cities.

The second season of the show, which aired in 2022, wasn't just focused on Atlanta like the first season was. Season 2, coveted as Baddies South, continued to expand the show's cast of outlandish characters. One of season 2's biggest stars has been Rollie Pollie, who might just be the fan's favorite cast member on the whole show. Her wild sense of humor combined with how she doesn't care about what other people think has made for some entertaining television.

An interesting fact about Rollie is that Baddies South wasn't her first big TV appearance. She actually showed up as a guest on The Jerry Springer Show long before she showed up on Baddies South. Here's everything to know.

Who Is Rollie Pollie From Baddies South?

According to Gossip Next Door, Rollie Pollie's real name is Gia Mayham. Her full stage name is Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz. It's unknown where she got that name from, although she did describe herself as "yummy" quite a few times on Baddies South.

Pollie posts a lot on her social media accounts, most of all on her Instagram. She has over 300,000 followers on her account @rolliepolliesm_. Around the time of the season 2 premiere, Pollie posted on her story multiple times per day to help hype the season up.

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Before appearing on Baddies South, Pollie actually showed up on the Zeus Network's One Mo' Chance. She was easily a fan favorite, with a video of her fighting fellow cast member Wap Wap going viral on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

Despite all the love and attention Rollie Pollie gets from fans, she has also run into some controversies. Aside from her tussle with Wap Wap, which did cause some fans to dislike Pollie, she's also had beef with Baddie's co-stars Anne and Natalie Nunn. While Pollie's fans absolutely adore her, her haters don't admire her one bit. Regardless of how people feel about her, her divisiveness has caused quite a following.

Pollie has also entered into a career of making rap music, attempting to capitalize off of her reality show fame. She wouldn't be the first reality show star to make a jump from reality shows to hip-hop. , such as Cardi B and Remy Ma.

When Was Rollie Pollie From Baddies South On The Jerry Springer Show?

Jerry Springer hosted one of the most popular talk shows in the history of television, and arguably the most impactful. Premiering back in 1991, The Jerry Springer Show captivated audiences due to its revolutionary approach of sensationalist interviews.

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Originally, Springer just wanted to use the show as a way to discuss his views on society. Over time, the former Cincinnati mayor brought on guests to talk about their family's tabloid-like problems, whether it be adultery or some other type of personal drama. The show has since become known for its spontaneous yet constant chaos, alongside other similar shows such as Maury.

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Aside from all the drama, The Jerry Springer Show also had funny bits where guests compete in crazy challenges. This is how Rollie Pollie ended up on the show, in which she appeared in back in 2017.

Pollie was given the opportunity to do a couple of things. At first, she danced around a bit for one of the audience guests. Then a random group of people walked onto the main stage of the show and poured Fettuccine pasta onto her, making quite a mess.

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It didn't take long for the clip of Pollie dancing to circulate the internet after she starred on Baddies South. Some fans thought the video of her dancing and having fun was seriously entertaining, while other fans believed that this was proof of Pollie being some sort of industry plant. It is unclear how she ended up on Jerry Springer, as she hasn't talked about her cameo on the show since.

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Springer hasn't talked about Rollie Pollie at all, either. Then again, he has left his daytime show behind. He retired from his talk show career back in 2018. He did host another show called Judge Jerry for 3 seasons, however. Jerry Springer has a reported net worth of $70 million, so he definitely doesn't need the money anymore.

What Has Rollie Pollie From Baddies South Been Up To Since Appearing On The Jerry Springer Show?

Aside from her newfound fame from Baddies South and One Mo' Chance, Pollie has been pretty busy with quite a few things in her life. Since her time as a guest on The Jerry Springer Show, she has acquired a net worth of $500,000 per Gossip Next Door. Just how has she made that money?

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In between her stint on The Jerry Springer Show and One Mo' Chance, Pollie built quite a large social media following. Some of her followers haven't come from any of the reality shows she's been on, as some of Pollie's posts have naturally gone viral. She definitely had clout before featuring on The Zeus Network, which may just be the reason why the network loves her so much.

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While Pollie has been on the come-up, Springer has been on something of an apology tour. He's publicly claimed that he's "ruined" pop culture and society with his drama-filled talk show. The fights on The Jerry Springer Show were mostly real, although some things were certainly exaggerated.

Regardless of whether the drama was real, the effects the show had on people definitely exist. Both tabloid and social media culture have been heavily affected by Springer's talk show due to the bizarre events that regularly happened on the show.

What Really Happened To Rollie From Baddies South After Her Crazy Jerry Springer Show Appearance (2024)


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